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Action Replay Codes

Action Replay codes are special cheats that are written to only work when used in conjunction with a hardware device that is plugged into the game console. These codes tell the device how to manipulate the game's memory registers while the game is running. These codes will not work without the hardware device in place. Action Replay codes are also compatible with GameShark brand cheat devices.

AKA: Hack, Code

This is a very broad term. A cheat as it applies to our website is defined as anything that can be used to modify the way a game is played, which can be codes or controls that were inserted by the developer or external programs that make the game act in a way that was not meant by the programmers.

Command-Line Cheat
AKA: Shortcut

This type of cheat is used when it's required to add a parameter to the way a game is launched in order to activate internal cheat codes or options. Follow these instructions:

1. Press "Start" and find the icon (shortcut) for the game.
2. Right-click on the icon, then click on properties.
3. In the "Target" box you'll find the location of the game's executable.
(example: "C:\Game Files\GameX\GameX.exe")
4. Add the command-line cheat to the end of this line.
(example: "C:\Game Files\GameX\GameX.exe"-cheat)
5. Once you make the change, select OK to save.

Special Note: If your "Target" has quotations around it, make sure you put the command-line cheat outside of the quotations (as shown above). Quotations will only be present if your game resides in a folder or sub-folder that has a space in it's name (ie: "Game Files"). Simply place the command-line cheat at the end of the "Target" line if no quotations exist (ie: C:\GameX\GameX.exe -cheat).


A DexDrive allows you to transfer Console (PSX, PS2, etc) savegame data from your memory card to your PC's hard drive. With this device you can download savegames from the Internet and use them with your own game.

Easter Egg
AKA: Secret, Bonus

This is a hidden or secret portion of a game/movie that was included by the programmers to have a little fun. Sometimes these secrets will give the player extra points or items, or they may simply be for display purposes only. When referring to DVD's, Easter Eggs are hidden areas on the disc(s) that usually require moving around in menus where options do not normally appear. These eggs can present bonus material from the film or even messages from the filmmakers.

AKA: Savegame Editor

An editor is used to modify a file associated with a particular game. This could be a saved game or possibly a configuration file. By editing these files, gamers can usually alter their characters attributes or possibly open up different areas of the game. Be careful when using editors because they are written for specific versions of a game and can corrupt your data. Always make a backup before using an editor.

AKA: Guide, Reference

Short for (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions - a FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to a specific game or topic. This information could be hints on playing the game, a complete strategy guide or more. We have a FAQ containing questions we are frequently asked via e-mail (see bottom of this page). Many people currently use the term "FAQ" to refer to a walkthrough, strategy guide or any other type of help related document.

GameWizard Table

A GameWizard Table is a set of variables or commands used to alter the way a game is played. The GameWizard software is required in order to use this type of file.

Hex Cheat
http://bpsoft.com or

The cheat will usually contain a "hex address" and a value associated with it. You must use a hex editor in order to use this type of cheat. Hex editors are usually used to alter game files (configuration or .exe files are the most common). Always make a backup before doing any type of hex editing.


This is a file that is created when you save your progress in a game. Some people will save right before the ending of the game to allow others to see the ending. Sometimes these savegame files are modified to give the player added attributes. Before using this type of cheat, always make a backup of your current savegame data.

Strategy Guide

This is a guide that is written to help out with the strategy for a game. Usually this type of document does not contain a step-by-step walkthrough of the game, but rather tips and info on becoming a better player.

T-Search v1.6b

T-Search is a cheat tool designed to search for parameters in memory while a game is running. This is a primary tool used when making trainers. This program allows the use of breakpoints and disassembly for tracking down DMA locations. This program will also automatically generate the commands needed to plug into the Trainer Maker Kit. T-Search works with Windows XP and Vista. We have several tutorials on using T-Search to create your very own trainers.


A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others that sometimes aren't pre-programmed into the game by its designers. The most important thing to remember about trainers is that they usually have to be running in memory the entire time the game is loaded. Closing out the trainer will usually cause the cheats to become disabled (until the trainer is loaded again). Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game. If you're having trouble getting a trainer to work, read our TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE which also includes instructions on how to properly use a trainer.

Trainer Customizer

The Cheat Happens trainer customizer is a program designed to let users customize their hotkeys for trainers that are compatible. Compatible trainers are marked as "CUSTOMIZABLE". Instructions are included with the file.

Trainer Maker Kit v1.51

Trainer Maker Kit is a program designed to help people create stand-alone trainers. A graphical user interface is provided using drag and drop commands. No programming knowledge is needed to create professional looking trainers. This software works with Windows XP and Vista.

UGE Module

A UGE Module is a program that was written using a cheat tool called the Universal Game Editor. You must have the UGE base program in order to use this type of file.

UHS File

A UHS Module is a program that was written using a cheat tool called the Universal Hint System. This program provides the user with incremental instructions for completing the game. You must have the UHS base program in order to use this type of file.

AKA: Solve, FAQ

This is a text file or document file that contains step-by-step instructions for completing a particular game. These documents often contain strategy building elements as well.

More Help
Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Please read our "Cheats FAQ" for answers to many frequently asked questions or send us an e-mail. Have a cheat utility that is not listed here? E-mail it to chris@cheathappens.com.

Trainer Tutorials


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 Advanced Trainer Maker Tutorial
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 Visual Trainer Making Tutorial for Beginners/Advanced Users
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 Basic Assembly Tutorial
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In this tutorial, you'll learn all of the basics when it comes to assembly language and how it pertains to creating trainers. Opcodes, registers, pointers, stack registers and more are all covered.


 Training - Obscure v1.1
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Put your newfound trainer making skills to the test as DABhand walks you through creating a trainer for the PC game OBSCURE v1.1. The lessons learned here can be applied to many current games to make your own professional trainers.


 Training - GTA: San Andreas
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Here we have another popular game that can be used to test your new trainer making skills. Use tools like Cheat Engine to give yourself unlimited money, ammo and much more.


 Tackling Code-Shifting
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In this tutorial, HonestGamer tackles code-shifting games such as Half-Life, Max Payne 2 and others. Learn how to make cheats and trainers for these difficult titles.


Misc. Tutorials


 Game Memory Edit Tutorial
by CreHx

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use memory editing tools such as T-Search to find and manipulate the values stored in a game's memory. This simple but effective approach can be helpful if no trainer exists.


 How to Write a FAQ
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For this tutorial, veteran author Neo7 will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a good FAQ or walkthrough. This tutorial is a an excellent read for anyone applying to be an author at Cheat Happens.


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 Random Yet Useful Information
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This simple guide will lay out the basics on how to get around a forum, such as the translation of basic leet speak, basic HTML and simple forum no-no's.

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