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August 20, 2007
Clone Pokemon:
Go to a PC and save. Take up Bill's PC and deposite the pokemon that you want to clone. Change the box and when it says "Saving dont turn off the power" turn off the power BEFORE the word "power" ends. Turn the gameboy back on and the pokemon that you wanted to clone should be in your party and in the box that you deposited your pokemon in. *HINT* To see if the Pokemon that you cloned is the REAL THING, try looking at the exp. points. If they are they same, it is cloned.
(supplied by: TAPontiac70)

How to clone items and pokemon:

Put the pokemon in a empty box what you want to clone, and make that pokemon hold an item you want to clone, e.g masterball, rare candy etc. Then once you've put the pokemon in the empty box, change box, when it says saving do not turn off the power. Switch it off. Then switch it on and you will have one of that pokemon in your party and one in the box and one of the items will be in your pack, and the cloned pokemon (in your box) will be holding one.
(supplied by: nathan keen)

Another duplication trick:

You must have aboute 6 rare candys or more. First you stand in front of the computer, give the pokemon you want to raise or duplicate a rare candy and you save. Then use all of the rare candys to him, you must use all of them. Then do the duplication trick : deposit your pokemon into an empty box and change to an other box when it sais : saving...don't TURN IT OFF. Turn it back on and you will see that the rare candys you used to the pokemon are still in your pack and the pokemon you deposited is on a higher level then the one in your party + you'll have one more rare candy in your pack if you take the item from the original and duplicated pokemon. By the way did you now that the unknowns have a name? Look at the unknown pkdex lower on the screen you will see the unknown's name, it is written in unknown letters.
(supplied by: Thibault Kreps)

Trade Trick:

Note: Must trade with link cable to do this. Get Suicune in Pokemon Crystal and transfer it to Pokemon Silver then trade it back to Pokemon Crystal. You will now have on your Pokedex were Suicune's nest is.
(supplied by: arcdemon_2002)


There are 5 different forms of Eevee, excluding itself. You gain get Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolton by using the water, fire, and thunderstone. A new type of Eevee is Umbreon and Espeon, though there is no stone to evolve them into, get them by increasing the happiness rate, you can do this by getting your Eevee groomed by blue's sister in pallet town, by getting its haircut in the underground tunnel, and giving it items such as carbos, iron, protein, etc.
(supplied by: m_chelle_)

Find Pokemons:

Gligar - (South of BlackThorn City)
Snubbul - (West of Olivine City)
Ho-oh - Tin Tower (Deep inside)
Lugia - Top Right of the Whirl Islands
Sneasel - Go to Mt. Silver at Night in the grass
Staryu - Fish in the sea at night
Tyrogue - The middle cave @ Mt. Mortar (You have to surf to get to that place)
(supplied by: Scar)

Get a female and a male, both same type (e.g. Poison) and put them at the Daycare. Wait until the old guy comes out and he will give you the egg. travel" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: travel';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">Travel around until the egg hatches.

Or another way is get a Male/Female Pokemon (e.g. Pikachu) then catch a Ditto. Breed it and you'll have a Pichu! (If you put a Pokemon as Pikachu) Like now... I have 16 Pichus in my PC. Here are some Pokemon you would like to use :
Jigglypuff - Igglybuff
Pikachu - Pichu
Magmar - Magby
Electabuzz - Elekid

And if you go to the Union Cave on Friday there's a Lapras there... he'll be like your Surfing Pokemon... only Blue...

