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    Wyvern_King posted on Jun 18, 2009 9:42:42 PM - Report post
    YOU DONT NEED THE DRAGONATOR!!!!!!!!!! I no it sounds crazy but it true. i just did it! i used the judgement greatsword and i was able to kill it with that and a couple of ballistas. i just kept beatin its head and when it stops go to his head and press triangle and circle at the same time to bring your sword up and press circle. you can do this combo about 3 times and he will start walking again. keep banging him with the triangle circle triangle combo till he does the flinch thing. then go back to pressin triangle and circle at the same time and then press circle for another 3 combo hit. if you do this right you should be able to get him to flinch bout 9 times in area 2 and 4 and bout 6 or 7 in area 3. then get a cannon ball shot and wait for him in the last area where the fortress is. try to get a hit on his head with the cannon ball and he will flinch again. go down and do the combos i told you about earlier. keep it up till you get to the fortress and wait for him to roar. block it and head up the ladder as fast as you can. he may hit the fortress a couple of times but thats ok. he wont be doin anything much longer. right when he looks like hes about to stand up on his hind legs get to the ballista. right when you get a clear shot GO AWAL ON THAT . you should only use about 7 or 8 of the shots but if it dont kill him then use all you got. if you followed everything i said right then guess wat? YOU JUST SINGLED THE LEGENDARY DRAGON LAO SHAN LUNG AND DIDNT EVEN USE THE DRAGONATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but if he still isnt dead try going back down and attacking him some more. if he still wont die then use the dragonator and he should be dead. especially if you got him while on all fours. but no this. i have only done this one time so it is not perfected. ill try some more so ill no for sure if this will happen all the time. if you got any questions just add me and message or post on this forum. goodluck my fellow hunters and hope you can kill more monsters. CYA
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