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    The Mega Sticky of Rules and Information

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    Rules, Ranks & Information

    [ CONTENTS ]

    I. The Forum Rules

    II. The Forum Ranks

    III. Forum Etiquette

    IV. Memberships

    V. Trainers

    VI. Profile Customization

    VII. Miscellaneous Information & Links

    I. The Forum Rules

    This Is Our House:

    You are our guests. Just like it would be if you were visiting our house in person, we will do our best to make it a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. This is, however, a private site; we are not funded by the government. This means that we are not required to observe anyone's notion of "Freedom of Speech" nor are we to observe equal fairness. We set standards on what is acceptable and unacceptable. We try to accommodate everyone in a respectful manner. We do have our limits, if we don't like you, we ban you. If we're really ****ed off, we IP ban you and prevent your access even as a guest. This is our house, you have been warned.

    1) READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE, understand them, and follow them.

    2) NO SPAM -Do not post Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages on our boards.

    3) RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS! - Flaming(insulting),trolling(provoking anger), or harassing other members is unacceptable. Treat other members as you would expect to be treated. Respect forum veterans, they have been here longer, they are more keen to how the site works.

    4) NO OFFENSIVE MATERIAL - Do not bypass our censors. Do not post or link to pornographic, extremely violent, or otherwise inappropriate material. Keep it PG-13.

    5) NO PIRACY REFERENCES - Do not post about or link to pirated material. This website, its staff, and its community does not support the illegal exploitation and/or distribution of trademarked material. (cracked games, multiplayer hacks/mods, ripped software, etc.). Do not accuse other users of piracy. Use the report post feature for that.

    6) NO DISRUPTIVE POSTS - Do not stretch the page. Do not modify your posts outside of the provided posting tags(bold, underline, italics, links, and spoilers).

    7) NO MENTION OF OTHER TRAINER WEBSITES - We work hard to provide our members with good trainers, if you are not happy or rather use others out there it is up to you, posting links or references to other websites that produce trainers is not allowed! We don't support Mods, Piracy, Emulators or other companies cheats, Discussing third party vendors isn't allowed!

    8) DO NOT REQUEST LOCKED MATERIAL - Do not beg our Premium members for Premium-Only material. Do not make posts begging for access to Premium-Only material. Violators of this rule will be banned without question. This goes the same for Lifetime (and L+) Content and its benefits.

    9) DO NOT BUMP OLD TOPICS - Do not post in old topics, reviving them and placing them at the top of the message board. Bumped topics will be locked on sight.

    10) DO NOT MARTYR YOURSELF - This is the equivalent of putting a huge sign saying "please ban me" and will be treated as such. Martyring is when you say "I'll (probably) get banned for this..." or "Ban me, I don't care" or "Sorry that I ever registered here" or etc. As soon as we see this kind of message, mods will now immediately stop reading whatever it is you posted or PMed and proceed to ban you. You're not going to get any preferable treatment or decision reversed by being a drama queen as such (only a one way ticket out).

    11) REPORT TRAINER ISSUES WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION - Any and all complaints reported on our message boards should be accompanied by a savegame with easily repeatable instructions for the trainer maker to try and replicate the issue. Those posts that contain nothing but "me too" or that do not contain a savegame may be deleted without warning.

    12) HAVE FUN - Enjoy your time on

    [ For in-depth information about posting on our forums, please visit III. Forum Etiquette ]

    II. The Forum Ranks

    You Are Special:

    Your ranks display your status and standing in the community. Your ranks will change over time, reflecting how long you have been with us and how many posts you have. Special status ranks are awarded to members who have contributed to the site in some way or have won certain contests.

    The Star Ranks are the 5 stars displayed under your avatar on the message boards, and to the left of your avatar on your member dashboard. As you post more in the forums, your star rank will increase and you gain additional stars.

    1 star: Less than 100 posts

    1.5 stars: More than 100 posts

    2 stars: More than 500 posts

    2.5 stars: More than 1000 posts

    3 stars: More than 2000 posts

    3.5 stars: More than 4000 posts

    4 stars: More than 8000 posts

    4.5 stars: More than 10000 posts

    5 stars: More than 20000 posts

    Gold/Red stars: Founders; Moderators; Trainer Maker; Staff; Site Support

    Basic status ranks reflect how long a member has been with us. These ranks can be displayed by all members (aside from Moderators).

