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Will there be a Halo 4?
pokemonlegend  posted on Dec 29, 2007 7:10:13 PM - Report post

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originally posted by MasterSpartan5

Hello, I was wondering, will there be a Halo 4?

i highly doubt it

DarthMudcrab  posted on Dec 30, 2007 3:47:45 AM - Report post

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originally posted by SuperSkyline89

Technically Halo Wars is that prequel. Although it's not based when there were hundreds of Spartans, it's based on when there were only 33 or something. And that's just because only 33 survived the physical and mental augmentation that they received to make them super soldiers.

There were actually never hundreds of Spartans. The kids that were abducted for the Spartan program that the Master Chief was in only totaled around 75 kids. So there were only ever that many Spartans, they never did any real missions then though. They received physical and mental augmentation, which killed or disabled all but 33 of them. After that, they received their Mjolnir armor and then started the fight against the Covenant. So a game with hundreds of Spartans wouldn't make sense and Bungie (or whoever is making this game) wouldn't make a game with hundreds of Spartans.

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... there was 300 picked and abducted,and onlyjust half of them survived the augmentation...

SuperSkyline89  posted on Dec 31, 2007 9:00:59 AM - Report post

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Well, I don't want to sound like a jack*** but this is what the book "Halo: The Fall of Reach" says:

"Seventy-five children marched in - each accompanied by a handler, a naval drill instructor in camouflage pattern fatigues . . . Dr Halsey cleared her throat and spoke: 'As per naval code 45812, you are hereby conscripted into the UNSC Special Project, codenamed SPARTAN II.'"

That is from when the kids were told they were now SPARTANS. There are only 75 of them. Check Halopedia if you want, it says 150 were selected but only half (75) were conscripted.

"Not everything had been lost. John glanced around the launch chamber: Sam, Kelly, and thirty others still stood at attention in their black dress uniforms. They had made it unharmed through the last - mission wasn't quite the right word."

That is from when the SPARTANS that didn't survive the augmentation were "cremated" in space. As you can see only 33 SPARTANS survived the augmentation.

Darkish  posted on Dec 31, 2007 9:05:22 AM - Report post

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Yeah, the Spartan II program was the first ever successful Spartan program which resulted in what you said, around 30 or so Spartan II's post-augmentation.

The next project, Spartan III was much more successful, and I think there were a few hundred candidates and all of them survived the augmentation.

SuperSkyline89  posted on Dec 31, 2007 9:09:00 AM - Report post

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Ya, the SPARTAN III Project had several hundred members. They didn't have the MJOLNIR armor thought which made them far easier to kill, I think most of them got killed trying to destroy a Covenant fuel refinery. Not totally sure though since I haven't read "Ghosts of Onyx" yet which I'm pretty sure has the story of those SPARTANS.
darklucifer666  posted on Jan 01, 2008 5:01:12 PM - Report post

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originally posted by david747

halo wars is coming out. it might suck though. halo 4 would probably ruin the series

i agree. but there was a small film of halo wars in if anyone is interested. at the home menu, go to the media section. the first little pic that says E3 Demo Video on top of it is the film. here's the address to get u there quicker:

hope this doesn't ruin anything for u.

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4rb1t3r  posted on Jan 01, 2008 7:19:29 PM - Report post

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no. did'nt u notice the halo 3 motto? finish the fight if not.
that generaly refers to the last one

though i think there should be one

im sad!!!!!!

EternalFlames  posted on Jan 03, 2008 11:49:03 AM - Report post

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I think it would be awesome to start another series with The Master Chief in it,but of course with a different plot.
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