You go to the place where a PokeManiac is standing near a ladder. There's water there, so surf there and go through the ladder. Trainers will be there and fight through all of them. Then you surf up where a Cooltrainer says 'Once in a week a Pokemon ... blah blah blah...' and you see water there. Surf there and you'll see a Blue Lapras. Catch it! (I caught mine using a Pokeball)
(supplied by: Scar)

Weekly Siblings locations:

Monica of Monday - (Gives you a Sharp Beak) West of Olivine City
Tuscany of Tuesday - In Between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City
Wesley of Wednesday - At the Lake of Rage *Near the house where a fat guy gives you a TM*
Arthur of Thursday - North of Ruins of Alphs or West of Violet City
Freida of Friday - North of the Union Cave or South of Violet City
Santos of Saturday - South of the Blackthorn Gym
Sunny of Sunday - South of Ecruteak City

Pocemon Locations:

Ho oh - Top of tin tower
Lugia - Whirl islands
Marril - Mt. mortar
Pidgey and pidgeotto - Violet city, Falkner
Metapod, kakoona and scyther - Azalea town, Bugsy
Clefairy(2) and miltank - Goldenrod city, Whitney
Gastly(2), haunter and gengar - Ecruteak city, Morty Primape and poliwrath - Cianwood city, Chuck
megnamite(2) and steelix - Olivine city, Jasmine
Seal, dewgong, poliswine - Mahogany town, Pryce
dragonair(3) and kingdra - Blackthorn city, Clare
(supplied by: caca_da_man)

How to get a Lapras with Hydro Pump Attack:

1.Get a Lapras.
2.Get a Seadra.(Evolve form of Horsea)
3.Train the Seadra until it knows Hydro Pump Attack.
4.Mate them in the Day-Care Center.
5.Hatch the egg the create and it is a level 5 Lapras with Hydro Pump Attack!
(supplied by: we)

Hatch a Togipi egg:

You have to take 5000 steps for the togipi egg to hatch.
(supplied by: Master Sonia)

Trainer Tip:

When you use the Super Rod, no matter what water it is in, the pokemon are gonna be on level 40.
(supplied by: Master Sonia)

Get a Phsycic Pidgey:

First catch a pidgey or evolved form of pidgey and a Hoothoot that knows foresight. Make sure one is a boy and one is a girl. Preferably a Pidgey girl would help a lot. Leave both in the daycare center until the man is outside. Collect the egg and wait till it hatches and a Pidgey that knows forsight will come out.
(supplied by: kirby)

Catch rare pokemon with a little help:

A lot of people will ask you for your phone number right? Well here's a little advantage for you. Some people will call you about rare pokemon sightings in an area. Go there right away and walk around or fish for the pokemon.
(supplied by: Golden Sun lover3333)

Catching Entei, Raikou and Suicune:

Suicune, Riakou and Entei are the hardest pokemon to catch, however they can be catched. What you do is: - check the pokedex and see where it is.
- make your way to the place where it is BUT DO NOT USE FLY or it will just run away.
- Whilst you are making your way where the pokedex says it is, keep checking the pokedex because it might have moved (preferable when you go in and out of a building.)
- If it has moved positions, go where it has moved.
- Keep tracking it down until you are at the same place the pokegear map and pokedex says.
- Keep looking at that spot, you can use sweetscent but just keep searching until you find it (You ususally find it after meeting 2-10 pokemon)
(supplied by: Tafara Makuni)

How to get a shiny magikarp:

First, catch the red garados. Breed it with a normal garados and wait 2 or so hours. Be careful about every 2 hours or so your pokemon will have another egg. Hatch the egg and inside will be a shiny magikarp!
(supplied by: Ash)

Cool breeding combonations:

-Breed pikachu with ditto and get pichu.
-Breed magmar with magmar and get Magmy.
-Breed jigglypuff with another jigglypuff and get iggalybuff
(supplied by: Ash)

Pokemon that cannot be breeded:

-The three legendary dogs
(supplied by: Ash)

Espeon and Umbreon:

To get an eevee to evolve into Espeon and Umbreon, you have to make him very trustful and happy towards you. You do this by doing the following things.

Level Up
Stat Enhancer (Protein, Etc)
Daisy's Fur Grooming
Battle Gym Leader, Elite Four, etc.
Walking every 256 steps
Not putting Eevee into the storage box or letting him faint
Healing him constantly

The best of these things to do is give him stat boosters. They do cost a lot of $$, but they enormously raise his happiness, which helps in his mood towards you. You can check his progress by going to the lady in Goldenrod. But just remember that Espeon can learn confusion at level 16, so try and evolve them as fast as possible, here's Espeon and Umbreons Attacks. The number to the side is their level needed.


