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The new Ancients:TOTAL WAR !!!!
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    Gamejunkie125 posted on Apr 02, 2010 8:09:19 AM - Report post
    I second a Shogun remake with up to date graphics and a wider unit structure. Shogun is the bomb!!
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    soadfreek409 posted on Apr 15, 2010 3:48:47 AM - Report post
    World: Total War

    Spanning from 2000B.C. to 2100A.D

    Maybe 2000B.C is too early, but around that time.

    From Ancient China to the Formation of the Modern Era.

    Think about running a faction for so long, at the beginning of your faction you had spears and swords fighting your way to having advanced technological weapons. Have a huge selection of factions. Partake in each historical event Ex. Battle for Troy, Achilles, Greek against the Persians, Rise and fall of Rome, the reign of Alexander the great, the reign of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's etc etc. Live and command your troops in all of world's history. Form your goverment as time goes on, from a dictatorship to democracy or communism or even fascist..

    Reach the ultimate goal of Global Domination!

    Also, taking the global domination to space would kind of be a little too farfetched.. So keep it all on Earth..

    I know I would like to do this with a Total War game..

    What do you think?

    World: Total War (2013)?

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    March 24th, 2010
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    CompactDisc posted on Apr 30, 2010 7:42:54 AM - Report post
    I'd freak all out if they'd make a game like that

    I'd be the first in the shops to get it, camping in front of the door for days before release to make sure I'm first!
    However, if they managed to pull off a game like that, I doubt it would be open enough for me. I would like to develop entirely different technology of what we have now, like use Da Vinci's inventions instead of modern day flight mechanics or laser towers like the Greeks built in ancient times... =)
    I could see human kind evolve a lot quicker if they would have just discarded religion, kept the library of Alexandria going and didn't keep stuff secret from public eyes.

    I love freedom in my games
    And if they announced it, I hope they take their time to make it, I wouldn't like an unfinished game as most games usually are these days.

    I think "Earth: Total War" would be a more appropriate title though, or perhaps "Eras: Total War".


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    Freedom is overrated.
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    EmpireOfPersia posted on May 24, 2010 8:14:53 AM - Report post
    yeah ure right its very good it will be like civilization but in total war style i love have nazi's-Persian- an i mean ancient and world war 1,2 because its greate and fun
    but for them its hard too !!
    but i have a complain , y u only wrote greeks against persian ?better say greeks and persian against each other
    u know histor was **** by islam and greeks and brits so don like greece !!! anyway thank u about ure greate idea
    Only ZOROASTRA And CYRUS The Great !!
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    Ska_Punker posted on Jul 19, 2010 11:03:20 AM - Report post
    Originally posted by afogn:

    NO NO NO

    Listen they should remake the original game shogun total war with all the new grafix and stuff they remade medieval so why not shogun that would be my favorite game of all time "im a samurai nut" lol

    i think that empire is flawed and that this concept with all units being missile units was a mistake i love watching the hand to hand combat of the earlier games and with this new motion capture stuff they could realy make i fantastic.

    sadly in my opinion the total war genre has become worse over time visually its bettet but gameplay sucks empire most of all allthough i love the sea battles would like new ships ironclads and fire ships small gunboats "large life boats with a big cannon in the bow" in use by denmark well never mind the gunboats they keep patching the game but the radar map in combat stil stays centered and whont follow your view like all other previous games its been that way since the demo and beta version

    in medieval 2 they slacked of on the animation when you kill a guy on a horse both fall to the ground like they where atached in rome the rider fly of violently separetely from the horse

    sorry im rambling but seeing my favorite game series being perverted into games like empire and napoleon total war brings out my bad english but worst of all i just have to buy all the games in the series no matter what im that big a fan ijust cant help myself

    well ur prayers has been answered:

    Shogun : Total War 2

    will come somewhere this winter i heared!!!!!

    i think Shogun total war, was one of my very first strategy games i played on my first pc, wich was an ibm, pentium 2 if i renember correctly.....


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    rangerkeim posted on Feb 23, 2011 1:33:37 PM - Report post
    ask and u shall receive lol
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