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Sticky Topic  CoSMOS Instructions and Tutorials
sjdswanlund  posted on Jul 16, 2017 2:28:37 AM - Report post

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I did give it a try, trying to get CoSMOS working with the original Tomb Raider. While this first attempt wasn't a success, I did become more comfortable with the utility itself, so I'm going to give it another shot or two shortly. It seems to be the sort of thing that anybody can do, it just takes the time investment to learn it.
Noshin  posted on Dec 03, 2017 1:37:04 PM - Report post

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is there any way to add a hotkey for the speed hack for 15? the highest in the hotkeys in settings is 5.
0x90  posted on Dec 03, 2017 1:41:57 PM - Report post

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Currently there is not
duffkid  posted on Dec 10, 2017 5:18:01 AM - Report post

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a script for one game with infinite health vs a script for another game with infinite health are there any parts of the script that would be the same as each other

like creating a template script for infinite health which only needs keys pieces of text/information from the game your hacking to be added to make the cheat work.

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Lord-Xanthor  posted on Dec 29, 2017 1:33:38 PM - Report post

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I just started using Cosmos, and can't believe it's abilities. Been wanting a good memory editor comparable to the game guardian I use on my android, and was surprised to find Cosmos not only is comparable, it leaves GG in the dust! One of the most annoying issues I have had editing a new game, was a game that ran multiple executables, making it extremely hard to locate the correct memory location to change. The fact Cosmos does the work for me, makes the work so much easier! Wish I had known about this years ago.
Anyway, I have a question in regards to how to use Cosmos. A game I'm using Cosmos on, has a few protections to detect memory editors like this one. To get around one of the checks, I have to change several addresses almost simultaneously. It's actually 5 addresses that are synchronized so that if even one address is off by even one, the game deliberately crashes. After I discovered Cosmos can actually change those addresses all at once if they are all highlighted, I was able to set an address so instead of constantly having to look each item up to change their numbers, I located a slot and copied the address so all I need to do in game is move each item into that specific slot, and keep pasting the change into all 5 memory addresses without risk of crashing the game. Does Cosmos have the ability to lock addresses, so they don't change? For example, I need all 5 memory locations to stay locked at 950. This way, when I replace an item in the slot with another, it will change to 950 as well. Makes it so much easier then trying to look up each item separately. Thanks.
I was going to delete this post after finding out how Cosmos locks multiple addresses at once, but then realized, someone else might have seen this and wanted to know as well, so this is what I did:
In the left hand window marked scan results, I highlighted all 5 addresses and changed them to 950, then right clicked them and selected move to list, which duplicated all 5 addresses and put them into a bottom window marked stored items. Each item in the list has an open lock icon. I just locked each one by left clicking it, and now all 5 addresses are locked at 950. Moving anything into the specified slot in game now changes to 950. Whoever made this utility, its FANTASTIC! Thanks!!!

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Lord-Xanthor  posted on Mar 13, 2018 2:23:52 AM - Report post

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By any chance, is there an instructional video that shows how to make trainers? Lately, what little game time I get now a days, I been using to help complete a game upgrade, and a little gaming for myself. Ever since I got help in the weak area using CoSMOS, I barely use trainers much anymore as I'm extremely lazy where I just click on CoSMOS, select the game I'm playing, and put the changes in I like, and continue playing the way I like to. The Trainer Manager is great for keeping all my trainers together, but with so many games, I find myself using CoSMOS more often then not.
Anyway, since Trainers work similar to memory managers like CoSMOS, I figured if someone could point me to a instructional video that shows how to make one, I could start making my own trainers and volunteer some of my time to CH.
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