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Who is the Good Guys in DOW.
Silvanthas  posted on Apr 15, 2008 5:27:37 AM - Report post

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It's the what i like in Warhammer universe(40k or not). There is no bad or good guys in the game like the real life. It's all about becoming a big bad guy who rule them all
40kgamer  posted on May 02, 2008 4:07:47 AM - Report post

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yer i agree there are no bad or good guys in W40K just races that dont like other races eg:

tau fight for the greater good
and another race wouldnt like that eg:

choas there belive in sacrifice for the blood god/gods

so they fight each other to prove that there right and there wrong

plus orks hate evry1 they just love to fight even if they loose they fight no matter what

have u ever seen an ork back down for good in the campaige i didnnt every turn they attck me again an again even tho my
land def is 11 theres is 3 lol

plus choas rule

and i love the bassilisk artillery best vehicle in W40k i say but u al have ur own ideas

Akive  posted on May 07, 2008 12:28:17 PM - Report post

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If you think on it there are only three races that can be considered evil, The Chaos, who serve the fell Gods within the eye of Terror, The Necrons who serve the C'tan, the ancient enemies of the Gods of Chaos, and of course the Dark Eldar who serve only their own pleasures, and the rest of the races are simply at varying degrees of evil. Though the Eldar usually only show up to fight when one of the younger races starts to intrude onto a necron tomb world, so they are rather good, and the Tau fight for the Tau'va which is a unification of all races at peace under the Ethreals... then there are the Tyranids who's only purpose is to consume I guess that they are technically evil too
iyang88  posted on May 31, 2008 7:58:57 AM - Report post

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yeah..i agree with all oh you..w40k universe is not world full of flower,fruit,and unicorn ala garden of eden..its the most disgusting and frightening universe..

IMO, i dont like ecclesiarchy..even space marine did not worship the emperor as God..only ecclesiarchy do that..and i don't think that emperor said to everyone to worshiped him..emperor is just super human with near god psychic power..and now he laying in golden throne, dead or near dead or just coma..and in my IMO..GOD cant death/injured..

tau is like the great country of US and A...LOL..gather up any race in the banner of greater good which is only good for them..what a bunch of hypocrite..

the real deal in W40k is Unified Human Race under one banner..that was good thing..but..Imperium of Mankind is sick..from inside and outside..

kaizer88  posted on Jun 01, 2008 3:15:58 PM - Report post

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Yes, in the cruel brutal savage world of W40K, the only GOOD side is only the WINNER & the only WINNER !

But maybe the faction that move towards more GOOD side is SM, Tau, IG and Eldar plus SoB (despite this faction is totally just a group of fanatical zealot)

lee1604  posted on Jun 13, 2008 10:25:07 PM - Report post

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as pointed out before, thinking in terms of good/bad - right/wrong is useless in this game. A whole universe, a complexity of races, each with their own agenda. something or someone's bound to clash eventually

I prefer to play the evil sides for most of the time. I'm "good"enough as it is in daily life, not ripping the heads off people with finely created battleaxes etcetera. Consider all this a way of releasing some everyday stress. Everyone has their reasons why they game.

Isn't it nice for once to put on the mantle of an assassin?

"Their entrails will serve as a decoration for my warbanner.
In the Name, of Khorne!"


Chaos fan.

SpardaSon21  posted on Jun 17, 2008 9:24:20 PM - Report post

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Warhammer has no good guys. All are bad, but some are mod bad than others.

Chaos: Name says it all. Endless slaughter, killing, chaos.

Space Marines: Servants of a God-Emperor of Man, love to kill anything not human (aliens, mutants, heretics (anyone who doesn't worship the emperor) and let's not forget the Exterminatuses they do.)

Tau: Complete and utter Communists led by the self-righteous, all-knowing, and hypocritical Ethereals. Need I say more?

Sisters of Battle: Take the Space Marines, now add women's hormones to the mix. Hell hath no fury like an army of virgin women scorned. If someone would just screw them and remove that stick from their collective a$$es.......

Orks: Ever play Warcraft? Now, imagine them even more bloodthirsty, and having no sense of honor or loyalty. Evil enough to make Sauron's orcs run away in terror.

Eldar: Sharing that same self-righteous with the Tau Ethereals, the Eldar are the supreme ****s of the galaxy. Really. They are an entire species of jerks. Humans at least admit we are jerks. They deny it. HYPOCRITES!!!

Dark Eldar: Take the forces of Chaos. Now, add advanced Eldar technology to the mix. And if possible at all, make them even more twisted and evil. How are they more evil? Simple. They don't like chaos. Their evil is coldly and precisely calculated to as evil as inhumanly possible. They're the Nazis of the 41st Millennium.

Necrons: Dark Eldar want to at least keep everyone else alive as slaves. Necrons just want to kill everyone else for the heck of it. Plus they're even more cold and calculating, especially because they're undead machines (how can you be both undead, and a machine? Its like the creators sat down and said Zombies are evil and machines can be evil. The only thing more evil would be zombie machines. Yeahhhh!!!! Evil, undead robots would be sooo evil!!!!).

Imperial Guard: Imagine the old Soviet Army. Now add religious rule to it. So you have commissars, lots of summary executions, strange disappearances, and brutal mistreatment of the soldiers. Now add religious preaching to it. Estimated suicide rate of your average Guardsman? 0% according to official, completely trustworthy sources. Number of worlds completely depopulated because average Guardsman has a life expectancy shorter than a fruit fly? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Who is John Galt? The galaxy may never know.

darian1107  posted on Jun 29, 2008 7:21:50 PM - Report post

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hi guys I'm new ere. I've played Dawn Of War, as well as Dark Crusade. I gotta admit with most ere, that there arn't any good or bad guys ere. I used to think that the Space Marines are the good guys ere, but after playing Dark Crusade, they are just zealots or holy crusaders working in the name of their Immortal God Emperor, who is nothing more than an idol.

I always thought the Chaos were the ultimate baddies, then again they're just another splinter race from the Space Marines with a different idealogy.

Tau may seem as the good guy, since they preach the Greater Good, but the fact that they destroy anyone who don't uphold their beliefs makes them no different than others. Plus no one really knows who the Ethereals really are, for they are just as mysterious as the Eldar.

So what i can conclude? 9 different races, with different ideologies, and no right or wrong.

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