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Who is the Good Guys in DOW.
Xientie  posted on Jul 13, 2008 8:38:46 AM - Report post

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"Who is the Good Guys in DOW."

The Good Races are the Humans (Emperium) the Dwarves (Squats) the Elves (Eldar) the Tau (Gremlins). While the Bad Race is Chaos (Corrupted versions of the former). The neutral races are the Necrons, Orks & Tyranids.

The rough breakdown of the races & factions and their role in Warhammer 40.000.

Imperial Guard
As Auxiliary of the Imperium, they defend every planet that is ruled by ether a Governor Councilor or a Governor Militant who is a blind servant of the Emperor or more so the Counsel that speaks on his behalf. It is their job to take the first few hits from the enemy and ether carry the day or be annihilated in the attempt. At the end of the day their only humans and if 300 billion humans die it is but a meager loss to the imperium.

They Defend Humanity & Are Sometimes Successful.

Space Marines.
The Elite force of the Imperium and the Emperors hammer. It is to them that the sacred task of avenging their Emperor and Primarch belongs. And so they Defend the Imperium with a righteous unyielding dedication killing any and all who stand between them and the destruction of Chaos. Led by their Chapter Masters who may or may not align himself with other Imperiums forces in his quest to destroy Chaos.

The Main Contenders In The Defense & The Offense Against The Vile Chaos Space Marines.

Daemonhunters & Witch Hunters
The Imperium is full of corruption with Psychics cropping up all over the Imperium. In most cases such Psychics are conscripted into the Imperial Guard or recruited into the Space Marines. In other cases they develop their powers on their own leaving themselves open to possession by Daemons or in the case of a Chaos Cultist Psychic intentionally summoning them from the Warp, or if in greater numbers opening up a Warp Storm which is what happened in Soulstorm.

It is up to the Witch Hunter to detect, find & bring back said Psychics to their Cathedrals for Mind Regression which if she survives huh will become a Daemonhost. If however the Witch Hunters are to late and a Daemon(s) have been allowed to manifest the Daemonhunters step in to care them often fighting alongside or even against the Witch Hunters for the honor to bring down the Daemons.

They Battle Against Spread Of Rouge Psychics & The Demonic Legions They Bring Forth.

They were removed from 40k after their world simply vanished.

As the oldest and most advanced race in the universe, and the most favored by the Ancients (or Old Ones), and the creators of Slannesh the Chaos God of Pleasure, and the creators of the material called Wraithbone, and the ones responsible for premature evolution of Snotlings into Grots and then in to Orks, and the reason why the Necrontyi (or Necrons) were defeated millennia ago, and the puppeteers in the beginning and end of the Tau Civil Wars as well as the creation of their caste systems, and probably a 100 other things that the codexs don't tell us. These guys might be dying race but they are the greatest Psychics in the universe and the Manipulators of all.

To Them Falls The Task Of Defeating The Dark Eldar, Returning Their Race To The Glory Days & Keep The Universe Going The Way They Want It to.

Tau are the Communists of 40k, striving for eternal peace, for all races, at any cost. A small minority within the Imperial Guard and Space Marine factions support their cause but the majority of those refuse to voice their support for fear of being deemed Hereticus and executed as Heretics for high treason against the Emperor. The Tau have aligned themselves with like minded lesser races and now sweep through the galaxy as ambassadors of peace while at the same time expanding their frontiers and borders. As the hand of the Tau reaches out will it be the hand of greetings or the mailed fist!

The Answer For Gamers Who Want To Be Good But Who Don't Want To Fight Or Have History With The Legions Of Chaos.

It exists to spread corruption and perverse the world around it's self and ultimately destroy the universe to make way for their own twisted version of it which is simply called the Warp.

As The Undisputed Evil In The Universe Those Who Are Corrupted By Chaos Carry With Them The Goal To Bind Mankind Into Eternal Slavery Where They Will Be Tortured Beyond Imagination For All Eternity.

Orks are the Bruisers of 40k who live solely for war & fighting. In that respect they are no more evil than the Tau since their is no hidden agenda. They live for fighting and when theres no one left to fight they fight amongst themselves. Since they only seek to battle the other races and not exterminate them and are just as happy killing Humans as they Are Chaos, they are clearly Neutral.

They Like To Fight So They Kill, They Like To Kill So They Fight. Uniting To Take Down Bigger Targets Only To Stab Each Other In The Back Once The Job Is Done.

As Vampire Counts became such a big seller for Warhammer Fantasy so it made sense for Games Workshop Marketers to suggest a 40k counterpart. And so after millennia of slumber the Necrons finally awaken to once again finish their task of Galactic Genocide against their most hated enemy The Living.

If Your A Fan Of The Undead Then This Army Is For You As It Almost Mirrors The Vampire Counts And Their Mission Is. . . What A Surprise The Destruction Of All Life.

As the real undisputed aliens the Tyrands more than live up to the stereotype, Viscous, Scary and Starving. Their attacks are always on a Galactic Scale (probably why they are not featured in Dawn of War) they begin by bombarding the planet with spores and living bombs but not before they shut down all communications (including a Psychics Telepathy). After the first fhase the ground troops land and lay waste to all what remains. The Final fhase sees the destruction, melting and then reabsorbing of every last living fiber on or inside the planet leaving only a death world behind

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