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Perfect Trainer (in development)
theorified  posted on Apr 27, 2010 8:18:19 PM - Report post

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PSU Perfect Trainer

The english GG-less exe has been removed, unfortunately.

So I'm taking a different route. You will need LunarIPS, from here:

You will need the JAP gameguard-free EXE floating around the interwebs.

Then, you will need this IPS file:

Use LunarIPS to apply the IPS patch to the JAP EXE. Note that to select the JAP EXE, you will have to change filetype from "Common ROM Formats" to "All Files".

Trainer Mirrors:









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theorified  posted on Apr 27, 2010 8:24:10 PM - Report post

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[Reserved for add item list on release. Sorry for double-post, will be worth it though to have all the information right here.]
Akatsuki_Yamato  posted on Jun 02, 2010 2:13:30 AM - Report post

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If you are still working on this project (along with the AOTI trainer) I got some results to report. As recommended, I used the Japanese 1.04.

The Infinite PP, Stop timer and Fast Leveling Photon Arts works. Unfortunately, the Infinite Health option only shows that your health is 9999, but in reality your actual health still exist therefore, you are still prone to dying despite the option's function. I tried the 25x Kill Count Multiplier, but never saw any significant changes that followed, perhaps a readme explaining what some functions do?

Other than that, the trainer worked great. It worked hand in hand with ASX's trainer (though the infinite health thing didn't work in his case either). Also would like to say that the off buttons on the working options are working.

I would like to suggest a one-hit-KO option without the cost of near-death like ASX did (cheeky bastard). Though his little trick can be easily overcome by hitting the "Return to Normal" then healing yourself (the one-kit-KO status will remain for the remainder of the block).

To save you some time, I don't see the point in going through walls or doors since it'll be unlocked sooner or later; if it is for exploration purposes, I only fear that those locked/idle doors will lead to nothing more than empty space. Also the option of quick-class-leveling will eventually compensate for the use-any-weapon option (since all you have to do is switch class). Still an option worth keeping. BTW, do you have an updated version that you'll be releasing any time soon? I look forward in testing it out some more. Let me know!

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theorified  posted on Jun 02, 2010 2:43:40 AM - Report post

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I am still working on the project. I slacked off for a while because I thought there was a lack of interest seeing noone posted on any of the forums I published it on.

The AOTI trainer is about 50% done. I'm glad there's an English GG-less EXE, will come in handy making item lists. However, I've run into a few interesting snags. For example, in the original, picking up a non-item room decoration still puts it in your inventory. In AOTI, picking up a non-item decoration simply makes it disappear. They have an extra check going on to verify items. A nice change is that in the original, using the item slot modifier to change an inventory item, when entering a non-existant item code, the item is deleted (again, this is in the original). Which means you have to go pick up another item to mod that slot again. In AOTI, if you replace an item with a non-existant item code, it effectively clones another (seemingly random) item from your inventory, and keeps the slot full. Note that the clone and the original function as one, equipping either shows the E next to both. However, you can mod the item code again without having to change the inventory limit (manually or by picking up an item). That was too technical for most trainer users, was just an interesting find for the trainer developers out there. There are several hundred small differences, but I'll try to have both trainers updated within a week or so.

About the infinite health- I noticed I was dying randomly, thought it was one of my other codes having a side effect. My bad. Will be patched in the next update, if not sooner.

One-hit-KO? ASX's trainer doesn't work for me for some reason, which is what started me down the path of making my own. Unless I have a bad version of the trainer or something. Regardless, perhaps you could verify that this means what I am thinking- as in, make any enemy killable in a single hit, regardless of damage? A much easier hack would be to make any attack do extreme damage, if this would suffice for you. And what's the near-death cost? I don't understand that, being unable to try it for myself. I can one-shot enemies without... yeah, I'm confused. Clarification, please

The kills multiplier is for mission scoring. Every enemy you kill adds 25 kills to the kill count instead of one. Meaning that instead of hunting all enemies for that perfect score, even killing just a few has the same effect. I'm able to simply freeze the value at 9999 or whatnot, but I'm not a big fan of freezing addresses, I implemented an ASM hack instead. I simply added a multipler in some null space nearby.

