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how to change hidden power element???
pisces  posted on Dec 19, 2005 1:24:16 AM - Report post

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ok i'm trying for long to figure it out.but i can't. now can somebody tell me how the hell to change it into ground,water, fire, etc. i need a true answer and it must be detail. sorry for asking like this becoz i am so frustrated about this stupid matter
pisces  posted on Dec 19, 2005 6:09:33 PM - Report post

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bobulation  posted on Jan 06, 2006 8:38:47 PM - Report post

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The simple answer - you can't. Sorry to disappoint you .

However, there technically is a way to tweak hidden power. For this, you either need a) 50 rare candies and a lot of patience, or b) a gameshark or action replay.

Hidden power is based on the diversification values of the pokemon. Diversification values were put into the game to "diversify" pokemon of the same species so that they have different maximum achievable stats to add variety. DV's can range from 0-15 and there is a DV for attack, defense, speed, and special (Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense have the same DV, a carry-over from RBY). The DV for HP is generated from the attack, defense, speed, and special DVs. For example, a lvl 100 Dragonite with and attack DV of 15, will have an maximum achievable attack stack of 366 (the highest in the game). On the other hand, if its attack DV is 0, the max attack stat would be 336. (A slight difference, but the difference between life an death sometimes...). To find a pokemons DV's, raise it to lvl 50 with rare candies. Then compare is stats with the specie's base stats. Base stats have DV's of 7. So if you catch a mankey, raise it to lvl 50 with rare candies, and find its attack stat is 86, then it has an attack DV of 13 (Since the base attack DV is 80). Base stats can be found online. Use you favorite search engine. Note: the pokemon you are trying to check DV's for must have recieved absolutely NO battle experience. Fighting in battles earns it stat experience as well, which will totally screw over your efforts.

So now you now all about DV's. Super! . Now on to calculating Hidden Power. (Which, I take it, is why you're even bothering to read all of this.) First find your DV's for attack, defense, speed, and special, and convert them into binary. Take the last two digits of the attack DV and put them in front of the last two digits of the defense DV. You now have a new binary number. Convert this back into base 10. This number represents hidden power's type. Numbers 0 - 15 represent {Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark} respectively.

To calculate damage, take the first digit of all your DV's (excluding HP). Form a binary number in the order 1st digit attack DV, 1st digit defense DV, 1st digit speed DV, and 1st digit special DV. Convert this number into deciamal (base 10) and call it "BOB". Call your special DV "JOE". If it is 3 or greater, let "JOE" equal 3. Finally, take BOB, multiply by 5, add JOE, divide everything by 2, and add 31. To summarize in an equation, ATTCK POWER = (BOBx5 + JOE)/2 + 31. Note: this means that hidden power will always have at least a Base Attack power of 31, and a max of 70.

So how do you tweak hidden power? Either capture a ton of pokemon that you want to teach hidden power to and see which ones have the DVs that you need, or use a cheat thingy to modify the exsisting DVs of your pokemon.

Wow. I should write a FAQ on random stuff like this.

[Edited by bobulation, 1/6/2006 8:41:25 PM]

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