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FYI Regarding Retired Games/Trainers
PWizard  posted on Mar 25, 2010 11:16:23 AM - Report post

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I know that some of you have questions, complaints, etc regarding games or trainers that are retired before YOU are finished playing them, so I wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Cheat Happens Unlimited is a MEMBERSHIP, not a PRODUCT. It's a membership to a multitude of SERVICES that we offer, one of which is creating and updating trainers. What some people fail to realize is that the purchasing of a $49 yearly membership (or lifetime) does not entitle you to a trainer for XX game, nor does it entitle you to an infinite number of trainer updates for XX game (check the TOS). The games that we train and the number of updates that we release is decided by US based on many factors. The hard fact is that those $49 memberships don't even cover the purchase price of a single game, let alone the 50-80 games that we must purchase every single month. We spend up to $5000.00 on JUST GAMES EVERY MONTH. Not only do we get to buy the retail, but we also get to buy the Steam, D2D, GamersGate, Impulse and other versions as well because *some* people like to buy their games from those services and we try to accommodate those people. Sometimes we have to buy multiple copies because multiple people are working on the same game at the same time. We have tried to make our membership prices affordable so that our services are accessible to more people. In reality, we should probably be charging over $200 PER MONTH for membership in order to cover all the expenses, time and labor involved with keeping this site going and continually pumping out over 100 trainers and updates every month.

Now, while we would like to support every game in our database indefinitely, it simply cannot be done. This means that some games will have to be retired, even though patches are still being produced. As I stated above, this is based on many factors. We will continue supporting games as long as the users continue to support us. DEMANDING that updates be made, disrespecting us or our work, or complaining about every single little thing is a sure-fire way to get a game or trainer retired. It simply isn't worth the effort to re-download, re-install, re-test and re-package trainers that people don't appreciate. We have too many other games and updates to work on that people DO appreciate. People don't realize that some of these trainers have over 20 options in them. Sometimes game developers change around large portions of code which means we have to completely start over again with the trainer. That can tie one of our programmers up for days, just on a "simple" game update.

I wake up every single day to an inbox FILLED with complaints. Everything from "when is trainer for XX game coming out? I mean the game comes out next week, aren't you working on it yet?" to "The game patched 10 minutes ago, I'm waiting on a trainer update or I want my money back". I get complaints that the trainer doesn't work with the Nigerian, Hungarian or Ancient Mayan version of the game, when of course it should work with every version known to man, right?

The bottom line here is that we are only human and we are genuinely trying our best to make every one of our members happy. However, that's never going to be the case no matter how hard all of us try.

So, let me let you guys in on a little secret. You want trainers and updates? Ask nicely. A trainer has an issue with level XX when using gun XX and unlocking door XX? Don't act like we should have caught it and our trainers suck because of it. Unfortunately since a small handful of us are doing the work of about 30 people, we don't get the opportunity to play every game from beginning to end, testing each trainer in every possible scenario. We rely on you guys to let us know if there is a problem and then we try to fix it if a savegame is provided. It's sad, but of the thousands and thousands of games we have on the shelf, we haven't actually FINISHED a single one of them. We don't get a chance to actually PLAY any of these games as we spend every waking hour HACKING the games so that you guys can enjoy them.

Anyways, I'm done rambling. I just wanted to post this so that people have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes here.

This thread is left open for comments.

For those that have inquired about donating to the site to help out with expenses and games which receive daily patches and require over 20-30 trainers made for them, you may do so here: Link.

[Edited by PWizard, 8/2/2013 7:04:37 PM]

iNTANGiBLE  posted on Mar 25, 2010 11:24:50 AM - Report post

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'Nough said...

and yeah people, just finish the game and then leave it!

towelkiller79  posted on Mar 25, 2010 12:28:51 PM - Report post

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I respect what yall do so please unretire battlefield bad co 2. I dont care how long it takes. thanks.
paladin737  posted on Mar 25, 2010 12:58:56 PM - Report post

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I am not complaining that you aren't doing enough only that this is New game and only been out less than 3 weeks and to retire the retail version is completely uncalled for.. If you take a week or so to update I don't mind that.. but to arbitrarily say you are not going to support the retail version over the STEAM version is unfair to those that do support you financially.
I am pleased with your website and the trainers or I wouldn't have bought the lifetime membership.
Just don't leave us hanging on a new game that is very popular and almost brand new..


Dhampy  posted on Mar 25, 2010 1:25:23 PM - Report post

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Guys, it's not just BC2. You should go check out the kind of oblique abuse thrown their way in the Sims 3 forum. Seriously. These guys are providing a service and people take it as an entitlement.
towelkiller79  posted on Mar 25, 2010 2:26:29 PM - Report post

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I understand that but you can't say screw everybody RETIRED HAHA
PWizard  posted on Mar 25, 2010 2:39:32 PM - Report post

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I may change my mind on BC2 since it's so new, but I still need people to understand the process we have to go through each and every time a new game or patch is released.
towelkiller79  posted on Mar 25, 2010 5:50:43 PM - Report post

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Thank You PWizard
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