The walk through doors / walls is to allow free roaming. It's only in part for exploration- it's also to allow quick cruising through story mode and missions, to continue development. Will make testing things faster. With a freeze timer and kill count option, this way you could simply run through a mission and recieve an S rank. Next, the quick level mission mod makes mission mission scoring give 5x points, so you can effectively level as you please.

Another hack in the works is removing the limit on PA levels. You can edit them up to 90 with no problems, past 90 seems to be a graphical glitch, at least in the original.

Anyhow, please continue to provide feedback, it will help keep me on task with getting this trainer finished.

Edit: Just noticed I didn't release the AOTI version here. At the moment it's only got the same 4 options in the published version. I'll try to get a link up asap.

Edit 2: And yes, I have a much updated version that has more of the options implemented. It has a lot of bugs though, but I'll try to clean it up for release this week.

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Akatsuki_Yamato  posted on Jun 02, 2010 1:27:29 PM - Report post

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The One-Hit-KO option comes with the Near-Death thing. When you activate it, your character only needs one hit to kill any monster that includes boss monsters as well, but as a price, your health is also reduced to 1 (that is what I figure that the monsters die in one hit). Normally it isn't a problem, but when both yours and ASX's God mode aren't working, it becomes an issue. For the time being, I figured out a work around to avoid dying but still retain the One-Hit-KO.

I am not sure what's your progress with the class-leveling part, but I will greatly appreciate it if some sort of test version of that comes out in the next release.

EDITED: was going to ask you about whether there was a crack involved and reread your previous post. Now I want to ask whether you'll be release the crack along with the trainer for AOTI.

Other than that, my experience with your trainer is far more pleasant than the other dodgy ones I have been dealing with.

Keep up the great work!!

Also for your problem with the ASX trainer, if you're running anything other than XP, you will be required to run the program as an administrator. I found that you have to do that for every trainer including some of CH's trainers (can't recall which ones).

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theorified  posted on Jun 02, 2010 1:49:09 PM - Report post

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I'm working on the health now, stay tuned, I'll try to have an update sometime tonight.

Edit: Working on a perfect GodMode- completely rewriting the implementation of it. Should prevent losing health in any way.

[Edited by theorified, 6/2/2010 2:03:13 PM]

Edit: Hours of trial and error later, I'm hardly past where I started. I have a working godmode, problem is, it's for EVERYTHING. You, your allies, and sadly, your enemies, all become immortal. I know how to fix the issue, but in order to implement the fix, I have to figure out pointer resolving in Game Trainer Studio. There's not enough (any?) documentation on the subject.

I have a perfect, static Cheat Engine pointer (single offset!). From my understanding, GTS uses the following syntax for a pointer resolution:
Pointer [address] [offset] [add/sub from offset] [value]
For example:
Pointer 463A38 F9A Add 14 97 12
(this is just an example, not the actual address).
Problem is, when I use the address Cheat Engine uses for the pointer, it comes up with completely the wrong value. Then when it adds the offset to the wrong value, it has the really wrong value.

If someone can explain Cheat Engine pointer address < - > GTS pointer address, I'll have this trainer ready in a jiffy. Please help!

Edit 3: FYI, I did Google the hell out of this. The only (possibly) relative docs I could find were on gamehacking.com, of which I am a member, but unfortunately their site is suspended until further notice because someone posted cracks there.

Edit 4: Not sure if it's the best route, but I got around the above problem by codecaving and dumping my own static pointers.

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Inuyosha  posted on Jun 04, 2010 12:27:43 PM - Report post

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Well I found a Crack that is in English and dosent use the GG for Phantasy Star Universe not the AOTI game. Im playing around with CE now that the GG dosent afect the game so if you need the Eng PSUOff with no GG post it here and I can upload the file and send you the link ower PM. It would be nice to finaly have a trainer for Phantasy Star Universe.

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theorified  posted on Jun 06, 2010 3:13:38 PM - Report post

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And a trainer you shall have. The trainer for the English GG-Less version is officially in beta. This is now the official version for this trainer. I left the original Japanese trainer for those who prefer the Japanese version.

A lot was added in the beta, take a look at the first post for more information. And again, keep the feedback. I know there are now about 5 people use it. If you use it, speak up, share your thoughts, and I'll continue work on it.

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