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Locked Topic  2nd Annual Fantasy Royal Rumble!
Al-pucino  posted on Mar 03, 2009 1:17:54 AM - Report post

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Mr Kennedy does a suplex on Edge. He then lifts Edge over his back and climbs the turnbuckle. After all of those countless plunges, Kennedy does another one and hopes to pull it off successfully. Unfortunately, Edge elbowed Ken on the face several times. Ken dropped Edge onto the mat. Ken remained sitting on top of the turnbuckle just to take a short break. Edge then grabbed him and pulled him over his shoulders. He turned to the side ropes and aimed for an electric chair on Ken over the ropes. During the move, Kennedy countered and held onto the ropes facing upside down. His legs then wrapped around Edge's neck. Edge was now in trouble as the force from Kennedy's legs sent Edge over the rope. Kennedy pulled himself into the ring and was in immediate shock that he had eliminated Edge.

Edge brushes his hair back and fourth with his hands and releases his anger. He was frustrated. He ended up being escorted out of the ring by the referees. Kennedy lies on the mat, furiously exhausted. It felt like this was some sort of dream to him. It was all over as Kennedy celebrates his first ever Fantasy Royal Rumble victory with the crowd!

The crowd stumble to their feet for a massive standing ovation. They applaud him and jumped for joy.

Well, it is now official, Mr. Kennedy is crowned as the 2009 Fantasy Royal Rumble winner!!!!

Jackal  posted on Mar 03, 2009 2:11:59 AM - Report post

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Nice finish Al

The crowd comes alive for Kennedy cheering him and applauding Edge as he is helped out up the ramp, the crowd continue showing their respect into a standing ovation of claps and cheers as Edge turns round and gives Ken a nod to their epic finish...Edge's final ring time is calculated at an agonizing hour and fifty-one minutes, amazing!

Kennedy is overwhelmed almost tearing as he wills himself up, the crowd are on their feet for him, Ken has waited a long time for this finally getting the recognition he deserves, he just stares into the crowd savoring the moment...but then in a shocking turn of events Vince McMahon's music is heard, resounding boo's as he makes his way to the ring. But Vince has come in peace as he's got the inaugural Fantasy Royal Rumble Trophy for Ken, he hands over the one-of-a-kind, unique crystalike trophy shaped as wrestling ring and shakes his hand...Ken holds it up high around the ring in sweet victory for all the crowd to see. Before Vince can leave however Ken grabs the bosses arm, McMahon doesn't like this as he stares into the Fantasy Rumble winners eyes worried. Shockingly Ken hugs Vince, he returns the embrace smiling...but then in an instant while in the hug Kennedy drops McMahon with the Mic Check! The crowd roars with laughter and excitement as Ken asks for the microphone, it descends from the rafters grabbing it...

"Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the 2009 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner".....


The crowd eats it up as Kennedy continues to celebrate...deafening pyro then erupts all around the rafters followed by raining confetti. Surely this is a moment that will be remembered forever in WWE history as Ken gets on the top rope kissing the marvel of a trophy. It is truly the ultimate accomplishment in all sports entertainment and wrestling history...only Stone Cold and now Mr. Kennedy can say they've won that honor.

Statistics to come...stay tuned

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latios_power  posted on Mar 03, 2009 2:28:10 AM - Report post

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It really is good to have a new generation wrestler to win such a thing lol, nice ending Al, I was planning on making the Undertaker the winner since the beginning lol but maybe next time.

I wish there was more than 5 WWE fans on chu >_>, this kind of ideas make +100 page topics if there was many fans around.

anyway thanks Jackal

Jackal  posted on Mar 03, 2009 3:57:41 AM - Report post

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Order of Entrants:

1- Edge
2- Rob Van Dam
3- Cactus Jack
4- Ken Shamrock
5- Kane
6- Killer Kowalski
7- Bret "The Hitman" Hart
8- JBL
9- Lex Luger
10- CM Punk
11- Chris Jericho
12- "Macho Man" Randy Savage
13- John Cena
14- Jeff Jarrett
15- The Rock
16- Billy Gunn
17- Test
18- Gangrel
19- British Bulldog
20- Jeff Hardy
21- Big Show
22- Shawn Michaels
23- Triple H
24- Stone Cold Steve Austin
25- Hulk Hogan
26- Randy Orton
27- Sid Vicious
28- Mr. Kennedy
29- Undertaker
30- Ultimate Warrior

Order of Eliminations:

1- Cactus Jack by Rob Van Dam
2- Killer Kowalski by Bret "The Hitman" Hart
3- Ken Shamrock by Kane
4- Lex Luger by Rob Van Dam and JBL
5- CM Punk by Edge
6- "Macho Man" Randy Savage by Chris Jericho
7- Jeff Jarrett by John Cena and Bret "The Hitman" Hart
8- Rob Van Dam by The Rock
9- JBL by Edge
10- Billy Gunn by Chris Jericho
11- Gangrel by Edge
12- Chris Jericho by Jeff Hardy
13- British Bulldog by Jeff Hardy
14- Jeff Hardy by Big Show
15- Kane by Shawn Michaels
16- John Cena by The Rock
17- Big Show by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock
18- Hulk Hogan by Stone Cold Steve Austin
19- Bret "The Hitman" Hart by Shawn Michaels
20- Test by Randy Orton
21- Shawn Michaels by Triple H
22- Triple H by The Rock
23- Sid Vicious by Edge
24- The Rock by Randy Orton
25- Randy Orton by Stone Cold Steve Austin
26- Ultimate Warrior by Undertaker
27- Undertaker by Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mr. Kennedy
28- Stone Cold Steve Austin by Mr. Kennedy
29- Edge by Mr. Kennedy

2008 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner- Stone Cold Steve Austin
2009 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner- Mr. Kennedy
2010 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner- ???

Jackal  posted on Mar 03, 2009 4:51:38 AM - Report post

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Most Eliminations:

1- Edge 4 CM Punk, JBL, Gangrel, Sid Vicious

2- Stone Cold Steve Austin 4 Big Show, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, Undertaker

3- The Rock 4 Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Big Show, Triple H

4- Mr. Kennedy 3 Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge

5- Shawn Michaels 2 Kane, Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Longest Ring Time:

1- Edge 1 hour and 51 minutes
2- Bret "The Hitman" Hart 1 hour and 15 minutes
3- Kane 1 hour and 15 minutes
4- The Rock 54 minutes
5- John Cena 51 minutes

Well that's it once again, another year come and gone...due to the inactivity this year I had to be creative and end it early, if the Rumble continued at it's rate it wouldn't be done until summer lol and this really is a seasonal board. But I actually took some interesting ideas from this time and plan on implementing them next year, it should make it more fun and creative for 2010...again if I'm still here, I can't predict the future but if I'm still around next year as an active member I'll of course do my best to bring it back. This idea is really growing though, I showed it to several wrestling friends of mine and they love it and are passing it on friend-to-friend and website-to-website. Lastly I appreciate the kind words, this board isn't really mine anymore, it's all of ours as wrestling fans...we give it life and make it breathe. So a special thank you to all those who kept coming back and keeping the board going, without you guys it wouldn't work, thank you...and until next year goodbye

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