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Locked Topic  Creation vs. Evolution
Darkish  posted on Oct 19, 2006 7:57:06 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Zeth_Durron

Ok, a thousand years is a human day to God.


What now? You have me confused...but you know what I mean, right?

coletheslayer  posted on Oct 19, 2006 8:44:04 PM - Report post

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i beleive i wouldnt jke on this.
Shibby  posted on Oct 19, 2006 9:59:34 PM - Report post

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Chill, people.

Alright, so neither 'god' nor evolution is proven.
Lets see:
There is more logic in evolution. All you have for 'god' is a book written by Humans, who are known to get it wrong from time to time. Also could be fiction lol, like The Lord Of The Rings, but based on Earth.
Believing in 'god' requires faith, if 'god' was real, you wouldn't need faith would you? lol.
Also, nevermind how the universe was created, its off-topic. Rocks dont evolve.
As for 'god' making Earth and all that for us, well, Humans once though the universe rotated around Earth, which it obviously doesn't, so compare that to Humans thinking 'god' created everything for us, well, you get the idea.

EternalSlayer  posted on Oct 20, 2006 3:06:26 AM - Report post

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I like that theory P_C.

And I'm afraid that Religion seems to be too touchy a subject, so I'm not sure whether to leave this open, I'll leave it for the moment, but I'd urge noone to respond in an aggressive manner to another member, if you want to insult each other, we have a PM system.

pisces  posted on Oct 20, 2006 3:21:16 AM - Report post

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Different relegions, different beliefs
king-of-games  posted on Oct 20, 2006 3:43:31 AM - Report post

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I hope this does't make anyone upset.

When I was younger me, and a couple of mates, were trying to burn a bible, just for the fun of it, and for some after all the flames we put on it we only managed, to burn 1 page only, that actually got me think if there was a higher power.

Ps: I was kind of drunk at the time.

Darkish  posted on Oct 20, 2006 5:56:46 AM - Report post

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With all this talk, I think there is confusing about the meaning of evolution.

The first definiton of evolution is the Big Bang theory. This is what I have been speaking of.

The second form of evolution is micro-evolution, which consists of species evolving into new species over a period of time. Which is what I think you guys are talking about.

The second has been proven through science. A simple example of this would be dogs and their species increasing over time.

The first THEORY is the Big Bang creation of everything! This is absurd to the core. Simply because of my earlier example with pudding. Therefore it is easier and more logical to believe in God as a creator.

I hope this clears up anything in my opionion. As you can see, I was talking about the CREATION. You were proably talking about AFTER creation.

The reason that we have proof of God and that we can say that for a fact. This is because there are SO MANY things that human logic acnnot explain. One example would be:

One person has cancer and is given six weeks to live, prays to a Saint and the cancer is gone the next day. This and so many THOUSANDS of other miracles that have occured and have been documented. There is just no way we can deny the existence of God.

Petray  posted on Oct 20, 2006 7:39:36 AM - Report post

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aah, now, thats a bit absurd though....praying to god doesnt work!
if praying to god worked, the world would be much happier place, and, on, its not just a once off thing that god might throw at you....its just not...i know pleanty of people who had cancer, some prayed, some didnt...most died....and, because someone being healed from cancer...it doesnt mean god is real...i mean....its not a fact or anything...i want to see actualy facts of this, that i can look up myself, use the same formula, and, different ones, and, come up with the same answer...and, i also think its quite arrogent of you to say protestantism was created by satan...the people who created it were great people....incase you havent done any sort of history class in the past few years..the catholics abused people highly.....i think being a catholic is stupid...i think being a protestant is stupid.....i think they should all just be....christain....just one religion...i mean, who honestly cares if mary was a virign?....who cares about holy communion and confirmaiton?.....i dont....i think, we're getting the wrong idea of religion.....we should just believe in god..we should believe jesus was our messiah and he was a great man....thats it....there's no need for these stories of his life....and, i think they were only put in the bible so people could get an understanding of who he was....i dont think it was something to make him seem like a great person...but, if those little stories are taring his religion apart...then...mabey they shouldnt be there...
and, big bang isnt evolution....you should have said creation theory vs big bang theory.....cause theyre both theory's, although, there is more evidence of the big bang happening then creation from god.....see..the universe is growing further apart.....so, there had to have beensome stage where it was all together, and, there had to be somehting that started it.......hence the big bang theory....the only thing pointing to the theory that god created the world is a book....a 2000 year old book, and that book was written from stories....and, everyone knows that stories are often.....very often, over-exaggerated.there is no actual proof of the prensence of god........and, stop it with your two rocks being banged together thing....Link
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