Random yet useful information by Darkish Raven

This simple guide will lay out the basics on how to get around a forum, such as the translation of basic leet speak, basic HTML and simple forum no-no's.

Contents separated by sections:

1: Basic Leetspeak
     1.1- Letters in Leetspeak

2: Simplified Words
     2.1-Words in Letter Form

3: Basic HTML Guide
    3.1- Bolding, Underlining and Italicizing Text
    3.2- Making URL Links
    3.3- Other and more advanced HTML

4: Basic Forum No-No's
    4.1- Spamming, Bumping, Flaming, Trolling

5: How to properly format an FAQ
    5.1- Instructions

6: Credits
    6.1- Special Thanks and Contact Information

1: Basic Leetspeak

Section 1.1- Letters in Leetspeak

Leetspeak (or 1337 or 13375p34k) is the use of numbers and characters to substitute letters to make words or the 'form of written slang used on the Internet'.

It was also, originally the way for hackers to hide their websites from search engines, but now the form of leetspeak has been taken over by the noobs. (Definition of 'noobs' defined later.)

So here is some very, very basic leetspeak:

  • The number '3' usually replaces the letter 'E' as in the above example.
  • The number '4' usually replaces the letter 'A' as in the above example.
  • The number '7' usually replaces the letter 'T' as in the above example.
  • The number '5' usually replaces the letter 'S' as in the above example.
Wow, I just spelled 'EATS' not intentionally, no lie.

Even though these numbers replace letters, rarely do people replace ALL the letters of a word with numbers. If someone said 'eats' in leet such as '3475' most likely no one would understand that.

  • The number '8' usually replaces the letter 'B'.
  • The number '1' usually replaces the letter 'I'.
  • The symbol '@' usually replaces the letter 'A' or just the word 'At'.
  • The symbol '$' usually replaces the letter 'S'.

So a quick re-cap shows-

E = 3
A = 4 or @
T = 7
S = 5
B = 8
I = 1
At = @
S = $

2: Simplified Words

Section 2.1- Words in Letter Form.

Alright, now that we've got the letter substitution of leetspeak, let's move on to basic words-

  • LOL is most commonly used to say, 'Laugh Out Loud' and less commonly used as, 'Lots of Love'.
  • NP translates to, 'No Problem'.
  • IMO translates to, 'In My Opinion'.
  • IMHO translates to, 'In My Honest Opinion'.
  • WTF translates to, 'What The Frick' or 'What the Flip' or actually, whatever 'F' word that fits.
  • LMAO translates to, 'Laughing My Ass Off'.
  • ROFL or ROTFL translates to, 'Rolling On Floor Laughing' or 'Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
  • BTW translates to, 'By The Way'.
  • Newbies or Newbs are everyone who are new to something.
  • Noob, N00b or Nub refers to all the experienced people who act like newbies.
  • OMG translates to, 'Oh My God' or for the Secular-Progressives, 'Oh My Gosh'.
  • K, or KK translates to, 'Okay'.
  • C ya translates to, 'See You' or 'See Ya'.
  • W/E translates to, 'Whatever'.
  • TOS translates to, 'Terms of Service' and are usually the guidelines for most sites.
  • Teh is the most common misspelled form of the word, 'The'

3: Basic HTML Guide

HTML stands for 'Hypertext Markup Language' and is the main form for building websites and other useful 'codes'.

Each separate HTML code is always enclosed by < and > However, for this site, the most basic codes are: Bolding text, underlining text, italicizing text and making links and really isn't HTML, it's actually coding for the old phpbb sites or whatnot, giving them the name, phpbb codes. (If that's wrong, go yell at dstates 'cuz that's what he told me) The following examples however, will tell you how to make the codes and other HTML work.

Section 3.1 - Bolding, Underlining and Italicizing Text

To bold your text for posting, surround your text with this code- [b] on the left side and [/b] on the right side of all the text you want bolded. So to make bolded text for posting, I would have to write it like this: [b]Display Text Here[/b]

If I wanted to bold the text in my signature, all I would have to do is replace the brackets [ and ] with these symbols- < and >

So to make bold text in my signature, I would have to write it as follows: <b>Display Text Here</b>

If I want to UNDERLINE my text instead of bold, I would follow everything above except replacing the 'b' with a 'u'

Same goes for ITALICS. Replace the letters with an 'i' to italics your text.

Section 3.2- Making URL Links

This part is fairly simple and you can also link to any site that does not violate the TOS. To make a URL Link while posting, simple copy and paste the address into your post box, putting [url] on the left side and [/url] on the right side of the address.

A link to this site while posting would look like this:
[url]www.cheathappens.com[/url] (Do not include the http:// part of the address)

Section 3.3- Other and more advanced HTML

  • How to manipulate font size and font color:
    <FONT SIZE="+3">Your text here</FONT>
  • You can change the number after the plus sign to alter the size of the text.
    <FONT COLOR="red">I'm red!</FONT> (Add whatever basic color you want)
  • You can also use both HTML codes together in one string of text to manipulate both the color and the size of the text. It would look as the following:
    <FONT SIZE=“+X”><FONT COLOR=“red”>Text here</FONT></FONT>
  • How to make clickable links with your text of choice in your signatures:
    <A HREF="http://www.someplace.com">Display Text</A>
  • A link to this site with the clickable text 'Click Here' would read as follows:
    <A HREF="https://www.cheathappens.com">Click Here</A>

Note: This HTML code will not work for posting.

