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Locked Topic  2nd Annual Fantasy Royal Rumble!
Jackal  posted on Mar 01, 2009 3:51:21 AM - Report post

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We've seen a little bit of everything this year in the Fantasy Rumble as Edge and Kennedy stir from their epic duel...both men stumble to their feet trading shots barely standing, Edge suddenly counters into a Mic Check adding insult to an injured Kennedy...he picks him up but Ken surprisingly pops him with a european uppercut, with Edge dazed Kennedy plows into him with an awkward spear...

Both men are down and out as the crowd starts counting to ten.

latios_power  posted on Mar 01, 2009 5:07:09 AM - Report post

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And both men now are getting up, but Edge then speared Kennedy, but Edge is down again, they're exhausted....
Atal  posted on Mar 01, 2009 7:05:18 AM - Report post

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Edge climbs the top rope but he is exhausted and takes some rest. Kennedy quickly gets up and delivers a Green Bay Plunge.
Jackal  posted on Mar 01, 2009 10:43:53 AM - Report post

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Both men lie in a heap for several minutes, rising up they exchange counters of the irish whip finally Edge brings down Ken in the Edge-O-Matic...Kennedy eventually pulls himself up by the ropes as Edge charges hitting a spinning wheel kick, he gets knocked to the apron Edge applying tremendous pressure. The crowd can sense the end but Ken gets a rush of adrenaline refusing to quit, he throws his shoulder into Edge and attempts a suplex to the outside. Everyone watches in awe as Edge is lifted up but somehow the Rated R Superstar reverses the suplex into one of his own tossing him and Ken back in the ring...both men are down once again.

JR screams my God what a finish this has been!

latios_power  posted on Mar 02, 2009 2:59:14 AM - Report post

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Both men are getting up again, Edge quickly goes outside to get a weapon from under the ring, and Kennedy went to the other side of the ring to do the same thing, Edge got Chair and Kennedy got a Table, They both hit each others at the same time but Kennedy's table wins.
Kennedy is setting the table now and and he's going to hit the greenbay plunge from the top corner and straight the table.....

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Jackal  posted on Mar 02, 2009 3:07:19 AM - Report post

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As Ken attempts the risky move however his ailing back completely gives out as he and Edge tumble to the mat helplessly through the table...its a mess as refs clear the debris from the ring. After a few minutes they again begin to stir, Edge hits a sudden knee lift to Kennedys jaw then Ken scores a follow-up kick to Edge's skull, this could be it as both men are reeling big time...

[Edited by Jackal, 3/2/2009 4:49:07 AM]

Al-pucino  posted on Mar 03, 2009 12:05:04 AM - Report post

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Move after move, both men realize that there's no other way to settle this. Edge, with blood streaking down his face, gets a junk full of weapons from underneath the ring. A table, a couple of chairs and a trash can all emerge in the ring. While Ken is down, Edge places a chair on Ken's back. Edge then does a dropkick, but Kennedy rolls out of the way leaving Edge's leg smashed onto the chair. Kennedy gets up and finds himself a table just on the other side of the ring. He sets it up and places it opposite the corner turnbuckle. He drags Edge onto the table and then proceeds to the turnbuckle. Kennedy stands on the top and does one hell of a move, the Kenton Bomb. The crowd 'ooooos' as Ken connects with Edge.

Edge has taken reckless damage and is in awful pain. Kennedy lies on the mat, trying to get his back in good shape. The table is pieces which scatter all around the ring.

Jackal  posted on Mar 03, 2009 12:34:14 AM - Report post

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just so you know, I'm going to let you guys decide this one...

Refs again clear the debris from the ring and take out the weapons but Edge snags a chair from an official before taking it out...Kennedy stirs noticing he's underneath a chair, both men slowly stumble up battered and bruised barely able to stand. Edge hits the mat with the chair waiting for the slower Ken to rise, he turns around and at the same time connect with steel chair shots...the nasty echoe of the impact heard throughout the area.

Both men are once again down and are chanting and stomping their feet in unison, they can sense the end is here. They want a winner as both Edge and Kennedy begin to pull themselves up...

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