    MEMBER: Default rank. User has been here less than a year.

    VETERAN: User has been with us for at least 1 year.

    CHEATMASTER: User has been with us for at least 2 years.

    ELDER: User has been with us for at least 3 years.

    SAGE: User has been with us for at least 4 years.

    ELITE: User has been with us for at least 5 years.

    Special status ranks reflect what a member does for the site. These ranks can be obtained by contributing to the site, winning contests, or being appointed by the administrators.

    MODERATOR: Moderators are selected users that enforce the Forum Rules. Moderators provide limited help for issues regarding Premium Membership Services, but can help for all issues regarding the forums. Moderators can lock topics, delete topics, move topics, edit posts, delete posts, and give reductions to Star Rank. Moderators have the Golden Star Rank to help identify them better.
    Current Moderators - DragonStryder, Nookman (Moderator Team Lead), Sniper and

    FOUNDER: Founders are the administrators and owners of Cheat Happens. When all other support fails, you can go to these guys either by PM or by e-mail. Founders have the Golden Star Rank to help identify them better.
    Current Founders - PWizard and Caliber.

    STAFF: This rank is reserved for paid CH support staff such as programmers and video editors. Staff have the Golden Star Rank to help identify them better.
    Current Staff - 0x90, Deathrow, -DEViL- and KingEli.

    SITE SUPPORT: This rank is reserved for paid CH Site Support staff they have the Red Star Rank to help identify them better.
    Current Site Support - DragonStryder

    OTHER RANKS: Other ranks like "VIP" are awarded to members who win certain contests hosted on the Cheat Happens message boards.

    CUSTOM RANKS: Custom ranks are ranks chosen by members that have won a custom rank using the prize wheel or buying one in the RC store.

    III. Forum Etiquette

    Everyone will observe forum etiquette:

    Use common sense! Treat other members (even new ones) the same way you want to be treated (If you happen to a masochist, you're on the wrong site). This does not mean that you cannot get verbally medieval on someone's ass, however, you better have a damn good reason to have to resort to harsh language towards another member. Swearing like you were drunk is not acceptable at any time. Trolling will eventually get you banned. If you must flame (and the flame is warranted), be smart, witty, and creative about it. Generally, you will never go wrong by being nice, mature, and polite to other users.

    Please take the time to think before you post with an opinion. Sometimes there is a little history behind events that take place on the forums so it pays to actually read the history and understand it before throwing out some random post. The context of your post speaks louder than the words themselves. Randomly posting with a poorly formed opinion will just irritate other members.

    If you've been in trouble with the mods before but have managed to escape the banhammer or several members are telling you to stop spamming, you need to slow down on the reply button. Stop posting and see how others interact. Learn by observing then slowly try to rejoin the community.

    THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES TO TRAINER ISSUES!!! We post a sticky topic for EACH trainer on the specific game's message board. Post your questions, queries, AND THANKS on these designated topics. Any topics created regarding trainer issues will be nuked on sight and the creator will receive a moderator warning.

    If you want to make a topic about a specific game, post it on that specific game's message board. If you want to post a discussion topic, post it on the General Discussions board. If you want to post a spam topic, post it on the Off-Topic Discussions board. If you want to post a topic containing feedback or a problem with the site (NOT A SPECIFIC TRAINER), post it in the Feedback, Complaints or Problems board.

    Additional notes for requesting trainers: Do not request trainers anywhere on the message boards. To make a trainer request, visit the Requests link located on the top of every page in the toolbar. Go through the list of games, find the game you're looking for, and spend Reward Credits if you wish. If you cannot find the game you're looking for on the list(check the retired list too!), use This Form (costs 100 Reward Credits).

    Do not ask for ETAs on a particular trainer as this is irritating to developers (not just on CHU but in general this is a pet peeve of 99% of all developers). Rushing development results in subpar quality. Trainers will come when they are ready and there will never be an ETA announcement on any trainer.

    The administrators and programmers thousands upon thousands of requests flying at them everyday and they simply cannot attend every single complaint of "omg my health isn't working". Please be patient and if someone has already reported a bug, do not post the same thing unless you have new information that can help fix the bug.

