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Locked Topic  2nd Annual Fantasy Royal Rumble!
Jackal  posted on Feb 28, 2009 3:15:38 PM - Report post

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Edge sets up the ladder as the fans are awestruck, a ladder in a Rumble?! Edge starts to climb but Ken flops up and begins ascending the other side, both men reach the top trading right hands and chops, a echoeing *WOOOOO!* from the crowd each time...Edge grabs Ken and tries to superplex him out of the Rumble but Kennedy's not going without a fight as he counters and to everyone's shock locks in the Crippler Crossface on top of the ladder...

Edge is passed out now as Kennedy has got something on his mind...the crowd can't believe he's going to try it, he props Edge on his shoulders and signals to the sold out crowd then in a horrific display Kennedy hits the Green Bay Plunge from atop the ladder. They land in a car crash-like state as both men are not moving...referee's remove the ladder from the ring as the crowd is up in arms with a *Holy Sh!t* chant.

Al-pucino  posted on Feb 28, 2009 6:17:05 PM - Report post

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Kennedy furthers the pain on his red back. Edge shows no signs of breathing. The ring drops into pure silence and the crowd goes bananas and are all over the place wondering if what they just saw was a dream. It took the boys a good long 5 minutes to wake up with aching bodies. Edge starts slopping around from side to side as if the world looked like it was spinning inside his mind. Kennedy holds his hand over his back and tries his best to drag himself up. Edge drops back down on the mat, and as soon as that happens, his wife, Vickie Guerrero, comes to Edge's aid by running down the ramp, screaming and crying.

The referees order Vickie to go away, but she refuses. Kennedy is now fed up and unleashes his anger on her. Kennedy slides out of the ring and is face to face with Vickie. Vickie cries even more and yells out 'Edge, help!'. Kennedy replies with an unexpected mic check on Vickie down to the hard concrete-like ground! The crowd breaks down into laughter and happiness and Kennedy smiles and joins the crowd. Paramedics rush down the ramp to pick up Vickie.

Edge still lies on the mat. He sees Vickie on a stretcher, exiting the arena. Kennedy slides back into the ring and trash talks to Edge. Edge now becomes furious and gets up even though the pain still swims through his body. He then trash talks back to Ken but Ken looks away, ignoring every word. Ken looks back with a smile and performs a mic check once again to Edge!!

Jackal  posted on Feb 28, 2009 6:29:30 PM - Report post

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As Kennedy pulls Edge over to the ropes for elimination everyone's amazed as the 7ft 400lb Big Show makes his way down the ramp...as Vickie is being carted off she demands Show deal with Ken, Kennedy has no idea as he's ready to eliminate Edge and win. With a hefty throw of the Rated R Superstar over the top rope Kennedy thinks he's won as he celebrates in the ring but Show has caught Edge in mid-air as he military presses his lifeless body back into the ring.

Show has no business here as he's already been outed by Austin and Rock but its obvious he's under orders as he steps over the top rope and into the ring...

Al-pucino  posted on Feb 28, 2009 6:50:12 PM - Report post

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Kennedy is in the state of shock. Big Show stands so very tall in front of him. Kennedy waits no more as he rips out some fast rights and lefts, but they caused no effect to the large athlete. Big Show pushes Kennedy so hard to the point where Ken ended up in the other side of the ring. Ken walked back to Big Show and got headbutted. Show picks up Ken and does a chokeslam. He again picks up Kennedy, but doesn't do any damage. Instead, he demanded Edge to quickly get up and spear Ken. Edge, bruised, battered, exhausted, rises up to his feet and takes a few seconds sitting in the corner trying to gain his energy. He then charges for a spear on Ken, but then Ken is alerted and fends away from Big show. Edge spears Show instead!
Jackal  posted on Feb 28, 2009 7:03:17 PM - Report post

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Edge holds his head in disbelief, Ken charges but he hits a swinging neckbreaker...as Edge pounds on Kennedy in the corner Show is back up, he winds Edge around and the two get into a shouting match. It gets taken to the extreme as Edge suddenly smacks Show hard, the crowd *Ooooo's*...the big man picks Edge up with one arm and holds him in the air yelling in his face, Show then drops him with authority in a monster Chokeslam!

Show leaves up the ramp to a few cheers yelling "I'm nobodies puppet!"...

Al-pucino  posted on Mar 01, 2009 1:49:41 AM - Report post

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Kennedy looks up surprised. Kennedy is out of ideas and gets his famous microphone which descends down from the ceiling. Kennedy holds onto the microphone tightly and connects with Edge's skull. Kennedy continues slamming the microphone against Edge until a spec of blood is seen clearly in the forehead. Blood pours down heavily on Edge and Kennedy tosses his mic away. He lifts Edge and throws him over the rope. Edge is weakly hanging on. Blood continues to flow which trouble Edge's vision. Edge capitalizes by giving a poke to Kennedy's eyes. Kennedy drops Edge and Edge re-enters the ring.
Jackal  posted on Mar 01, 2009 2:38:24 AM - Report post

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Edge then connects with a heavy dropkick, he leaves the ring grabbing two chairs looking to end this thing for good...back in the ring Edge delivers a backbreaker to Ken's softened up back, he falls face-down helpless. Edge sets up Kennedys head in the chair then grabs the other and swings nailing the devastating Con-Chair-Toe, he picks up a deadened Kennedy and props him against the ropes. This is it, it's all over! Edge savores it waiting for the perfect moment, he finally charges clotheslining Kennedy over but in the process Ken takes Edge with him as they tumble to the floor...

Referee's are confused what to do as there's no clear winner, they watch the replay again-and-again determining both are out at the same time...do we actually have a tie?! Steady *bullsh!t* chants echoe from the crowd, they want a winner! Kennedy and Edge push and shove officials demanding that they won the match, things are getting ugly between both men and in the crowd as people are throwing garbage toward the ring...finally they get orders from the back to reinsert both men in the match to decide who is the clear winner of the 2009 Fantasy Royal Rumble. Just in-time as a riot nearly breaks out in the stands...

Fans cheer into a standing ovation as Edge and Kennedy get back into the ring, where not done yet...can you believe this?!

Atal  posted on Mar 01, 2009 2:52:12 AM - Report post

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Both men start punching each other, Edge picks up a chair and bashes it on Kennedy skull, Kennedy goes down. Edge seems very angry. He prepares to give Kennedy a gore, Kennedy gets up and douches edge's gore. Edge misses Kennedy and hits the steel post. Kennedy goes down the ring and is searching for something. He finds a guitar, Edge is slowly getting up. Edge sees the chair and picks it up. Kennedy hits Egde with the guitar and Edge hits him with the chair. Both men are down.

[Edited by ATAL, 3/1/2009 2:52:40 AM]

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