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Perfect Trainer (in development)
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    daarko posted on Jun 07, 2010 6:10:08 AM - Report post
    Where can you find the English GG-less EXE file? Is it the first link you posted with the kittens? I don't really get the password you have to type.
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    theorified posted on Jun 07, 2010 6:22:01 AM - Report post
    Check your PM for clarification.
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    Inuyosha posted on Jun 07, 2010 8:42:32 AM - Report post
    Well I tested all options for the trainer except Everything Imortal imort (Including Player) wasnt a option of intersts for me well lets go option by option:

    -Infinite PP: Option work with no errors or bugs to the game.

    -Fast leveling Photon Arts: Works like a charm no errors to the game.

    -Stop the Game Timer: works without any problems.

    -Freeze Meseta: Well at first look it works but after a loading the used Meseta will be reduced from the Meseta you have in your Inventory. So you still need alot of money to realy spend Meseta for everything you want. I suggest you add an option to the trainer that gives you alot of money so you can use it with Freeze Meseta or take Freeze Meseta out and add a option that gives you like 99999999 Meseta or something like that.

    Everything Immortal (Including Player): didnt test it. Im at the begining of the game so dont have yet the Extra Mode. Maybe later I will try it out when I have the Extra Mode.

    Walk through objects/doors/event triggers: Well it works in some way I came through the door but than the player stops and cant move forward. You can come out normal but walking in to a closed shop or club dosent work becouse most places use some kind of teleporter to move to a shop or anything else.

    Immortality: Well these one is a little trickyer, I tested these option on the first look it sems to work but some random monsters still get unlimited health and cant be killed so you cant moved forward in the storry. Needs some more work.


    I have tested the trainer on the mission as an GUARDIAN Trainee with Karen Erra and Hyuga Ryght, well on the begining of the storry.

    My suggestion for Trainer options:

    - Unlimited Items in your Inventorry would be fine if posible.

    - Unlimited Inventory space so you could have as many items as you want in your Inventory.

    -Add 99999999 Meseta for easyer use.

    Plus the options you want to add to the trainer a True Perfect Mega Trainer for Phantasy Star Universe, in my eyes.

    With respect

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    theorified posted on Jun 07, 2010 8:53:41 AM - Report post
    Freeze meseta does appear to have bugs. Apologies, patching ASAP.

    Walk through walls actually can get you into the club, etc. Perhaps I wasn't clear on how to do this. Use it to walk past the "coming soon" message that stops you (through the door is fine), and then turn it off so that you trigger the load zone. You can't trigger the load zone (teleport) while the code is active. It will then teleport you before it gets the chance to display the coming soon, etc. message. This is tested by 4 people and confirmed working- if I am still unclear, let me know and I will try to provide more direct assistance.

    Add 9999999999 meseta, this is simple enough. I'll add it for now as an option, although my ultimate goal is simply to remove the need for meseta altogether (trying to track down the "need x amount to purchase this" code and disable it, along with fixing the existing code).

    Infinite inventory is unfortunately not an option- the inventory is not a module as I believed early on. It is, in fact, slot based. I may be able to create additional slots, but this will be extremely time consuming- I wouldn't count on it in the near future. There are higher priorities, such as fixing bugs, and the add item features.

    Infinite items- this is tricky only because it has to be implemented on either a slot per slot, or item per item basis. And setting any quantity above 1 on a weapon or armor renders the item unequippable. So I'll probably have to take the item per item approach, or simply set all item quantities to 1 and freeze them (I mean, one monomate is enough if you can use it hundreds of times). Problem with option B is that, though easier, it will make collecting synthesizing materials impossible while active.

    The immortality bug is interesting- I hadn't encountered it. I'll give that specific mission a playthrough later this evening and see if I can recreate your issue (and hopefully address it). Sure you didn't click All Immortal by accident? I know it has that side effect at times- the player immortal code shouldn't effect monsters in any way. But, as promised, I will look into the matter.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Inuyosha posted on Jun 07, 2010 9:00:52 AM - Report post
    Well for the Infinity Inventorry and Items arent really need I can still change the number of an item with Cheat Engine.

    As for Unlimeted Health I didnt press the Unlimited Health for all. The thing is not all monsters had unlimited health. Lets say a grup of monsters spawns and there are 8 monster I could kill 7 and one had unlimited healt but its never the same monster tryed it many time but there is always a monster that will have unlimited health maybe not on the same place of the map but I always run into one that didnt want to day lol.
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    theorified posted on Jun 07, 2010 9:11:41 AM - Report post
    I ran the mission successfully. Do a small test for me- without ever touching the All Immortal (including the off button!) just install the DMA hack, and toggle Player Only Immortality to ON. Run the mission. In the event that you do encounter this immortal enemy, turn Player Only Immortality to OFF and attempt to kill it. Let me know if the mission is beatable this way to you- it's how I just tested it with no trouble.

    Let me explain how the ASM hack for immortality works:

    All damage routines, player or enemy, use the same damage code. Disabling that code would make anything, and everything, immortal. So I had to find a workaround.
    Player-specific health, as in the health belonging to the Player instance of the NPC class (go figure), is a DMA and multiply protected value (DMA changes the address every time a save file is loaded, the "real" health value is kept multiplied soas to deter memory editing.
    The key was to find a way to reliably track and freeze only this address.
    The DMA hack makes it so when any damage is applied to the player instance, it jots down the address in use for player health at a static RAM address (effectively creating a static pointer).
    Toggling immortality on or off simply reads this pointer, which only points to 1 address: player health, and freezing the value.

    The only way this method could make something else immortal would be if it, too, for whatever odd reason was using the player's health value. Hypothetically, were it not immortal, damaging it would damage your own health, and that's unlikely unless you are encountering some other type of bug.

    It's possible it's a residual side effect of some other function- I don't see how the player immortality alone could be responsible. Please test using only this code and post your results. I'm wondering at the possibility that it is a problem between EXE version and data version? If you previously updated your game, unfortunately the EXE version I am working with is 1.0 . I hadn't encountered any errors, but it's a possibility that I have to consider.

    Again, I'll continue to look into the issue. Thanks for the report.
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    Inuyosha posted on Jun 07, 2010 9:13:42 AM - Report post
    Well I started a New Game and when I came till where I had to fight the first monsters on Lumina Station the results were the same some monsters had unlimited health and couldnt be killed so you dont need to go that far in the storry you can test it on the monsters on Lumina Station at the first SEED atack.


    I tryed the option you posted abow to turn off Player Imortality but didnt work, some monsters still have unlimited health.

    The game is a fresh Install and wasnt updated or anything else.

    only for info Im useing Win Vista Home Premium 32 Bit.

    [Edited by Inuyosha, 6/7/2010 9:25:46 AM]
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    theorified posted on Jun 07, 2010 10:08:18 AM - Report post
    Oddly enough a second tester has confirmed your report. It is apparently an issue with the method. I don't understand how at the moment, but I am actively investigating and will have it resolved as soon as possible.
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