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Team Building Zone
mattwashington  posted on Feb 17, 2006 3:55:59 AM - Report post

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all of mine are 100
maverick102  posted on Feb 17, 2006 5:01:43 AM - Report post

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anybody got some ideas for my lugia which is lv. 40 and it knows
Dragonbreath(or Safeguard because i duplicated it)
any ideas for beating Lance?
pisces  posted on Feb 17, 2006 6:07:05 AM - Report post

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originally posted by mattwashington

all of mine are 100

same here

bobulation  posted on Feb 17, 2006 6:14:14 PM - Report post

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originally posted by maverick102

anybody got some ideas for my lugia which is lv. 40 and it knows
Dragonbreath(or Safeguard because i duplicated it)
any ideas for beating Lance?

2 ways. Have Lugia be a sweeper or an attacker. Sweepers are more of an attacking type (its not too good to have more than 2 of them on a team) that finishes off weak pkmn (thats y there "sweepers" while attackers are more balanced.

Sweeper: Aerorblast is a keeper. Ditch recover because that slows down the killing. Safeguard is an iffy, since it does take one turn to set up, but then again, status infliction is a real bummer. Dragonbreath? Also a maybe. If your goal is to take down Lance, then keep it. Otherwise, I'd trade it for Psychic, since you get STAB on that move. Plus Dragonbreath isn't all that powerful, powerful being BA of 90 or higher. (Strong is 75+. Solid is 60+. Anything lower is a cr*p attack.) Gust is definitely a goodbye. You already have Aeroblast to fill the flying-type move catergory, plus gust just plain sucks. Trade it for Earthquake. Your probably saying "Earthquake, what!?". Its a very powerful attack, and it CYA against electrics. Other good moves: Shadow Ball, Surf/Hydro Pump (bad acc. on Hydo Pump though), Ice Beam/Blizzard (can Lugia learn Ice Beam through the little cheat thiny?), Iron Tail (maybe, its acc. is much to low for my liking, at 75%), and Ancient Power (Lugia learns it at lvl 88).

As a plain old attacker, Lugia takes on a whole new move scheme. Safegaurd is still and question mark. Recover is a must. Also keep Aeroblast because its powerful, has a high CH ratio, and give you STAB. You also might want to keep Whirlwind (learns at lvl 77) for psuedo-hazing, although Lugia isn't too good at that. Swagger can help out, since LUgia has the great defensive and HP stats to sustain an maxxxed-out attack. Earthquake is still an option, again for sheer power and CYA. You might want to throw in some combos too, such as Rain Dance-Thunder, althought that particular one won't do you too much good. It does set the stage for a power-packed Surf, or if you feel lucky, a Hydro Pump. As a side note, sweeper pokemon should not have combos, unless its a BP side effect or a really helpful one (Rain Dance-Thunder namely). This means that a sweeper Gengar (that wouldn't really work...) shouldn't have a Mean Look-Toxic because taking 4 turns to kill is waaaay too long for a sweeper. Other good attacker moves include the ones from the sweeper catergory as well as: Psych Up.

shadowfire722  posted on Feb 20, 2006 6:06:33 PM - Report post

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My team right now is as follows:

Meganium - Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Synthesis
Ampharos - Rain Dance, Thunder, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch
Dragonite - Working on this
Tyranitar - Working on this as well
Houndoom - Flamethrower, Crunch, ???
Alakazam - Psychic, Psybeam, Ice Punch, Recover

That's my main party, I have some others that I mix in at random times. Any suggestions?

bobulation  posted on Feb 20, 2006 7:16:37 PM - Report post

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meganium - i c ur trying the sunny day, synthesis, solarbeam combo. i wouldn't neccessarily recomend this, because if they use a fire-move, you're toast (haha. get the pun?). even if you decide too keep this, ditch the giga drain. Solarbeam should suffice for your grass move. Replace it with earthquake to CYA against poison and fire. safeguard would also be nice, since your team needs that.