Tail Whip
08 Sand Attack
16 Pursuit
23 Quick Attack
30 Confuse Ray
36 Faint Attack
42 Mean Look
47 Screech
52 Moonlight


Tail Whip
08 Sand Attack
16 Pursuit
23 Quick Attack
30 Confuse Ray
36 Faint Attack
42 Mean Look
47 Screech
52 Moonlight
(supplied by: KIRKUS)

How to get seal:

Go to the whirl islands and get past the whirlpools.(Your pokemon must know whirlpool HM6) Walk around in the caves and eventually you will get a seal.(Seal are usually on level 20-23)
(supplied by: collinsfamily)

Duplicate Pokemon:

To duplicate pokemon, you have to clear box 6 and deposit the pokemon in a different box besides 6. then switch to box 6 and when it says SAVING...do not turn off the power., right at the period turn it off. turn back on, go to box and bag and pokemon will be in both.
(supplied by: Kittin Yasha)

How to get an eleckid with flash:

First get two electrodes(male and female). You can find them in front of the power plant. Teach them both flash them put them in the daycare until the old man comes out. Collect the egg and run around until it hatches. When it hatches you should have an eleckid with flash.
(supplied by: MMbrims)

Easy Money:

Go to the pokemon league (make sure your pokemon are strong enough to beat the champian) Beat the pokemon league. You should get 25,000 Dollars or less. Keep doing this until you have a lot of money.
(supplied by: Game Master)

Get Cut:

In Ilex Forest, there is are two men, go around until you see a bird pokemon. Press A on the bird pokemon and it will run away from you, keep doing this untill you get it to the two men, they will give you CUT. You can now pass through Ilex Forest.
(supplied by: jediIStheWAY)

Charocoal Kiln!

In Azalea Town, there is a gym (must do the bird pokemon quest first) next to the gym there is a house go in the house. Talk to the man in blue, he will give you free charcoal!
(supplied by: jediIStheWAY)

How to be able to go to Mt.silver:

First you have to beat all the gyms in Johto so you can go to the elite4. Beat them and you can go to kanto. Beat all the gyms in kanto and talk to Prof. Oak and he says he will make arrangements for you to go to MT.silver.
(supplied by: g_master-9)

Duplicate Master Balls:

When you are using the duplicating cheat, give the pokemon a master ball. Duplicate it as many times as you want, and you will have loads of master balls! It works with any item, and any pokemon. Warning!!! Your data may get corrupted if you do it too often.
(supplied by: ash)

How to get all Three starter Pokemon!(No gameshark required):
This can only work if you start a new file. First go to Elm lab and before you choose your starter, save it. Then never save it again until you have all three starters. Then start playing ya ta ya ta ya ta until you get back from battling your rival. Then the scientist will give you five pokeballs. Catch any pokemon you like and make your starter pokemon hold a pokeball. Go to the pokemon center and use the PC. Deposit your starter and change box BUT!!!!!!!! before it finishes saying "SAVING DONT TURN OF THE POWER!" turn it off!! I usually turn it of when I see the word "dont". Turn it back on and load your saved file.

Now you will be at Elm's lab where you see the three starter pokemon! pick another pokemon that you DIDNT choose. Once you pick it go to the Pokemon Center and go on the PC nd go to withdraw.You will then see your first starter pokemon!!! Now withdraw him and take the pokeball he is holding. No go outside and catch another pokemon. Go back to the PC and deposit both starter pokemon and NOT the one you just catched. Do the same process as you did before.Turn it back on and choose the last starter pokemon. Go to the PC and withdraw the other two pokemon and you will have ALL THREE STARTERS!
(supplied by: lilfezguy89)

Wiggly Tree:

If you want help with Wiggly Tree this is wat you do: you defeat whitney, she cries, blah blah, you dont get badge. Talk to the girl right in front of her, she tells you to wait. You wait and then talk to whitney, you get bagde. Go to the flower house and get a water bottle. Go to Wiggly Tree spray it with waterbottle. Have at least 20 ultra/great balls ready to catch.
(supplied by: power_rune34)

