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Element Zero Planets and hidden quests
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    Dementum posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:42:21 PM - Report post
    originally posted by DABhand


    Naive I was right lol

    You didnt call me a troll or a liar? Check your posts since you have a memory of a goldfish.

    Ask Caliber if I am the type to lie about something like this? I can tell you he will say no.

    You are the only one who is doing attacks on the personal level, i barely asked you if you are trying to troll/lie to us.

    It's kinda funny thou, instead of trying to clarify it you want to argue instead, it's fine for me, we can keep at it until someone else barges in and confirms your mysterious planet that always has a rich deposit, no matter how long you mine it.

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    iamthebest22 posted on Jan 28, 2010 8:54:39 PM - Report post
    Well I'm getting the Mass Effect 2 guide soon, so we'll know who's right or not and stop this argument.

    EDIT: I just got the Prima guide, and there is no mention of the rachni queen quest anywhere in the guide, unless if you are talking about the person you meet in Illium that tells you a bit about what happened to the Rachni, There is no hidden stuff. Also, about that Quest with the falling ship, it's not hidden, you just have to scan the planet, and it says anomaly detected. I'm not taking sides on this, but just saying what the guide tells me. If you have proof that the quest exists, please do post it, as I am very interested in it.

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    philsin posted on Jan 28, 2010 10:03:19 PM - Report post
    DABHand spoke of a quest in ME1 that if you completed it and used that save game as a basis for your character in ME2 would enable you to find this hidden quest.
    It is hardly surprising that the Prima Guides which have all the depth of a reality TV contestant would omit anything so arcane from their guide.
    Even if they found it or more likely were notified of this easter egg by bioware, including it in their guide would cause more hassle than it is worth, as the reaction to DABHand's information here demonstrates.

    I have no interest in whether the quest is 'do-able' as I have rebuilt my machine a couple of times since I played ME1 and the game saves are long gone, and I have no memory of the original quest so I may not have completed it.
    I am sticking my oar in because I have had no contact with DABHand in real life or on the net, but I believe him. Over many years dating back to long before flash websites with cheats and trainers on them I have seen much of DABHand's work on usenet and IRC.
    His trainers have always been both interesting and effective, as has been his advice for problems ranging from the solution of puzzles to correcting the glitches that were once so common on PC Games if one had a different piece of hardware or the wrong driver loaded.
    If DabHand says there is such a planet, I believe that there is such as planet, as will many other gamers.
    If you want to have a civil conversation on the net it is best not to prattle on about trolls and liars before you have the facts straight about what was said.
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    Send a message to DABhand
    DABhand posted on Jan 28, 2010 11:30:28 PM - Report post
    Jesus your making me sound like an old fart lol

    @others - Prima Guides arent always 100% and shouldnt be taken as a true Bible of the game.
    Oh and Don't forget some tuts on ASM and defeating DMA

    Clicky Here for them
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    Send a message to Pegusus
    Pegusus posted on Jan 29, 2010 12:00:35 AM - Report post
    Ok.. Call me old or a troll... or an old troll... but i'm with DABhand on this. Like the other guy i've seen DABHand's work in the past + seen a lot of his comments and advice... He has always been pretty much on the ball with most things he bothered to partake in... lol.

    And yea... prima guides suck at times... u rly gotta see who is the author of tat particular prima guide... so of their compiling authors/teams rly suck.... Case in point their old NWN 2 prima guide... Missing important side quests tat make or break your game -_-"... Not to mention the got a printing deadline to meet, plus with the troubles EA are going thru with their Mass Effect 2 DLCs i kinda suspect a lot of last min stuff were added AFTER the prima guide pple got their book to print... which of course is too late to change by then.

  • Send a message to iamthebest22
    iamthebest22 posted on Jan 29, 2010 12:24:32 AM - Report post
    Well I did say that I'm not taking sides on this, but as I said, I really am interested in this quest, which quest did you have to do in ME1 to get it? I'm pretty damn certain my ME1 save which i used for ME2 I did all the sidequests available in ME1. SO yeah I really would like to know

    [Edited by iamthebest22, 1/29/2010 12:25:00 AM]
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    Send a message to Skyheart
    Skyheart posted on Jan 29, 2010 3:25:34 AM - Report post
    From the sounds of it you had to let the Queen go in ME1 at the end of the Novaria quest. Unfortunately I can't help out with the actual quest/planet in question, as I only finished it on the 360, not my PC version
    "Remember the good old days when you could just slap Omni-Gel on everything?" - Shepard, ME2

    "Not right now. Trying to determine how Scale Itch got aboard. Sexually transmitted disease carried only by Varren..... Implications unpleasant." - Mordin, ME2
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    Send a message to Zurvan
    Zurvan posted on Jan 29, 2010 9:44:12 AM - Report post
    Do you mean to say that the in ME2 the Rachni have a more direct appearance?

    I finished the game visited every planet, but have not really all the descriptions and there were ony 2 instances of Rachni I have seen/heard/read:
    Galactic news informs that ships of Rachni style were seen

    Met an Asari, a Rachni agent, on Illium

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