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Official Trainer Thread  Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow Trainer
rarteaga1975  posted on Aug 30, 2013 3:44:00 PM - Report post

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How convenient! I was juuuuust ripping along, having a heehaw good ol' time and wouldn't ya know it?! Steam update...psh. They really know how to suck the air out of a room. I really appreciate all the work you folks do over at CH btw...I know us whiny nerds keep you hoppin'! Have a great weekend.
haethornecub  posted on Aug 30, 2013 4:05:22 PM - Report post

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ya the update broke the trainer.. but you can still use CE 6.1. Instructions to follow

[Edited by haethornecub, 8/30/2013 4:53:03 PM]

haethornecub  posted on Aug 30, 2013 5:00:54 PM - Report post

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(I posted this about an hour ago, but I have since deleted that post and completely re-wrote this. I wanted to include instructions just in case my memory locations were different on a 32bit OS, different version of windows, etc. This way, even if NONE, of my memory locations work, I've given you all instructions to do it... and if you can't figure out how to DL and install CE 6.x... then don't bother with any of this)

First off, The address for health moves.. the rest are fixed.. so my way won't lock your life right off.. but this does lock magic.. so that pretty much takes care of life.. and I left instructions how to find and lock life.

WARNING!!! IF LIFE, LIGHT, OR SHADOW is LOCKED in CE, and you get the 5th crystal to update the cap (max), THE GAME WILL CRASH!! So unlock those values in CE beforehand in game. This doesn't apply to secondary weapons.
ANOTHER WARNING!! With no multiple save slots and only an autosave, PLEASE only experiment right AFTER the yellow save animation wheel comes up. That way you can't corrupt your save game! Better yet, find it and make a copy first!

note: the addresses are what's shown on my screen while CE is running... in the config file I saved, it shows (example) 00e2e178 as a2e178.. I can't list my config file for CE here as the forums think I'm typing in HTML/XML code

Values & Locations
daggers: 00e2e178 lock (click active) at 99
shards: 00e2c144 lock at 4 (anything over 4 causes issues)
fairies: 00e2f3bc lock at 99
holy water: 00e2c834 lock at 99

note: if you go to an area where you normally would acquire fairies, holy water, etc for the FIRST time (Even when replaying the area!!!), the game won't like it if you keep that particular 2nd weapon locked. So disable that on those levels

In General (secondary weapon values):

Even if your values decrease, when locked, and run to 0 when locked - usually holy water, it will reset to 99 after 0, or will reset to 99 after a short time... Fairies can be flakey.. sometimes when they hit 0 then stay at 0, and you have to unlock it reset it to 99, and relock.. sometimes you have to do this a few times to get them working once they hit 0.

light magic: 0e2cd6c
shadow maguc: 0e2ff0c

...Magic has WEIRD values... and I'm not at 100% unlocked yet (as in have all gems)...if u set the value too high.. bugs happen...I have mine locked at 111154214 - same with dark......It seems that the values that change are after the first 111.. so in my case (111)154,214 .. about 154K is the real value.....

How to find secondary weapon values:

Let's say you have 7 daggers.
1) Fire up CE
2) pick the game from the list of running processes
3) leave search options at default.. but make sure it's set for EXACT VALUE scan type and Value type as 4 BYTES
4) Make sure Hex is NOT checked
5) Put the number of particular weapon ammounts in the value box.. in this case 7.. hit First Scan... if you don't see first scan... then hit new scan THEN first scan
6) you will get a LOT of results
7) go back to the game and fire off ONE dagger
8) change the search value to 6 as you should now have 6 in game.. hit next scan.. this will start narrowing things down
9) keep repeating 8 unil you have ONE value left
10) If for some reason you don't have one value left, then leave the scan as is.. and when you get more daggers, you should see the number change to the new value in CE.. you can search again.. but you usually dont
11) double click the line with your value in it, and it will drop to the window below
12) double click the value, and set to 99. verify this changed in game by firing off a dagger..
13) If all good, set the value in CE to 99 and click the ACTIVE box. This basically LOCKS the value. For daggers and crystals, they truly lock... for faries and holy water.. they won't lock, but will usually switch back to 99 at 0 or after you move from one area to the next

How to find magic and life values:
It's harde to find magic and life.. as the game gives you bars and not numbers...So using the instructions I provided above.. you can search.. just in a different way. It's best to be next to a magic font for looking for magic values

1) set CE 6.1 to search for an unknown initial value (Scan Type)
2) Hit First Scan (you should get almost 200,000 results)
3) then lose life, or a magic.. ONLY work on ONE at a time!
4) Change unknown initial value to DECREASED VALUE
5) Next Scan
6) Repeat 3 and 5 until about 10-15 results are left (you will never end up with JUST one)
7) You will now have 4-15 results... you want to look for one that has 3-4 1s to begin with
8) now... fill magic up with the font and watch for a number that rapidly increases... when you are pretty sure.. double click it
9) now be very careful altering this value or the game will crash.. take note when youfill up your bar which of the 1s are NOT changing.. do NOT change those 1s... you really shouldn't have to change anything... just fill up that magic and click active.. and that will lock it
10) do the same for the other magic and life

......the other ones are EASY as the game gives u numerical values.. if you wish my CE save file, msg me an email addy and email mail it to you...It seems that any values in the 00E2xxx range are FIXED.. as is always the same after you reboot... restart the game etc... I have yet to find life in here.. life seems to bounce... but tbh.. if you can lock light magic.. then unlim life locking is not needed......just posting this just in case the trainer doesn't get updated.. or if someone wants to use these #s to make a trainer or update one... If you are expirimenting do it right AFTER a save point..

If anyone finds a FIXED location for health.. plz let me know.. im in the clockwork tower, and ive gotten every gem up to this point and my health is 166... from what I'm guessing.. health starts at 100 and caps at 200 is my GUESS.. ill know once i get all green gems and can see...

JohnShaft  posted on Aug 30, 2013 5:05:17 PM - Report post

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PLEASE update trainer. this is a new release.
haethornecub  posted on Aug 30, 2013 5:12:46 PM - Report post

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If anyone has any corrections or additions, feel free to correct me

I appreciate all the hard work the site owner does and all the trainer coders do.

I realize that even-though this game is new to the pc, it's been out a long time for consoles... and LoS2 comes out later this year.. So I know a FULL trainer for this game is low priority as they are busy working on things for new and current and fixed for games that are being patched

So I put our CE instructions just in case either the trainer doesn't get updated for the patch and/or doesn't go from partial to full trainer

Also using CE won't kill achievements, etc

Like trainers, you may have to disable real time functions of your virus program as modifying memory

haethornecub  posted on Aug 30, 2013 5:17:40 PM - Report post

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(deleted, new trainer released)

[Edited by haethornecub, 8/30/2013 7:44:12 PM]

rarteaga1975  posted on Aug 30, 2013 6:02:28 PM - Report post

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YAAAAAAY! You guys are gods among insects! I take a little nap and people fix things. This is the good life. Thanks a lot fellas (or fella, if it was just one o' yas) and have a great weekend!
haethornecub  posted on Aug 30, 2013 7:24:54 PM - Report post

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Thx for the trainer update!!!

[Edited by haethornecub, 8/30/2013 7:25:47 PM]

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