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The CHU chronicles
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    malyg posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:48:49 AM - Report post
    The CHU Chronicles part 7

    The Mods raise their guns to the CHUeteers heads.

    SS4: =D

    Boss: What are you so gorram happy about? You are going to die!

    SS4: =D

    Boss:...Just kill them

    Before anyone could react, Sophie-Angel Hammer-whipped Neo in the head and kicked Forty-Two in the crown jewells. Sophie then let off a smoke grenade on the ground. It took half a minute for the smoke to clear.

    Boss: Dammit! They escaped! What the- Why are you still here?

    Elite: >.> Kinda forgot to run

    Boss: *facepalm* Just go...


    Elite leaves the room.


    Sophie: Hurry up! Get in the van!

    The CHUeteers and Sophie were in the parking lot and there was a massive shoot-out.

    Vegetta: Now without Elite!

    Elite: I'm already in the van!

    Vegetta: How did you- Argh! I'm hit!

    SS4: =D

    Malyg and Fault2k pick up Vegetta and throw him in the van!

    Ho-Oh: I have never sat in the back of a van before... Shotgun!

    Ho-Oh gets in the front seat.

    Fault2k and Elite close the back doors as Sophie drives off.

    Fault2k: Are you okay?

    Vegetta: Yeah, it's just a flesh wound

    Malyg: ... You're bleeding from the neck.

    SS4: =D

    Vegetta: Gimme a purple band-aid and I will be 100%

    Fault2k goes through his pockets

    Fault2k: I'm sorry all I have is a Power Ranger band-aid or a yellow one

    Vegetta:(coldly) ...Gimme the Power Ranger one...

    *meanwhile in the front*

    Ho-Oh: Look a honk if you're horny bus! Honk your horn!

    Ho-Oh leans over to the press the horn.

    Sophie: What the hell? Don't press mt horn again! You're not allowed to touch my horn! You understand me?!

    Ho-Oh: Yes Ma'am

    AssasinCreed randomly appears

    AssasinCreed: Am I allowed to press it?

    AssasinCreed disappears

    Sophie: Who the hell was that?! Do you know that guy?

    Ho-Oh: Yea. he's mean Mind telling us where we are going?

    Sophie: Attack that van with all you're stuff in. Then I will explain what's going on.

    Ho-Oh: Oklies. Hey whoever is back there!

    SS4 answers

    Ho-Oh: Hey SS4! Tell the others we are attacking the van with our stuff in.

    SS4: =D

    SS4 goes back to sit with the his fellow CHueteers in the back.

    Vegetta: He say anything?

    SS4: =D

    *15 minutes later*

    Sophie: There's the van!

    Ho-Oh: Ok everyone we're approaching the van!

    Elite: What van?

    Ho-Oh: The van I told you about!

    Malyg: You didn't tell us anything!

    Long Pause

    Ho-Oh: Dammit SS4!

    SS4: =D

    Malyg: Care to fill us in?

    Ho-Oh: The van which has my wife, SS4s brother and Elites spam is right infront of us, so we are getting our stuff back.

    Fault2k: Jeez, could of told us earlier! We are in the middle of a charades game!

    Ho-Oh: I did tell you! Blame SS4 not me!

    SS4: =D

    Elite: How can you be angry at a smile that charismatic!

    Ho-Oh: Oh... so it's my fault because my smile isn't charismatic!

    Malyg: Well we are not the idiots who told the plan to a guy whos only words are a equals sign and a capital 'D'

    Ho-Oh: I asked if anybody was back there and he answered! Don't blame me if you made him answer when I wanted someone who could pass on information!

    Fault2k: How were we supposed to know you wanted somebody who could talk properly?

    Ho-Oh: Well I don't know? Common sense probably plays a big role!

    Elite: Don't talk to use about common sense! In what part of this story have you even seen a fraction of common sense!

    Ho-Oh: Well we could of started then!

    SOrlando: O.o

    Vegetta: ... I thought you were captured?

    Sophie: You do realise in the time you lot were bickering, I had time to attack the van and get everything back...

    SOrlando: O.o

    SS4: =D

    Elite: MY SPAM!

    Tears of joy come down Elites face as he notices his spam.

    Fault2k: What happened to the van driver? WAFFLES?

    Sophie: He escaped

    Fault2k: He has evaded me again... the hunt is still on

    Elite: Don't worry baby, I will never leave you again.

    Lamile: That was disturbing... They didn't feed us in there and I'm hungry. Can we stop for some Jumbo Hotdogs?

    AssasinCreed appears

    AssasinCreed: Why do you have to stop when you got a Jumbo Hotdog right here!

    AssasinCreed points to his crotch and then dissappears.

    Sophie: Does he do that a lot?

    Vegetta: From what I seen he only does it when there is a possible chance of a inappropriate joke.

    Ho-Oh: Jumbo Hotdogs sound good but I would prefere to go home and play my Xbox

    AssasinCreed appears

    AssasinCreed: I would sure play with HER xbox!

    AssasinCreed points at Lamile and disappears.

    Lamile: That son of a biscuit is going to get it now. I SURE HOPE SOMEONE WILL FILL MY INBOX!

    AssasinCreed appears

    AssasinCreed: I will happily fill-OOF

    Lamile kicked AssasinCreed in the nuts.

    AssasinCreed: I'll... be... back

    Fault2k throws AssasinCreed out of the van

    SOrlando: O.o

    Elite throws SOrlando out of the van.

    SS4: =D

    Elite: We already have SS4 we don't need another person who only has one facial expression!


    A: The van gets attacked by the 3 evil Mods
    B: Sophie brings the van to the 2 remaining good-guy mods
    C: The van breaks down and the CHUeteers spend the night in a haunted house O.o

    Will the secret be revealed?
    Will they stop for Jumbo-hotdogs?
    Why is Lamile still tagging along?
    Will Fault2k ever get his £2.50 off WAFFLES?
    big up all da people from the westside crew
    hate the eastside crew
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    EternalSlayer posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:52:35 AM - Report post
    Am I a good guy Mod?

    Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil.

    All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.

    /--\ - Chief Baboon

    I'm a cold, heartless, argumentative, sarcastic, cynical b*****d with no feelings. Deal with it.
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    forty-two posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:54:17 AM - Report post
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    malyg posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:54:38 AM - Report post
    originally posted by EternalSlayer

    Am I a good guy Mod?


    big up all da people from the westside crew
    hate the eastside crew
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    lamile posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:54:47 AM - Report post
    Ah, two things wrong with my character.
    1.) I don't eat hotdogs. Beef + Me = Nono.
    2.) No one can actually fill my inbox. Everyone fails

    I vote..
    C. >.>
    DBSK<3 Malygy-poo
    [SG] love the Glomp ;]
    I hold the bottle of pimpsauce ;o
    Luh - meal aka NASA
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    Greendaysuks136 posted on Jul 11, 2008 10:55:57 AM - Report post

    I've always wanted to live in a haunted house.

    [Edited by Greendaysuks136, 7/11/2008 10:56:38 AM]
    Officially pimped by lamile

    A small decorative vase atop a fireplace, obsessed with murder.
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    assassincreed posted on Jul 11, 2008 11:09:26 AM - Report post
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    Shadow_Of_Death posted on Jul 11, 2008 11:11:04 AM - Report post
    I vote C!
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