Secret gift:

To the left side of goldenrod city there is some water, go north of town and surf to the left. Go all of the way down and there will be 3 girls...when you defeat the third girl she will give you a secret gift.
(supplied by: Clearflora) Daycare centre:
On route 33 south of goldenrod city there is a daycare centre and the keepers will need a male and a female of the following to breed a new pokemon:
2 Pikachus = Pichu
2 Electabuzzues = Elekid
2 Clefairies = Cleffa
2 Jigglypuffs = Igglypuff
2 Magmars = Magby
Venonat + Pinsir = Pinsir
Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee + ditto = tyrogue
Clefairy + Snubbull = Snubbull Gyarados + Red gyarados = Golden magikarp.
(supplied by: Clearflora)

Get Lapras:

On a Friday go to Union cave. Use surf in the second to last body of water in the cave. When you surf down there will be a ladder, go into the ladder and then you will have to surf again. There is another ladder on the other side, go in it and I think its just another tunnel. So go to the other side and go thru the ladder. This time you will be on this bigger chunk of land. Go down and go surf. You can explore the whole area if you like. While going down there is 4 entries. Go past the first 2 top ones and on the second entry on the left is where you need to go. Go onto the chunk of land and fight the girl up top if you like. Then go down and you will see another girl. Battle her and after your done she will say something about wanting to see this pokemon. Well next to her is another body of water. If you surf in it there will be a Lapras in there. Make sure you have a lot of ultra balls or clone a master ball if you have one.
(supplied by: manson_x3)

To Catch Ho-Oh:

To catch Ho-oh you need to get a rainbow wing. To get the rainbow wing you need to go to Pewter City in Kanto. If you don't know how to get there, you need to move Snorlax. To move Snorlax you need to get a pokemon flute song on your radio and play it near the sleeping Snorlax. To get the flute song, you need to go to the Lavender Town and go into the Radio Tower there. If you have already gave the machine part back to the manager at the Radio Tower, a man inside will give you an EXPN card. The EXPN card will already contain the flute song. Then you go back to Vermiliton City and put the flute song right next to the sleeping Snorlax. It will wake up Snorlax and you will battle it. It will appear at Level 50. If you catch the Snorlax, you go through the cave behind it and go through the cave. When you get out of the cave, cut down the tree that is north and if you keep going upwards...you will reach Pewter City. Talk to the old man next to the Mart. He will give you a Rainbow Wing, which makes you see Ho-Oh. Once you have received the Rainbow Wing, go to ECRUTEAK City. Go to the Tin Tower...if you work your way through the building...and reach the MAT section, don't take the first MAT, jump over the ramps...and take one of those MATS beyond them. Eventually one of the MATS will take you to more MATS which will take you to Ho-Oh. You will reach the top of the tower. You will find Ho-Oh and he will appear at Level 70.
(supplied by: KEV-MADDOG4)

Get all starters, without 2 gameboys:

First you get your starter, doesn't matter which one you choose. Then play the game normally untill you finally get a pokeball from pro. oaks aides. Save the game. Now turn off your Gameboy and start a new game. While your playing the new game, DON'T SAVE. Now choose your second starter. Play the game until you get some pokeballs, make sure you havent saved the game. Now catch a pokemon and go to the pc. Deposit your starter, switch the boxes and once it's saying SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER. Right when it says power, turn your gameboy off. Now turn you Gameboy on, go to the pc and select withdraw. You now have 2 starters! Do the step again to get the last starter. PS. This takes a long time.... so make sure you make time to do this!
(supplied by: none_listener)

Defeating Ash/Red:

Create a Pokemon team with different types, with Grass, Psychic, Devil, Fire, Water, and Steel recommended. Each Pokemon should be level 65 or higher. If not, make sure you have a large amount of Hyper Potions and Revives.