ampharos - either thunder punch, or raindance-thunder, not both. its kinda too late, but my ideal ampharos would have reflect and thunderbolt bred onto it. reflect is a must b/c any ground-type move will annihilate you. while your at it, you also might want to breed body slam on there...

dragonite - CYA against rock. only i fell i need to say. take advantage of its super attack.

tyranitar - ancient power (bred) / rock slide, earthquake. ice beam if you can get it on there. maybe crunch (see below). the rest is really up to you. as a note, tyrannitar can learn surf.

houndoom - interesting pkmn. very strong spc. attack, but very low defense. unfortunately, the majority of your weaknesses are to physical types (rock, ground, fighting). an interesting moveset would be < sunny day, solarbeam, flamethrower, crunch >. the main advantage of this moveset is that it CYA very well. note that if you give houndoom crunch, you may not want to also have tyranitar have it. however, as houndoom is prone to dying, you might still want tyranitar to keep the STAB off of crunch. the previously mention moveset, however, has its drawbaks. one is that houndoom would be used as a all out attack/sweeper. this leave him extremely exposed to counter-attack, and in your team, those roles are better suited to dragonite and tyrannitar. in lieu of these enlightenements, i would suggest rest ro recovery. the last slot is open. houndoom can learn reversal through breeding, but rest and reversal don't go together. so you could have houndoom go suicidal and ditch rest for reversal and turn it into a sweeper. however, the success of reversal lies on the fact that you hope you survive an earthquake or cross-chop enough to pull off the reversal. so i think it would be better to stick with rest, since houndoom isn't suited for the endure-reversal combo, although he can learn both moves. finally, don't teach it sludge bomb or shadow ball. these moves convey you no advantages since crunch/flamethrower does the job already. roar could be used for psuedo-hazin if a particularily hazardous pkmn pops up. iron tail provide CYA against rocks.

alakazam - attributes: amazing sp. attack and speed. weaknesses: 0 defense, 0 attack. musts: reflect and recover to CYA against physical attacks. psychic to exploit sp. attack and STAB. i suggest fire-punch over ice-punch because fire can hurt steel whereas both ice and psychic can't.

team overall
starter: meganium
attackers: alakazam, ampharos, houndoom
sweeper: dragonite
heavy-hitter: tyrannitar
suicider: houndoom?

WheeoohMob  posted on Feb 23, 2006 2:53:02 PM - Report post

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originally posted by bobulation

To all budding trainers. Before you set out on training your next awesomely amazing team, you should first carefuly research and plan out which moves you would like them to have and which pkmn to choose. Here, I will give ideas to team you want to train (just give names of pkmn) and also plausible movesets. This way, you have ample time to know which moves to allow your pkmn to learn and which to not. I will also give training hints and pkmn selection tips every now and then.

So, yeah.... I'm not really a budding trainer, but I am a very paranoid person when it comes to Pokemon. I mean paranoid by not being satisfied with my party and starting over millions of times. It's a habit!! So right now, the party I'm building will be (in their final forms):

Typhlosionn (FIRE)
Item Held: Charcoal
-Thunder Punch (ELC)
-Flamethrower (FIRE)
-Flame Wheel (FIRE)
-Smokescreen (NRM)

Dragonite (DRG/FLY)
Item Held: Dragon Claw
-Fly (FLY)
-Blizzard (ICE)
-Thunder Wave (ELC)
-Dragon Rage (DRG)

Ampharos (ELC)
Item Held: Magnet
-Thunder (ELC)
-Thunder Wave (ELC)
-Cotton Spore(i think) (NRM)

Alakazam (PSY)
Item Held: Twisted Spoon
-Psychic (PSY)
-Light Screen (NRM)
-Reflect (NRM)
-Shadow Ball (GHO)

Lapras (WTR/ICE)
Item Held: Mystic Water
-Ice Beam (ICE)
-Surf (WTR
-Perish Song (NRM)
-Blizzard (ICE)

Blissey (NRM)
Item Held: Lucky Egg
-Body Slam (NRM)
-Softboiled (NRM)
-Metrenome (NRM)*
-Strength (NRM)

*I'm not sure if Chansey or Blissey learn Metrenome in Gold/Silver, but I'm positive that you can teach it in Red/Blue with the Metrenome TM.

