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It doesn't sit very well
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    philsin posted on Apr 11, 2010 2:13:37 AM - Report post
    knowing that there is no trainer here but there is one for a 'mere' $4.50 at Cheat Happens new site cheat scapes.
    If there isn't time to make a trainer for this site why is there time to make one for your other site?

    It feels as though Cheat Happens staff are angry at their customers for expecting Cheat Happens to honour the model which Cheat Happens designed and sold to their customers. That is that trainers get released as games are published. When we ask for trainers we are told in no uncertain terms by Cheat Happens staff that we need to be more patient.
    This despite the conflict of interest Cheat Happens have created by competing with themselves using a pay per unit model at Cheat Scapes. Those peeps who went for the 'lifetime subscription' back when CH started out, must be feeling very insecure.
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    PhoenixCH posted on Apr 11, 2010 2:34:13 AM - Report post
    I think this is more a case of confusion here. There is no conflict of interest, nor is there are impact on existing members who have sibscriptions here. I'll try and clarify. I'm sure someone else will post up with their thoughts later. Let's keep it on a calm level though shall we. Right, that is a 'third-party' author who created that trainer. It's not a CheatHappens trainer which has been created for there and not here. Because of that fact, there will always be those who create the first or only trainer, or cheaper, or with more/better options. The CS site is a store for anyone to use. What gets released on there primarily depends on what people create and submit for sale.

    No-one is angry with anyone. As for the "we expect trainers as soon they are released" statement, you have to realise a couple of things. How many more trainers are on this site and not the other? How many more games are catered for and, as a result, need continual updates for? Retail/Steam etc are all attempted. How much support is given continuously on the board/through email? This is an enormous amount of work to do, so you can't expect a trainer a day after the game has been released. Especially when you factor in that it's not based on the simplest-to-hack game engine. The fact that someone else released one already means that they, in all probability, had some free time. That's not necessarily the case here.

    As for when you are told to be patient or wait, you aren't ever lied too (which it sounds like you are making out there). It usually means one is been worked on, or one is planned. If a trainer isn't going to happen for a game, no-one beats around the bush. You'll find that PWizard will post up stating it quite clearly. However, this is only usually done for a select few reasons: That the game is not very popular (or no obvious demand for a release). That the time and effort needed to create a release far outweighs any benefit, (as is the case with a lot of tricky-to-train or protected games, especially when there is a low demand as before. Or in the case of updates, that it's got to a ridiculous stage, whereby the developers keep releasing continual, frequent patches, and the time taken to update these all the time starts to jeapardize work on other, more pressing games.

    Trainer Contractor:
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    PWizard posted on Apr 11, 2010 6:07:24 AM - Report post
    @philsin -- Your comments are out of line. CheatScapes is a store. We are a vendor in that store. We have no control over what other vendors will create and when. We are also not in a competition with any of those authors over there. You want a quickie trainer that crashes the game 90% of the time, then we'll whip one up for you. However, if you want a quality trainer that works as advertised, then give us more than 10 minutes to work on it. Also, I know it's a lot to ask, but are we allowed to also spend time with our families? We're not 13 year olds with nothing to do all day, we are married with multiple kids. So how about cutting us some slack, eh? It's these types of comments that makes us just want to throw our hands in the air and just say **** it and retire the title straight out instead of trying our best (for 3 days) to make a solid trainer that obviously no one appreciates.

    [Edited by PWizard, 4/11/2010 6:07:38 AM]
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Apr 11, 2010 7:52:40 AM - Report post
    i spent most of the weekend taking care of my sick father and my wife had minor surgery so i was babysitting and basically taking care of things. we don't have a huge team of trainer makers here so occasionally i have to have a 'sick' day. this game isn't even in some stores and has only been 'out' for less than 24 hours.

    trainer is completed. pwizard will post shortly-

    Numpad 1: Super Health
    Numpad 2: Mega Ammo
    Numpad 3: No Reload / Grenades
    Numpad 4: Super Squad
    Numpad 5: Easy Kills
    Numpad 6: Super Speed
    Numpad 7: Low Gravity Mode
    Numpad 8: Save Position
    Numpad 9: Teleport
    Numpad 0: Squad Regroup

    Trainer Creator
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    Send a message to assasin01
    assasin01 posted on Apr 15, 2010 2:44:23 PM - Report post
    i feel i need to step up for you there...

    Some peeps just expect way too much just because they pay a fee.
    I also enjoy aimbotting in fps-online games(not serverraging). But the situation there is even worse. As soon as the hack goes down-or worse,detected- peeps go nuts...They expect you guys to give up your personal life for just a few bucks....

    To those ranting: Get a grip and check for some reality.

    And to caliber, good luck with your father and wife...i've been there and know how hard it can be...

    [Edited by assasin01, 4/17/2010 2:43:50 AM]
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