    We will give preferable treatment to members who have been with us longer. This "veteran" status is marked by 3 things:

    - How long you have been here.
    - How many posts you have.
    - How much you have contributed to the site (prolific authors are very respected).

    If you have been here less than a year, have below 1000 posts, and have not contributed a single thing then these forums are considered "holy ground" to you.

    Just like if you visited our house enough, we grant more and more leniency with you. We ban users all the time who think they can sign up and just do whatever they want from the get-go. We don't do that here. Members that have been here with us that long have shown that they care and respect the site. This means that veteran members will get more leniency on violations than if a new user did them. Is this unfair? You bet it is, but that's life. If the person you're arguing with has been active with us for years, it is most likely that you're the one being an idiot.

    4) LOW CONTENT POSTS [ Does not apply to Off Topic Discussions Board ]
    This is more rampant on the game boards themselves and includes posts of mostly "LOL" or "I agree" or "You're really funny" or [insert massive smileys]. Normally if you're in good standings, it'll be nuked without punishment but if you keep doing it, those penalties are going to give you a swift kick in the ass. When in doubt, ask yourself "Is this post adding additional content or just simply agreeing" (if it's just agreeing, please do not post).

    5) GIMMICKS & BANDWAGONS [ Does not apply to Off Topic Discussions Board ]
    Gimmicks are fine to an extent but only if it's not annoying and it's unique to you. If multiple people start copying it because it's cool, it will begin to annoy people and you'll probably wind up as outcasts. Seriously...ask yourself how many people liked "posers" in school? Not many did. Satire is of course fine, but please make it witty and funny.

    When replying to a topic, try to stay on the same subject. It makes new users who come into the topic wonder how it made a hard left turn from Super Smash Bros to NFL Football. The Off Topic Discussions board has more leniency on this but if a topic becomes twisted into an unidentifiable shape, we will have to lock it down.

    Most people do not like drama when their lives are peaceful. If you have a problem with another user for something completely unrelated to the boards, please keep it off site and on IMs. While it may be entertaining to some, it's just a headache to others (especially mods). If a topic becomes heated, try to contain it in the topic alone and put it out before it blows up (this usually means one of you will have to stop and ignore the other).

    Try not to do it. It is best to just report the post and let a mod deal with it. Do try to encourage users to follow the rules in general, but please do not have 3000 replies of telling a user how to post on the boards.

    Sometimes you can argue some posts to not be a violation of the Forum Rules and win, but do not go out of your way to twist and turn so that your post on a very technical level should not be modded. If you attempt to be cute and get out of a moderation like this, it will be ignored (and possibly even punished worse). If we see fit, the Forum Rules can be changed so that it bans that particular thing we don't like. Anything said in stickies that amends the rules should also be consider Forum Rules (across the game boards).

    Do not be a drama queen. Our moderators delete, edit, and ban for good reasons. If you have a dispute, use the PM system instead of acting like a 5 year old having a tantrum. If you were not banned for the original moderation, you certainly will be for the fit you throw.

    If you do not agree with a moderator your next step will be to go to the administrator. Please note that administrators are extremely busy people so don't bother contesting a ruling unless it is absolute clear moderator abuse (as in people are agreeing and in open revolt in the forums). Ranting about how you were modded excessively in public is a violation of the Forum Rules and usually ban on sight.

    We do not want to hear how badly we price Premium Memberships. Our small staff works tirelessly to provide new and updated trainers for nearly every major PC game, producing over 3,000 quality trainers annually. We have over 3.2 million registered users and have over 65,000 files downloaded from our site daily. That being said, Cheat Happens is a business, and requires funding and profit to not only sustain itself, but to grow as the demand for custom cheat software grows. Our pricing reflects what is necessary to sustain our business, and continue to provide our members with the highest quality products that we can. We appreciate any constructive and/or positive feedback, and we especially appreciate any donations our members are willing to give.

    11) REPORT TRAINER ISSUES WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION - Any and all complaints reported on our message boards should be accompanied by a savegame with easily repeatable instructions for the trainer maker to try and replicate the issue. Those posts that contain nothing but "me too" or that do not contain a savegame may be deleted without warning.