How to make clickable links with your text of choice in your posts: Note: Clickable links with your text of choice in posts will only work inside Cheat Happens. You cannot make clickable links with your text of choice in posts to other sites.

Here's how it's done:

  • <a href=user_profile.asp?userID=136681>Click Here</a> Link to my profile page and the clickable text will say 'Click Here'.
  • <a href=default.asp>Click Here</a> Link to Homepage of Cheat Happens
  • <a href=boards.asp>Click Here</a> Link to The Message Boards
If you haven't figured it out by now, clickable links with your text of choice IN POSTS contain the part of the web address AFTER the .com/ part.

How to make 'Buttons' in my profile:
This, along with the other HTML codes are fairly simple, just copy this code:

<button onclick="alert('TEXT INSIDE OF BUTTON GOES HERE')" <font size = 4px><font color = Black >TEXT OUTSIDE OF BUTTON GOES HERE</font></font></button>

Note: Buttons on this site are only allowed in your personal profile page. NOT POSTING and NOT SIGNATURES. The above code will make a 'Button' inside your profile and once you click that button, you will get the little box. Both button and box can have your text of
choice. You can also edit the code to alter the size and color of the text.

How to make a straight line in posting:
This is probably the easiest of HTML codes ever, but usually not the first to learn. Simply enter in the code, <hr> in any part of your post to make a straight line. Simple, huh?

How to add an image:

You can also customize the width and the height by adding this part of the code:
<IMG SRC="YOUR IMAGE LINK HERE" width="400" height="450">

Note: Images are only allowed in your personal profile. Not for posting and not for signatures. Be sure that any image is acceptable for all age groups and does not violate the TOS.

How to make your image a link to another site:
<a href="LINK TO SITE HERE" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" border="0" alt=></a>

Note: Unlike URL Links, for every address that is needed (for both codes), be sure to include the http:// part of the address. Failure to do so will result in a bad link and possible humiliation.

To get an image link, you first need to host the picture on an image hosting site. www.photobucket.com is a good site to make a free account and begin to upload any picture on demand.

How to manipulate posting quotes:
The code for a quote when you post reads as follows:

You can use the above code for any of your posts and edit the name and the text of the quote to your liking as long as nothing in your modified quote violates the TOS.

This is especially useful for two reasons:
-You forget to quote.
-You assume you don't need to quote, yet someone posts before you.

4: Basic Forum No-No's

Section 4.1- Spamming, Bumping, Flaming, Trolling

The following are basic definitions of the above and are against the rules of the majority of websites that contain forums. Doing any of the above on this site is a violation on the TOS (Terms of Service) and is punishable by a permanent ban of your account.

The definitions are:

  • Spamming: The posting of something, 'pointless' and that has no real meaning or point.

    If I were to make a topic called 'What's your favorite movie?'
    And someone posted saying, 'La la my computer is teh sucks, why do every1 hate me much?'
    That would be spamming.
  • Bumping: The revival or posting in old topics. Everyone hates a bumper, please…don't bump.
  • Flaming: The intentional posting to get an angry post in return, or to take part in a pointless argument.
  • Trolling- To intentionally antagonize someone, or continued flaming. An example of trolling would be:

    Person 1: "What's your favorite game?"
    Person 2: "I think all games suck. I think you suck."
    Person 1: "Please stop flaming and contribute to the topic."
    Person 2: "No! Your are TEH SUCK!"
    Person 3: "Stop trolling!"
    Person 2: "NO! I HATE U ALL!"

5 : How to properly format a FAQ

Section 5.1- Instructions

The following is a very basic guide on how to properly format an FAQ to ultimately prevent the text stretching the page. If you are looking on how to write an FAQ, here is not the place to look.

The only programs you need to write an FAQ in this format are:
-Microsoft Word
-WordPad or Notepad

However, you can write your FAQ solely in WordPad or Notepad, yet you will have to manually break the lines to prevent the page from stretching.

  • Step 1) Write your FAQ as you normally would and spell check it.
  • Step 2) Once it's all said and done, save it as 'Plain Text' DO NOT CONFUSE WITH 'Rich Text',
  • Step 3) Select the following:
    -Windows Default
    -Insert Line Breaks
    -End Lines with CR/LF
    -Allow Character Substitution
    -Then Save
  • Step 4) Open your document in WordPad or Notepad and all the lines should be even.
  • Step 5) Check over your FAQ for any slight glitches, sometimes the lines do not break evenly and that must be manually fixed.
  • Step 6) Submit your FAQ via the AUTHORS link on the top of any page on this site and patiently wait for a response. If approximately two weeks go by without a response, then your work was rejected. All you have to do now is make it more detailed and maybe longer. Add all the new information via Microsoft Word and repeat the steps.

And you're done! That was simple, right?

6: Credits

Section 6.1- Special Thanks and Contact Information

Thanks to:
-God, without Him none of this would exist.
-My parents, without them none of this would exist.
-CHU Author 'dstates' for helping me out with part of the guide.
-Founder #1 of Cheat Happens Nevermore for letting me write this.
-Founder #2 of Cheat Happens PWizard for making a great site.
-Urbandictionary.com for quick references.
-Me for writing this.

Contact: c-a-js@hotmail.com