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Element Zero Planets and hidden quests
  • Send a message to lippmannk1
    lippmannk1 posted on Apr 27, 2010 6:36:10 AM - Report post
    Here, I'll even make a post of what YOUR thread should have been. This time, it won't have any of the bull****, douchery, and lies. It'll only have the useful information. God you fail...

    Anomaly locations:
    Scan the indicated planets to find anomalies (side quests):

    Caleston Rift Solveig Sinmara
    Caleston Rift Talava Taitus
    Crescent Nebula Lusarn Tarith
    Crescent Nebula Zelene Helyme
    Eagle Nebula Amun Neith
    Eagle Nebula Strabo Jarrahe Station
    Hades Nexus Sheol Gei Hin
    HourGlass Nebula Faryar Daratar
    HourGlass Nebula Ploitari Zanethu
    Minos Wasteland Fortis Aequitas
    Omega Nebula Ariniarkan MSV Strontium Mule
    Omega Nebula Fathar Lorek
    Pylos Nebula Dirada Canalus
    Pylos Nebula Nariph MSV Broken Arrow
    Rosetta Nebula Enoch Joab
    The Shrike Nebula Xe Cha Zada Ban
    Sigurd's Cradle Decoris Sanctum
    Sigurd's Cradle Skepsis Franklin
    Titan Nebula Haskins Capek

    Element Zero locations
    Search the indicated planets to find Element Zero:

    Calestone Rift Balor Caleston (moderate)
    Crescent Nebula Lusam Tarith (rich)
    Crescent Nebula Zelene Helyme (moderate)
    Eagle Nebula Amun Anthur (rich)
    Eagle Nebula Amun Sekhmet (moderate)
    Eagle Nebula Relic Preying Mouth (rich)
    Far Rim Dholen Gotha (moderate)
    Hades Nexus Hekate Asteria (poor)
    Hades Nexus Hekate Bothros (poor)
    Hades Nexus Pamyat Dobrovolski (moderate)
    Hades Nexus Sheol Gel Hinnom (moderate)
    Hawking Eta Schwarzschild Etamis (rich)
    Hourglass Nebula Faryar Daratar (rich)
    Hourglass Nebula Osun Erinle (rich)
    Hourglass Nebula Ploitari Thegan (moderate)
    Krogan DMZ Nith Mantun (moderate)
    Minos Wasteland Caestus Invictus (moderate)
    Nubian Expanse Kalabasha Yamm (moderate)
    Nubian Expanse Batalla Nearog (moderate)
    Nubian Expanse Batalla Thunawanuro (rich)
    Pylos Nebula Dirada Siano (moderate)
    Pylos Nebula Satent Boro (rich)
    Pylos Nebula Raisaris (rich)
    Rosetta Nebula Alpha Draconis 2175 Aeia (moderate)
    Rosetta Nebula Enoch Joab (rich)
    Rosetta Nebula Enoch Laban (moderate)
    Rosetta Nebula Enoch Mizraim (rich)
    Shadow Sea Iera Prospect (poor)
    Sigurd's Cradle Decoris Sanctum (moderate)
    Sigurd's Cradle Skepsis Watson (rich)
    The Phoenix Massing Salahiel Ekuna (moderate)
    The Shrike Abyssal Urla Rast Talis Fia (moderate)
    The Shrike Abyssal Xe Cha Tosal Nym (rich)
    The Shrike Abyssal Xe Cha Zada Ban (rich)
    Titan Nebula Haskins Capek (moderate)
    Valhallan Threshold Micah Farlas (moderate)
    Valhallan Threshold Micah Israfel (moderate)
    Valhallan Threshold Micah Kakabel (moderate)
    Valhallan Threshold Paz Garvug (rich)

    You see, what you tried to do was to add a small chunk of important "helpful" information along with the lie you pulled out of your ass. You did this to make it seem like you were telling the truth about your "secret mission" crap by seeming friendly and helpful.

    People thought "Hey, if he is telling the truth about that element zero I just found, perhaps he is telling the truth about that planet too! I'll go spend 10 hours of my life p!ssing my time away to look for it because I always wanted to see Rachni in ME2!"

    This was the effect you were aiming for. You CONVENIENTLY left out the planet name to get people to do this. Now, nobody trusts you. I also get the feeling that you pull half the "tech advice" out of your ass and expect people to bark up the wrong tree for hours on end trying to fix their trainers and computers.

    Just see how far this will get you in life before you get shot, DABhand.

    I hope I dragged you off your seat of power and authority, because you certainly deserve the humiliation. Here is a picture demonstrating how I (and 90% of the people on this thread) feel about you, DABhand:

    EDIT, again: As always, I'll leave you a way to redeem yourself on the 1/100,000 chance you ARE telling the truth. Post the planet and a screenshot. You never will though. Your exasperated "**** this thread and everyone in it I'm better than all of you" post proved it. You can't and WON'T produce it. Ever.

    You, sir, are a failure. Cut off your nuts and save our gene pool from more creatures like you.

    [Edited by lippmannk1, 4/27/2010 6:42:12 AM]

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