    IV. Memberships

    Get the goodies:
    Cheat Happens Premium & Lifetime members get more access to what this site has to offer. More cheats, more savegames, more trainers, just more of everything. Premium & Lifetime members can also create and post in Premium-Only topics on our message boards.

      - No membership fee
      - Create a Cheat Happens Profile
      - Message board access
      - Create a friends list
      - Reduced Advertising

    Cheat Happens Monthly is auto-recurring until manually canceled by the end user. Monthly users will be restricted to the download of trainers for 5 games each month (reset on the 1st of each month). Trainers beyond patch #20 for any particular title will NOT be included. This membership level is a replacement for our TRIAL account and is designed for those casual gamers that do not require many trainers. The trainers downloaded will continue to authenticate even if the account is canceled (unlike current trial accounts). There will be no discount for upgrading from a monthly to yearly or lifetime account.
      - Create a Cheat Happens Profile
      - Message board access
      - Create a friends list
      - Monthly subscription fee (automatically renewed)
      - Disable all advertising
      - Track your favorite cheats
      - +50 Reward Credits per month
      - Access to custom made cheats and trainers (limit 5 games per month)

    Cheat Happens Yearly is NOT auto-recurring. Yearly users will be allowed to download an unlimited number of trainers for any game with the exception of those that have patched more than 20 times and are designated as LIFETIME ONLY. Yearly purchasers will have 30 days to upgrade to a LIFETIME account using a special promo code that applies the full price of their yearly membership towards the lifetime. After 30 days, users wishing to upgrade to lifetime will have to pay full price.
      - Create a Cheat Happens Profile
      - Message board access
      - Create a friends list
      - Disable all advertising
      - Track your favorite cheats
      - Access to custom made cheats and trainers (Unlimited Downloads)
      - Yearly subscription fee (manually renewed)
      - Request new trainers and cheats (+100 Reward Credits per month)

    Cheat Happens Lifetime is a one-time payment. Lifetime members can download anything and everything that we offer without restriction.
      - Create a Cheat Happens Profile
      - Message board access
      - Create a friends list
      - Disable all advertising
      - Track your favorite cheats
      - Access to custom made cheats and trainers (Unlimited Downloads
      - Request new trainers and cheats (+250 Reward Credits per month)
      - One time subscription fee for LIFE
      - Download trainers for games that have patched 20+ times

    For those wishing to further support the site, we have two options available. The first is to simply make a donation through our donate page. The second is to subscribe to our LIFETIME PLUS membership for $4.95/month or $59.95/year. Lifetime PLUS subscribers receive an additional 500 REWARD CREDITS per month ($25 value) in addition to the 250 credits already included as a part of the lifetime membership. Please note that Lifetime PLUS is NOT required to download any additional content. however, it is needed for an Offline key for Aurora.

    Cheat Happens Premium is a paid membership that has it's own unique Terms of Use. By purchasing a membership or winning a membership, you agree and are bound to these Terms of Use.

    The use of the services provided by Cheat Happens are reserved only for your own personal use. Unauthorized distribution of these services (trainers, information, etc) from your account will result in an IP ban without refund. The user is responsible for their account safety. Each trainer is encrypted with your user information and will be used to track down where a leaked trainer originated from. Each trainer also requires validation from our service either through online verification or by an Offline Key. Trainers may be used on multiple computers that are owned by the user for personal use only.

    If you are a Premium Member and are being harassed by other users to provide Premium services to them, please report it to a Moderator or Administrator (Forward e-mails to either Administrators' e-mail account or Forward PMs to any Moderator/Administrator)

    V. Trainers & Editors

    Exclusive custom cheats:

    Cheat Happens has dedicated programmers on staff to create exclusive cheats and trainers daily for virtually every PC game released. PC trainers and editors are our specialty at Cheat Happens. Here you'll find exclusive cheats created by our own expert programmers. Join Cheat Happens Premium for exclusive access to all of our professionally made game trainers. No viruses, no adware and no surveys. Guaranteed.

