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1. Mining Locations
June 05, 2007
Mining Locations FAQ
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Sony PSP Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Monster Hunter Freedom Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
June 24, 2007
Strongest sword:
If you get the rusted great sword from the stone, DONT throw it away. If you up-grade it a lot, it will become the strongest sword in the game.
(supplied by: Marage)

Changing weapon status while not changing its graphics:

Say that you have a G Sword. Then set an Equipment Set that has the weapon with a Bowgun (or any kind). Go to Equipment Set and when it says Change Equipment? press O + X at the same time. Then you can see the G sword shooting bullets! (It sometimes doesn't work + your game might freeze)
(supplied by: rioleus)

Get Fatalis Armor:

If you havent beet Fatalis listen up! Try to get the Garuga armor because its really good. Then get the Garuga G. sword and go up against Fatalis. You will have a 85.9 percent chance of defeating him. Once he is defeated, get all his carvings and go to the man who makes you armor. Fatalis' Armor should be on there. If not you'll have to get more carvings. This is the best armor in the game!
(supplied by: Marage)

Kill Garuga:

Wanna kill Garuga, glitch don't work? Don't worry! Any type of hunter can kill a Yian Garuga NO MATTER WHAT. It's simple:

1. Choose best weapon (that won't bounce off) 2. Have your best armor
3. Go on the urgent special quest 'The Rage Of Yian Garuga'
4. Wait for him in area 2 (if he doesn't come after a while go to area 3 then 10)
5. Fight him as best as you can, try cutting off his tail (keep hitting the back of it)
6. DON'T die 3 times, or you won't get the cash. DON'T give up if the time is running low, just let it go by. If you hurt him a lot, and the time runs out but he isn't dead, it should say 'You won the battle'.
7. That doesn't mean he's dead. You will get rewards and cash as normal, but if he wasn't weak enough, you didn't get anything. But don't worry if it says you failed, just go back and do the quest again, there he will be as weak as you left him last time.
8. Keep repeating and he should die

(If you don't think it works, cut off his tail, and then do the quest when that one's over and you'll see it's still off).
(supplied by: MHserious)

Easiest Beginner Kirin defeat:

Use a really strong armor and that is quite resistant to thunder. The best/easiest way (which most people use) is using the Flame/Blazing Falcion. It should take him down fast. Just try to avoid his hits and learn the tactics).
(supplied by: MHserious)

Lao HR2 Defeat:

Stuck on HR2 wanting to get on HR3? Lao-Shan lung stopping you? Don't worry. You don't HAVE TO kill him, he runs away.

This is a really good way to win:
- Eternal Strife (from a Rustsone, you'll need 120 Earth Crystals and luck).
- Any armour with HIGH WIND RESISTENCE skill. (Would go for Monodevil Palte & Helmet with Torso Vembraces, Tasset & Greaves).
- As many Large Barrel bombs as possible (bring gun powder and Large barrels with Book of Combo's, 1 2 (& 3 if needed). Or bring Barrel Bomb+ with you (DON'T FORGET THE SMALL ONES TO SET BIG ONES OFF!).
- 20 Whetstones
- Potions/Mega Potions if needed
- Well-done steaks/ Stamina food if needed.

Now, get the following out of the Item Box:
- Ballista (pick up one more next tpo the cannon balls)
- Ration
- Mini Whetstones
- First-Aid Meds
- Life Powders
- And whatever else you can/ wanna get just incase.

Now, get into area 2, wait for Lao, hit his head (keep doing combo). Hit hit hit. When he's gonig go for his weakspot, his belly.

- Do this until you get to Area 5.

Now, when you're in Area 5 (with Lao) get your Ballista set up, press R to aim, and as soon as you see Lao's head in the fog, put your Aim OVER his head, then shoot and repeat. (It hits his back and it hurts).

Now, get down the wall, attack Lao until you did combo/ 5+ hits, then QUICKLY get back up the Ladder, and the wall. (Note: He might scream/ roar/ whatever you call it while you're climbing so you'll go fying. But go back up after)

As soon as he's about to hit the wall, use the DRAGONATOR (Red Button/ Spikes in wall) with CIRCLE. If you miss you'll probably have to retry the quest.

