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  CoSMOS Instructions and Tutorials
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    yaktone posted on Dec 28, 2022 8:52:19 AM - Report post
    originally posted by 0x90

    Some of you might stuck on using CoSMOS. Nobody is born to be a cheat expert, neither I am. We all learned things because someone was teaching us. I would like to help you out on this by providing more documentation/tutorials

    Please take your time and post things you want a tutorial/documentatin about.
    This is also a place to rate/discuss the docuemtnation of CoSMOS at all.

    The readme file for COSMOS Steam Deck installation has incorrect instructions.

    Specifically, this: In order to be able to use the clipboard function you must install xclip. Open the terminal from anywhere and type
    "sudo apt install xclip" without quotes. Enter root password.

    The "sudo apt install xclip" doesn't work on ARCH based Linux distros like Steam Deck's OS.

    I don't know how to install xclip and can't find it in the Deck's app store.

    Correct instructions in the documentation would be welcome.

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    DW1985 posted on Jul 23, 2023 10:44:53 AM - Report post
    I have finally managed to get Cosmos to work while in Game Mode and now able to find my own cheat codes.

    Do you guys know if you'll ever do a PC remote debugger tool which you can attach to your Steam Deck's IP Address and be able to scan for cheat codes and have a memory editor and be able to find pointers or scan ASM memory addresses.
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    DW1985 posted on Jul 23, 2023 11:00:44 AM - Report post
    Where can you submit bugs with Cosmos or feedback for changes in next update?

    Just a few I have noticed, Unable to edit value if address is frozen first, you have to disable cheat before editing its value.

    Unable to copy/paste when you right click and select copy address it doesnt seem to be copying to your clipboard to then paste, when ever you paste it'll be the previous thing you had copied.

    Unable to double click an address in memory editor - this would be handy because its faster to add new addresses when in memory editor rather than having to add an address manually.

    Unable to edit value while in memory editor - this again would be handy to quickly see what effect the change has, for example I use memory editor for finding ITEM/WEAPON IDs.

    Change/Move cheat addresses in your cheat list - Usually Known Values are the first most would look for, later unknown scans such as Infinite Health would be next, most would then want to move and have Infinite Health at the top of the list.

    Could codes be placed/grouped where you can click to expand/collapse, for example if you had addresses for individual characters in a game, being able to have the characters name and their codes grouped.

    Set Hot Keys to bind controller buttons to only activate/enable the cheat code if you press a button (useful for Moon Jump type of cheats).

    Some reason the text color changes to white, especially the drop menu to change the code type.

    Could the highlight color be changed or the Active tick be a different color because theyre both the same which makes it impossible to see if highlighted cheat address is active or not, because by default it remains highlighted even if you click elsewhere in the app.

    Other than this, I have just started using it and very very useful, Ill be busy tonight making cheats for all of my games.

    [Edited by DW1985, 7/23/2023 11:16:35 AM]
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    Lord-Xanthor posted on Sep 18, 2023 12:15:58 AM - Report post
    😱 Question about finding a way to locate allbright using CosMos on Windows 11. I have copies of the older version, but would like to use the newer one if I knew which settings to use, since a lot were added, and not sure if others were just removed or renamed. Normally I'd use Double, Float, or 4bit. Think it's 4bit that's missing on advanced.
    Anyways, for new games like Minicology, which is a cross between Terraria and Starbound, but my god a much much better title. I think many missed it because the moment one sees the first image, it by all means looks like just another clone, but it's far from it and try the demo, you'll see what I mean. Multi planet, and not some huge map. It's actually planets that you can visually see walking around. Not a huge rectangular map. The tutorial locks you into a small section till you understand the game play, but now here is my problem. Adding items, changing health or hunger, that's easy stuff. Changing lighting, like when a lamp gives off more light than a torch, and can be modified to light the entire map your on, that confuses me. What setting and what should I be looking for? If there is a tutorial on finding that kind of setting, it be appreciated. It's not that I'm being lazy and asking someone to look for me, it's I don't know what it's called or what to look for, other than seeing it named allbright on some of the older trainers. Need more health, items, that's easy to look up. Allbright, I'm totally stumped.
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