    A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others that sometimes aren't pre-programmed into the game by its designers. The most important thing to remember about trainers is that they usually have to be running in memory the entire time the game is loaded. Closing out the trainer will usually cause the cheats to become disabled (until the trainer is loaded again). Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game. If you're having trouble getting a trainer to work, read our TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE which also includes instructions on how to properly use a trainer.

    An editor is used to modify a file associated with a particular game. This could be a saved game or possibly a configuration file. By editing these files, gamers can usually alter their characters attributes or possibly open up different areas of the game. Be careful when using editors because they are written for specific versions of a game and can corrupt your data. Always make a backup before using an editor.

    All Cheat Happens trainers & editors are made in-house by our own programmers, Caliber, 0x90 and -DEViL-. 300+ FREE trainers, approximately 250+ trainers per month are available to Cheat Happens Premium members. Trainers for games that have patched more than 20 times are reserved exclusively for Cheat Happens Lifetime Premium members.

    We have implemented a credits driven trainer request system. Each monthly premium member will receive 50 Reward Credits (RC), yearly premium members will receive 100 credits per month, lifetime members will receive 250 each month, and lifetime Plus members will receive 750 each month. Each game that is requested will have a credit goal assigned to it based on a number of different factors. Users may then assign any number of their available credits to any game on the list. When the title meets the goal, a trainer will be considered. If for some reason a trainer is not possible, all credits spent will be refunded back to the users.

    Do not request trainers anywhere on the message boards. To make a trainer request, visit the Requests link located on the top of every page in the toolbar. Go through the list of games, find the game you're looking for, and spend credits if you wish.

    Do not ask for ETAs on a particular trainer. Rushing development results in subpar quality. Trainers will come when they are ready and there will never be an ETA announcement on any trainer.


    Do you like to see an option in one of our trainers that isn't there? Lifetime PLUS members can request options (only 1 option request per user/trainer) added to any existing, non-retired trainer. If approved then that option will be given a specific Reward Credit goal where users at membership level may vote for that option using a specific number of RC.


    Do you like to see an option in one of our trainers before the trainer is made? Lifetime PLUS members can request options (only 1 option request per user/trainer) added to any upcoming trainer. If approved then that option will be added to the trainer options and will be added if possible! It's up to the Trainer Makers if they can include the option or not.

    Every specific game on our boards has a cheat page. If we have made trainers or editors for the game, they will be listed on the top of the cheat page in chronological order (most recent release first). Each game's cheat page will have a color coded status indicator located above the first listed trainer/editor
    ACTIVE - Indicated by a GREEN bar. This status means trainers are still being considered and updated for this title as patches are released. There is no guarantee that a trainer can be made or updated, but it will be reviewed by our staff.
    ON HOLD - Indicated by a YELLOW bar. This status means trainers may be updated intermittently depending on the workload of our programmers but as these titles are patching a lot or are in Early Access or not so popular and have only a few downloads. We will evaluate the title again once the game becomes more stable and/or out of Early Access.
    RETIRED - Indicated by a RED bar. This status means trainers are no longer being created or updated by our staff on this title.

    Retired Games/Trainers: We would like to support every game in our database indefinitely, but it simply cannot be done. This means that some games will have to be retired, even though patches are still being produced. Whether or not a game gets retired is based on many factors. We will continue supporting games as long as the users continue to support us. DEMANDING that updates be made, disrespecting us or our work, or complaining about every single little thing is a sure-fire way to get a game or trainer retired. It simply isn't worth the effort to re-download, re-install, re-test and re-package trainers that people don't appreciate. We have too many other games and updates to work on that people DO appreciate. People don't realize that some of these trainers have over 20 options in them. Sometimes game developers change around large portions of code which means we have to completely start over again with the trainer. That can tie one of our programmers up for days, just on a "simple" game update. For more information about retired games/trainers Click Here.

    The Cheat Happens PC trainer customizer allows an older trainer's hotkeys to be customized by the end user. Not every trainer listed on our site will work with this program, the trainer must be compatible and is typically marked as "CUSTOMIZABLE" somewhere on the trainer itself.

    To download the Cheat Happens Trainer Customizer click here.