Each time you defeat the Pokemon League, Ash, or Red, from the older versions will be hiding in Silver Cave. Here is how to get to him. First Fly to Silver Cave (north of New Bark). You will be in front of a Pokemon Center. Walk east and then north until you see an entrance. Then, once inside, use Flash. Go north until you see a boulder in front of you. Go up the steps at the right side. Keep walking until you get down from the platform you are on. Then, go up the other steps. At the end of the second platform will be steps on the left and right. Go down the stairs on the right side.Then go north to find an entrance at the north wall. Enter it and go up the steps. Walk all the way north until you see another entrance nearest to steps leading into the waters. Enter through the doorway in the north wall, Then go all the way north until you see another platform. Climb those steps and you will see the trainer you were from the Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow . Press A to battle him. Note: His starter Pokemon, Pikachu, is at Level 81 and his Snorlax is well-trained and can defeat a Level 100 Pokemon with one hit.

Keep training against the Elite Four after you have defeated every gym in Kanto and your Pokemon are at least to level 57 (for well-balanced teams), and have different type moves.

Use a Heracross with the Endure/Reversal combo against his Snorlax. First use Endure until your HP is down to 1, then use Reversal and Heracross should attack first. If he is at about Lv. 50, it should take Snorlax out in one hit.

You can battle Ash after you defeat the Elite Four. After you battle him, if you want to try again you must fight in the Elite Four first. To defeat him easily, you must have a Lugia Lv.88 with AeroBlast of PP 8 and Hydro Pump of PP 5. Use it on Venusaur (one AeroBlast), Pikachu (one AeroBlast), Efi (one AeroBlast and one Hydro Pump), Blastoise (one AeroBlast and 1 Psychic), Snorlax (one AeroBlast and two Hydro Pumps) and Charizard (one Hydro Pump)

It is recommended that you have the following Pokemon. Two Typholosions that know Flamethrower (at least level 70), a Misdeavous that knows Perish Song and Mean Look, a Lugia (at least level 70) that knows Recover, Hydro Pump, and Rain Dance, and a Ho-oh that knows Fire Blast as a backup Pokemon. You can add another Pokemon if desired (another Misdeavous recommended). Ash usually starts with a level 81 Pikachu. Yse Typholosion to faint it with Flamethrower, and do the same with Espeon as well. They will usually die with one blast of Flamethrower. Then Blastoise will come in. Have a Typholosion do all the initial attacks, such as Flamethrower, but not Swift. If it faints, use the other Typholosion. They must be over level 80 to survive the Surf attack. If they are not at that level, bring a lot of Potions and Revives. When you defeat Blastoise, answer "Yes" to change Pokemon. Choose Misdreavos and use Perish Song. Then, use Mean Look after that or Ash will change Pokemon and Snorlax will not die.

Perish Song will make both Misdreavous and Snorlax faint in three rounds, no matter what Snorlax does (Rest, Snore, Body Slam, etc.). It will faint in three rounds, but if Ash switches it, Snorlax will not die and you will face an even more difficult battle. Snorlax loves to Rest and Snore, which will fill up all his HP and hurt you. He has about 30 PP for Rest and Snore. You should follow the Perish Song and Mean Look strategy. Then, either Venusaur or Charizard comes in. If it is Venusaur, the battle will be easy. Just use Flamethrower and it will die with one shot, if your Typholosion is at a high level. if not, use Flamethrower again or another flame attack (Ember, Fire Wheel, etc.). If your opponent is Charizard, switch to Lugia and use Hydro Pump. If you want more power, then use Rain Dance to power up it.

To defeat Ash's or Red's Snorlax easily, have any Pokemon that knows Perish Song and Mean Look. When asked if you want to switch Pokemon, choose the one that knows Perish Song and Mean Look. Your first attack should be Perish Song, then Mean Look. Perish Song will make both Pokemon his and yours faint in three turns. Mean Look will keep Snorlax in place so that Ash cannot switch and save his "beloved" Pokemon. If Ash switches, the Snorlax will not faint and you will be left with another annoying Pokemon to defeat. Even though your Pokemon will also die, at least you are taking Snorlax with you, which is one of the most annoying Pokemon in his entire team.
(supplied by: MALO725)

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