Then just jump down and attack HIS LEFT leg WHEN HE'S ON 2 FEET/ standing up (because it doesn't move when he hits the wall). While he's moving when he's standing, get his belly. When he's down, get his head, block the Roaring, attack, make sure not to be hit.

KEEP DOING THIS 'TIL TIME IS UP, THEN YOU'LL HAVE A MESSAGE SAYING "You won the battle!". And he runs away.
(supplied by: MHserious)


To kill monster fast, use combinations with your weapons. For example Triangle, Circle then Triangle + Circle. Also use the weapon with the attribute that the monster is most effective against. Different weapons like sword & sheild, lance, bowgun, hammer, or Great Sword. Different weapons can do different damage and have worse/better advantages against different monsters.
(supplied by: Ladster)

Item duplication:

To get an item that a friend has, go to the online gatheringhall and have your friend trade the item to you. Then your friend should turn off his game without saving. You leave and when your friend goes back to his game, he will have the same item you have. You can repeat this hint as many times as you must. Warning!!:This only works with someone who has the same item and game and must be done in the online gatheringhall.
(supplied by: Ladster)ยจ

How to kill a Kut-Ku:

Bring a decent weapon, (when I first did it I used SnS but a GS would also be ok) I advise getting a weapon with at least yellow sharpness, so that you still harm it (usually). You should try and at least get velociprey armor for trhis quest. You should bring the following items :
10 potions
10 herbs
10 blue mushrooms
10 sonic bombs (if you can get them)
5 Whetstones (gunners should try and do this with a bladed weapon) Large and small barrel bombs (If you can afford them)
3 flash bombs (You are supplied with 2(Do the quest 'The formidable velocidrome (you get 4 from that)))

Sonic bombs deafen the kut-ku for 10 seconds, but it will then become enraged.( sonic bombs will have no effect if it is already enraged. Flash bombs blind the kut-ku for 15-30 seconds giving you time to lay barrel bombs and attack it for a while.
(supplied by: Linkona)

Unlockable Movies:

To unlock movies, just complete this stuff in the game.
Blue Hunter movie - Fight the Velociprey in mission Your First Monster Hunt.
Divine Providence movie - Encounter the Rathalos in mission Rathalos (Urgent Quest.
King of Heaven movie - Encounter the Rathalos.
Lao Shan Lung movie - Fight in A Giant Wyvern Invades.
Menace in the Sand movie - Kill the Cephadrome.
Poison of the Swamp movie - Kill Gypceros in the swamp.
Shepard - Fight the Velocidrome in mission "The Formidable Velocidrome.
Supreme Ruler Inferno - Kill the Gravios.
Lone Black Wolf movie - Kill the Garuga in 2o white Velociprey.
Phantom Beast movie - Fight the Kirin.
Ancient Piscine movie - Fight the Plesiot
(supplied by: Ladster)

Easy Rathalos Kill for melee weapon users:

Use a weapon with good water attribute. If you havent got one go get one or if your facing him for the first time so you cant get one use your highest attack weapon. Use armour with a good fire resistance. Bring potions, Large barrel bombs, Small Barrel bombs, whetstones and enything else you want to take.

To kill the rathalos easily first cut off his tail. Easy to do just keep on hacking at it and itll come off easily. Carve from it if he leaves but this probably wont happen so keep hacking at his head until the horns things fall off. If you want rathalos claws in the reward (used for weapons like Redwing) cut at the wing until the claws at the end fall off. After that if get in between his legs and hack him to pieces whilst dodging his attacks. He may fly off to sleep. If this happens wait until he falls asleep then plant 2 Large barrel bombs by his head and set them off with a small barrel bomb. When he wakes up continue to hack at him.
(supplied by: JaK14)

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Sony PSP Savegames

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June 22, 2006
Elder Quest almost 100% complete- just need to do urgents /Guild is on the 4 horns urgent-beat this for HR2/Many GS weapons maxed Garuga/Alchemy/CarryArmor- Also over 200 good items in the box.
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