P.S. Like I said before, I'm not a beginning trainer, I'm just seeking advice!

bobulation  posted on Feb 23, 2006 7:09:48 PM - Report post

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- give it magnet to power thunder punch. its your weakest attack and you get STAB off of fire
- teach it earthquake over flame wheel. flame wheel is pretty pointless, and earthquake enables you to deal damage to any types fire or electric didn't work effectively against
- i don't like smokescreen. it's not horrible, but its not the greatest infliction attack. i think either curse or swagger might be better

- Dragon rage is BAD. It only does 40. No matter what. If you want a set damage attack, Night Shade or Seismic Toss is so much better. Replace with Outrage or Dragonbreath for a Dragon-type attack. If you use outrage, have Dragonite hold bitter berry.
- Fly is also not the greatest. It's OK, but taking two turns to deal only 70 BA damage isn't really worth it. The fact that the opponent's attack probably won't hit doesn't equate the attack, IMO.
- Blizzard's accuracy is too low for my liking. You can keep it, but if you can get Ice Beam on there instead (TM13 in RBY), it would be great.
- I think Dragonite should be your second sweeper (Typhlosion being the first, with it's excellent speed). Therfore, i recomend < Agility / Curse (not most recomended) / Thunder wave, Ice beam, Double edge (TM10 RBY), Dragonbreath (if you really want) / Fire blast / Surf (also not most recomended) >
- As a heavy hitter < Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Outrage/Curse, Blizzard >
- As a starter < Safeguard / Mist (bred), Thunder wave, 2 attacks than have good acc. >
- As an attacker < Thunder wave / Agility, Dragonbreath, Ice beam / Thunderbolt (TM24 RBY), Double-edge >
- Give it leftovers or scope lens to hold.

- Reflect (breed it on) is a must for protection against any gourn-type attack
- Focus on special attacks, since Amphy's physical stat is low on the charts
- Cotton spore was an excellent choice, since if Amphy can't increase its own horrible speed, might as well decrease the opponents. Kudos to you! However, paralysis also reduces speed and is generally more usefull.
- Final moveset < Cotton spore / Thunder wave (better IMO), Reflect, Thunderbolt (bred), Fire punch? > The bad thing about Ampharos is that it doesn't really have a diverse movepool unlike Dragonite.
- Have it hold charcoal or quick claw

- Recover over light screen. His spec. defense is good enough, and his HP is very bad.
- Reflect is a must b/c defense is low too.
- Fire punch over shadow ball, since Zammy's phys attack just plain sucks
- Future sight is good for hitting annoying pokemon that keep evading your attacks or keep using recover, since on the turn it hits, you can deal two attack's worth of damage.
- < Reflect, Recover, Psychic, Fire punch / Future sight > OR < Psychic, Fire punch, Ice punch, Thunder punch >. The first one is more balanced; Future sight isn't really recommended b/c all psychic attacks is bad. The second moveset is more of "use my awesome special attack stat and kill them before they kill me." I like the second one better but suggest the first, since typhlosion and dragonite can do most of the killing. although you could downgrade dragonite a tiny bit and boost up zammy.
- Hold leftovers or keep the twisted spoon for insane psychic power. charcoal/nevermeltice/magnet are also O.K.

- Ice beam is a keeper
- Surf v.s. Hydro Pump. Average damage of surf is 95 (BA 95 * AC 100) while Hydro Pump's is 96 (120 BA * 80 ACC). Although HyP has the slight advantage, i'd still go with surf, because it has more PP and is more reliable
- Blizzard is a goner. Avg Damage is only 83.5
- Lapras isn't too good for perish trapping, and you don't want to kill yourself, so get rid of that too
- Mist is good, but safeguard's better
- Confuse ray is excellent
- Don't try rain-dance thunder cuz if they thunder you, you're screwed
- It can learn thunderbolt (TM24 RBY), psychic (good), dragonbreath. the other two aren't as good, since...

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