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Need For Speed: XII
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    victimized posted on Apr 03, 2008 6:52:55 AM - Report post
    Dammit. Anyway,obtain the next bosses from the hood.
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    DataAngel posted on Apr 04, 2008 12:41:38 AM - Report post
    I'm not much of a poster on the message boards but i am a devout NFS player and hay Prostreet was nice..and it was pretty!

    I am Kinda ****ed about the xbox and PS3 versions getting the desent patchs and getting the more cars like the Bugati as the PC didn't get nout but they do badly need to go back to the old skool style of UG2 and MW!
    We all love racing a nice lambo and i'd love to see The CCX in UG2 with PS Engine!

    Bigger citys and longer roads more speed for those that need!!
    all i can say and judging by the threads pages i'm a little late posting this but hay
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    SCorpionV85 posted on Apr 04, 2008 7:12:22 AM - Report post
    Huh, the best part that i really miss in NFS game is to crash enemy car. I lovin' it.
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    victimized posted on Apr 04, 2008 9:12:05 AM - Report post
    I miss the pursuits and urban street racing.
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    JeanClaude32 posted on Apr 09, 2008 6:49:39 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Chingy42007

    1) Juiced's physics engine was over-engineered and overly sensitive. Cars do not react the same way in life as they do as in Juiced. If they did, the Dodge Viper would be extinct by now.

    2) That's not really your place to say that, if you believe you can do better then go make the game yourself.

    3) Over-exaggeration. They weren't as fast as Formula One cars and they weren't made of WWII tanks. They were maneuverable and easily destroyed.

    4) Learn to drive.

    maybe you know better than me about games...i'm not as interested in learning about a game's way of making so i'm not all that up-to-date

    and about making myself a game...if i ever do get a chance of making a game, then i will...but until then i'll kindly loaf around somewhere else

    as for the cop cars in nfsc...indeed they weren't fast as F1 cars nor strong as a WWII tank...but tell me if you manage to destroy a level 5 pursuit cop car without looping it and you'll see what i mean with cars strong as WWII tanks and about being fast as F1 cars, well...they do seem to speed up like an F1 car when they are far behind and try to catch up with you

    and i don't need to learn to drive, EA needs to learn how to install a steering sensitivity option because i can drive in most racing games (even SRS) very well but in PS cars react very slowly and it's very hard for me to steer in that game.For you it ain't a problem with the X360 cos your pad has a sort of button that moves slowly which let's handle a car similar to a steering wheel, but i'm stuck with a keyboard which isn't the same story

  • Send a message to Chingy42007
    Chingy42007 posted on Apr 09, 2008 7:29:15 AM - Report post
    The cops can be a little unrealistic in that respect, so yes I agree with you. But all in all, they are not that hard to destroy. A PIT maneuvre into a barrier kills them off very easily, or even a PIT into an oncoming/another vehicle.

    Racing games were not designed for keyboards. So if you're stuck with a keyboard, that's your problem more than anything else. Don't come whining to us about how ProStreet needs a sensitivity option, because it doesn't. I know many a ProStreet gamer who is satisfied with the handling of cars, all of them use either a controller or a steering wheel. They acknowledge the fact that keyboards suck, so they go off and buy a racing wheel or controller. They don't pout in their corners and whine about how ProStreet has crap sensitivity. They do something about it - using common sense.

    I don't know if you get racing wheels or controllers where you live, but is a wonderful thing, and they can deliver to any country. So stop sulking and get a controller.
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    Send a message to JeanClaude32
    JeanClaude32 posted on Apr 10, 2008 7:34:47 AM - Report post
    and if you had been a little nicer not being such a criticizer then you would've been better respected...if you think that i'm a whiner do you need to insult me as if i was like a 3 year-old whining kid?

    if you think that i'm one then keep it to yourself and stop insulting people if you see that they aren't as smart as you

    as for the keyboard thing...they should install the sensitivity option somewhere in the keyboard configuration cos people aren't rich like Bill Gates to buy controllers when their head hits them the idea to buy controllers

    i had a steering wheel and it broke down...and it was damn lot at that time and now it's sitting in it's own box letting itself being covered by dust because it's control card got busted and it's hard to repair the control card and byuing a new one isn't cheap although the price has gone down a lot even for a quality steering wheel from logitech
  • Send a message to Chingy42007
    Chingy42007 posted on Apr 10, 2008 7:48:45 AM - Report post
    1) I never called you a 3-year-old, nor did I treat you like one. If I wanted to do that, I'd use very simplistic vocabulary in a very degrading manner, which I didn't do. So don't exaggerate.

    2) I'm very well respected here, and I'm sorry, but you were whining. I hate whiners, especially over silly issues that require merely a little bit of common sense to be solved.

    3) I cannot believe you just said that. Do you honestly believe you have to be as rich as Bill Gates to buy a game controller or racing wheel? Do you honestly think that thinking to buy a new controller is an extremely outlandish affair? If you do, then wow. You need a reality check, big time.

    4) If your wheel broke down, that's fine. Save up and buy a new one, don't whine about a non-existent feature that "should have been" in the game. In reality, it would cost you less to buy a damn wheel than for game developers to develop some sort of patch to improve the game and put in a sensitivity option for the keyboards.
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