    Trainers that have been personalized for Premium members require authentication before they will operate. Typically this is done over the Internet and is transparent to the user. If no Internet connection is present, an offline key is necessary. Download this file to create a request code, then continue to the Offline Key creation page, enter the code and answer your secret question. Proceed by selecting the Generate Key button, and you will soon be provided with an offline authentication key file. You do not need to create a different key for each trainer, just place all of your trainers in the same folder as the offline key file.

    Trainers, like any other piece of software, will sometimes have compatibility problems. The important thing to remember is that you're cheating. You're trying to manipulate the game to work in a way that the game developers never intended. Sometimes the developers go out of their way to make this more difficult. There are a few things you can try if you're having problems getting trainers (ours or any other) to work - Click Here to view our trainer troubleshooting guide.

    Please be aware that we scan all of the files we upload with multiple antivirus and spyware applications before posting them on the website. Some files, such as trainers, can often set off a scanner's heuristic warnings which may result in them being labeled a GENERIC or SUSPICIOUS trojan or virus or as PUA or PUP (PotentiallyUnwantedApplication/Program). This is simply because of the way trainers work. They modify another program while it's running and also listen for keys to be pressed on the computer so the options can activate. This is exactly what a real trojan/virus might do.

    Please visit our AV Notification page for more information about virus warnings.

    VI. Profile Customization

    Mine is cooler than yours:

    For a small fee, all Cheat Happens members can choose between 4 separate profile customization options to further personalize their account. To view or purchase these options, visit our RC Store. Lifetime PLUS members are getting a 50% discount on all customization options.

    Custom Avatars are avatars made by users to represent themselves in their profile. It is not required to make your own avatar. You may ask other users for help in making your avatar, but do not harass them if they refuse to help you. Although making the avatar yourself is not required, it will speed up the processing. If you cannot make the avatar yourself, you may submit the original image you want to use and do your best to explain how you want your image to be done and the Administrator will try to make it as best as it can be.

    Make sure the image is at least 80 wide x 165 high or it wont be made into a custom avatar. Animated .GIFs can not be turned into avatars. Name the finished avatar user_xxx.jpg (where xxx is your usernumber) for faster process.

    There is no other way to obtain a custom profile header aside from purchasing it. You choose the image and our graphics guru will transform it into a custom header that you can display proudly on your profile page. A profile header's dimensions are 957x218 but cropping your desired image to this size is not required. When submitting an image as a custom profile header, remember, the larger the better.

    This option is for those people looking for a change or perhaps wanting to get an alias that was unavailable at the time of signup. Using this option you can choose an alias that has been used by another member as long as they have never been a Premium member and they have not signed on for more than 6 months. You can check the availability and make sure the alias you want is good.

    The Custom Rank is the icing on top of an all customized user profile. This is the only way to get a rank no one else has and only you can imagine. No more basic status ranks but your personal choice.

    VII. Miscellaneous Information & Links


    - Site Help/F.A.Q. - Answers to general frequently asked questions)

    - Random, yet useful information - Information for those new to the internet

    - Cheat tools, terms, and explanations

    - The Terms of Service - This applies to all services provided by Cheat Happens

    - Account Support


    I forgot the answer to my secret question, What do I do?
    - Go to My settings, Then click on the Account Settings Tab and press the Reset Security Question/Answer button. If that doesn't work then contact support.

    How do I change the email address associated with my account?
    - You can change your email by editing your Account Settings. Select Change Email from the menu.

    I have reached the Offline Key limit, What do I do?
    - Make a new topic on the Feedback, Complaints or Problems message board. Explain your situation and ask for your limit to be reset.

    When will a specific trainer/update be made & released?
    - Our team of 2 programmers work daily to provide new trainers and trainer updates as fast as possible. We will not post release dates, just be patient. As long as there is a sufficient demand for a trainer as determined by the Requests system, and the game is NOT on hold or retired, a trainer/update will likely be released as soon as possible.

    How do I Bold, Italics, Smiley, etc?
    - All the information you need will be on the page where you create your reply or topic or some other post. Please use that information to help you.

    Why did you lock/delete/edit my topic/post?
    - Moderators do not have to give a specific reason why, although 99% of the time it is because you broke the rules.

    How do I become a moderator?

    - If you have to ask 'how', then you're not going to be picked anyway. The criteria for a moderator will not be released as this helps us determine ones that will do a good job.

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