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Make your own char.!!!
warriortroy  posted on Apr 30, 2006 10:28:03 AM - Report post

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race sayain
name:mysterious dark warriorand his father namedking dark fighter
transformations:2nd form,3nd form,4nd form,final form,100% full final power form,super 100% full final power form
attacks:mega planet explosion(u need to be super 100% final power form to do this attack),hell gun (u need to be 3nd form or higher)mega dark warriorz ki bomb(u need to besuper 100% final power form to do this attack)
a billions of years back is a dark warrior trying to destroying the earth only a saiyan was coming to defeat him he was defeated and he is back by the time of goku after he defeated broly and hes so powerfull that he almost defeated gogeta ss4 (the fusion goku ss4 and vegeta ss4) and gogeta did a powerfull attack named: 100x big bang 10x kamehameha
and the mysterious dark warrior is defeated and them came is father named: king dark fighter and he defeated almost gogeta to and gogeta did the attack again and he is now dead!


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Angus_Young_Jr  posted on May 12, 2006 1:53:21 PM - Report post

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Gameraider  posted on May 13, 2006 5:45:31 AM - Report post

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name: shinoku


appearance:has the appearance of ss4 gogeta except white hair white fur dark skin and wears the clothes of the fusion race (very much like the second appearance of ss4 gogeta in budokai3/tenkaichi)

forms:full power

attacks: power absorbtion,kamehameha,big bang attack,and 100%power death bigbangkamehameha

story: not much of this characteris known he first appears in the future (trunks' time)and after easily dispatching cell takes the time machine that cell and trunks took from different timesand gos to gokus time wre he always stands watch over fights waiting for goku to become strong enough to take him on his precence first becomes known after he destroys friezas ship on the desert piccolo gos to investigate and trys to stop shinoku but is easily knocked out without shinoku lifting a finger piccolo could not remember the incident as shinoku absorbed that memorie from him shinoku watches them get stronger and finally thinks it is time after he sees ss4goku and ss4 vegeta fuse he quickly takes his chance easily destroys theyre current enemy and his presence makes gogetas fusion last longer the fight for the fate of the universe began not because shinoku wanted to destroy it shinoku was niether good or evil it was the power of the battle that would decide they went to supreme kais world to fight it raged on and ended when shinokus death bigbangkameahameha colided with gogetas 100%powered up one it ended and gogeta was left standing

info:shinoku is nor good nor evilhe just searches for a purpose to find one as strong as he is and fight to the death with him shinoku was killed by his own attack that is why he was killed none of gogetas attacks can do any damage to him shinoku has the strengh of all the z fighters including fusions merged into one after his death shinoku comes back to watch over the earth along with the dragonball z

thats my made up chara

SS_5_Gogeta  posted on May 13, 2006 7:23:03 PM - Report post

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Name: Broloto,
Race: Saiyan/Namek,
Age: 16,
Forms: SSJ1, LSSJ, LSSJ2, Ultimate SSJ,
Story: Long ago, when planet vegeta was still alive, a baby of unspeakable potential power was borned, he was more powerful then his brother Broly, but on that faithful day, the evil Tyrant, known as Frieza, destroyed the planet, knowing that the saiyans would get more powerful then him, Only 7 saiyans survived, Goku, Prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Broly, and Broloto, but when Planet Vegeta blew up, brolotos ship malfunctioned, sending it crashing towards Namek, when it crashed, the Nameks took him in as one of there own, but 16 years later, a evil force landed on Namek, Broloto quickly went SSJ and started wiping them out, but when there leader came out, a great battle started, he knew he couldn't win, but when his Namek Friends were disintegrated, he drew the line, and quickly found the strength in him to transform to LSSJ, but he quickly skipped it and went on to LSSJ2, he fought for what seemed like hours, but when he knocked a blast away from him, it sent it hurdling towards his Namek parents, "NO!!!!!" he cried rushing towards them, but to no avail, "Goodbye Son, please defeat him" his parents said before the blast hit, when it did, he was so mad that his saiyan heritage woke up and transformed him into a Ultimate SSJ, he disposed of the enemy race in one blast, when he finally transformed back, he learned that everyone could be brought back, so 3 months after the attack, he left Namek to join Goku and the rest of the Z-Warriors, knowing that the Earth couldn't stay alive, without him,

The End

king-of-games  posted on Aug 07, 2006 9:36:56 PM - Report post

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byemelol  posted on Aug 09, 2006 8:46:46 AM - Report post

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im needing help getting dr.zoidburg do you think you can help me out?
Black_Gogeta  posted on Aug 11, 2006 2:51:48 PM - Report post

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Yeah, go to your local games store and buy a Futurama game.

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dbzgoku521  posted on Aug 13, 2006 8:47:20 PM - Report post

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Nameark King
Transformations:ss,ss2,ss3,ss4,ss5(can use potara with goku to make Darku)
Moves:kamehameha,dark blast,ss,ss3,ss5,fiery death(ultimate)
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