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How to activate debug mode?
BlackPhoenix291  posted on Sep 13, 2008 1:09:40 AM - Report post

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Try adding this to the spore shortcut:

aka it should be like "sporeapp.exe -state:FloraEditor"

Some people found out that "-state:" works, and gives you access to some debug mode tools.

CyberOps  posted on Sep 13, 2008 4:28:52 AM - Report post

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Now that is cool, now we can create plants and such
StrangeFabs  posted on Sep 13, 2008 7:12:17 AM - Report post

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well then we have to try it with some other states..
tried a bit with some states.. most of them don't look very nice. and most of them don't work guess we would need a debug version to get the interesting ones working

[Edited by StrangeFabs, 9/13/2008 8:10:54 AM]

MasterofX  posted on Sep 17, 2008 5:11:35 AM - Report post

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For states there are some interesting ones witch for me don't work, maybe because they need to be enabled/changed in a prop file first or will be active in a next patch/addon:
-statereload or -preload (no difference for me)
-state:Terrarium (seems to be a plugin, someone told me it could have been used like a creature tamer, where to feed, play and care for your created creature)
-stateevLauncher (same)
-state:GalaxyGameEntry (same)
-state:GameCinematicsMode (crashes)
-state:PlannerThumbnailGen (VERY INTERESTING, maybe tribe editor)
-state:MultiverseJournal (no idea what this could do, no obvious change)
-state:CellEditor (extra parts)
-state:CellToCreatureEditor (the change between micro to sentient)
-state:CreatureEditor (original as in game)
-state:TerrainEditor (probably not working YET)
-state:LevelEditor (crashes)
-state:LevelEditorFromSpaceGame (also crashes)
-state:LevelEditorFromCreatureGame (same)
-state:LevelEditorFromTribeGame (same)
-state:LevelEditorFromCivilisationGame (same)
-state:CellGame (directly to cell phase)
-state:CellGameFromLaunchScreen (to cell phase during main menu)
-state:CellGameFromLoadGame (self explanatory and not tested)
-state:CreatureGame (works also with CreatureGameFromLevelEditor, CreatureGameFromLaunchScreen)
-state:TribeGame (also works with above)
-state:CivilisationGame (ditto)
-state:SpaceGame (also works)
VIEWERS (Development):
-state:EffectsViewer (maybe visible aftr unlocking developer mode (debug)
-state:ModelViewer (same)
-state:AnimViewer (same)
-state:SniffTest (same)
cheats for SniffTest: cheat "tester -run TestScript sniff_test -quit -ea_asserts"
# triggered from GGE by End key in a non-demo production build
state SniffTestWithAllAsserts
cheat "tester -run TestScript sniff_test -quit -ea_asserts"
state SniffTestWithTestAsserts
cheat "tester -run TestScript sniff_test -quit -test_asserts"
# triggered from GGE by shift-End key in a non-demo production build
cheat "tester -run TestScript sniff_test_load_save -quit -ea_asserts"
-state:Main (probably original game menu)
-state:BasicLauncher (same but maybe after addon so you can see the old menu)
-state:CSAEntry (nothing noticeable)
-state:CSALoader (I believe this will let you choose phases and states after unlocking debug mode)
-stateemo or -Demo (Demo Mode, usable cheat: prop demo true)
Not sure about any but seems that BiosphereCollapse has a trigger:
# finish 201
# ctrl + alt + u to unlock all tools
# fly to a planet ouside your homes system. drop a colony and then a genesis device to make sure the atmo is right
# fly back to home planet
# in cheat type 'mission create biosphereCollapse'
## NOTES ##
# Stubbed it in. Radar mode to infected creature
# something funky with the nearestsicknpc ref data (not conistently oriented to terrain?)
BTW i found something funny inside a file:
steve is babbling
steve is still babbling
still babbling....
dolly back to ufo while steve flies off
This is something the dev team though to put while you reach the center so they know when GOD (Steve) finished talking and hand you the tools
Here is another info from within:
#### SPG_TerraformToolClose ####
## TO REPRO ##
# You MUST finish flight school 201. Otherwise the code which adds rares to planets will not execute.
# Change the tuning in UniverseSimulatorTuning.prop:
# - universeSimulatorArtifactFrequency 180.0 # average seconds between artifacts >-->Change to 1.0
# - universeSimulatorArtifactMinTime 60.0 # seconds -> Change to 1.0
# - universeSimulatorMaxArtifactsPerPlanet 1
# This will add rares to nearby planets at the rate of 1 a second. So get a cup of coffee, and then come back to your computer.
# Go rare hunting. Save your game before you enter each planet with a rare.
# Not all rares will be terraforming tools. This is tricky part. The terraforming tools have globes on them.
## NOTES ##
# should be just like first rare
Well these are about all i found right now, there are actually more but useless, i'm also looking to find the debug mode or Dev mode
P.S Be careful the smilies mean that there belongs eighter : D (no space) or : p ...etc
gibbed  posted on Sep 17, 2008 1:21:52 PM - Report post

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Mission 201 is the mission where you go to a planet in a nearby galaxy to scan the destroyed ruins (and get attacked by grox-hating drones), IIRC.
MasterofX  posted on Sep 17, 2008 1:38:15 PM - Report post

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Yes unfortunately i've noticed it's useless, it was for the dev team to test the disasters ctrl+alt+u only available after unlocking debug same goes for the create disaster cheat...
There are more shortcuts like ctrl+alt+m is money...but worthless until dev mode, and what i found till now is that the .HTRA files are the engine's havok files, and somewhere in the exe found something about so who can work with source code should take a look.
Looking more through the game it seems that the game requires an addon for the devmode there were many games that didn't had that built in but had reference of that, the same in this case, eighter addon or something like a patch, seems you need a diff exe to run that, but i'm not willing to bet my cookie for that

[Edited by MasterofX, 9/17/2008 1:38:35 PM]

[Edited by MasterofX, 9/17/2008 4:57:03 PM]

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