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Make your own char.!!!
SuperSaiyan4  posted on Jun 05, 2005 11:32:40 AM - Report post

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i think i got this idea from black_gogeta but it's pretty fun

make up your own charachtor a story to go with him/her all his/her moves and transformations and where he/she is from
it'll be a contest and every1 will vote to see who's is the most popular(if you enter don't brag and try not to vote for yourself but you can)here's my char.

Moves:Screaming Daggers,Shining Darkness,Fires of Hell(Ultimate)
Transformations:Awakened Hatered,Ultimate Form,Final Stage
Story:On a planet the xhidyis(ex hid ee is) a scientist named Dr. Venserous has taken the DNA of every great warrior good or evil and combined them into one superior being, Helion. After years of training in a place called Ternbex or the seconed hell helion was the strongest being and destroyed Ternbex(the biggest plannet in the universe thus giving it 50000x gravity) but when he got back he killed Dr. Venserous slowly and painfuly because he put helion through years of hell. after killing him he felt a burnig in his heart, a desire for destruction.Helion was origonally programed to protect but after those years he changed. day after day, week after week Helion destroyed planet by planet until he reached earth. Goku and vegeta both fought as ssj4 and we're thought to have won until he released his anger towards everything that ever lived. they fused and and had the advantage again until his hatered transformed him into his ultimate transformation,Ultra Helion but when Adult gotenks at ssj3 came along and fused with ssj4 gogeta to make gogetenks they were winning until Helion once again transformed. Into his Final stage. Helion had them backed up into a corner when the fusion wore off but suddenlly the fire and hatered inside Helion literally blow up inside him. in a last effort to destroy Helion Goku,Vegeta,Trunks,and Goten all used their last bit of energy and enfused 4 energy blasts into 1 killing Helion.

SS_4_Gogeta  posted on Jun 05, 2005 2:43:53 PM - Report post

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Name:King Bardock


Story:Ok this is king bardocks story its just like the bardock movie except bardock and king vegeta escaped and they met there sons in the fusion saga and bardock grabbed the potara earings and put one on and gave one to king vegeta and they fused into king bardock and kicked buuhans (gohan absorbed) butt!

Transformations: SS 1 SS 4 Ultra SS Trigard Rage
1.Riot Cannon: does like vegetas galick gun but goes inside and makes the opponet go boom!!!!and does 9,999 points of damege to broly but for everybody else 499

2.Heat Impact: does like vegeta's final impact but insted as the finish sets the oipponet on fire and explodes the opponet & does 897 points of damege

3.Big Saiyen attack: turns into a oozaru and beats the crap out of them and does 2,699 points of damege

Taunt: i'm here to kill you

cool huh?.

From planet vegeta duh!

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teslagod2003  posted on Jun 05, 2005 4:00:58 PM - Report post

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Name: Dark Kai
Moves:Atomic Blast,Atomic Ball,Atomic Shield,Nuke Beam,(ultimate)Final Atomic Blast
Story:billions of yrs ago there was a kai who reached the greatest power no1 has ever reached.He's the supreme kai of south.He uses his powers to protect the universe,that's until he fell in love with a beautiful lady in the planet Yakitori.he stayed there for long time till he deeply loved her well that he never wanna be a kai anymore but just to live his life with her.but kais came to him askin for his help with a monster called Kinoko,they keep buggin him coz they r not strong enough to stop the monster.till He felt that d monster would keep destroyin everythin including the planet Yakitori and his belove wife and son.He was left with no choice but ro face the monster and stop him from doing anymore harm,he left with tears for he promised his wife never to leave them ever.He faced the monster and had a tough time but after many hours he defeated the monster.but the wizar who created the monster is very angry and put the south supreme kai to a spell,a spell that locked the supreme kai on a dark and unescapable box.the wizard buried the box deeply on the planet Kuro.billions of yrs later a foolish wizard found the box and felt a strong power in it.he thought the box is a cage for a powerful monster that he can control if he is able to open it.he did everything he can but no avail at all.he go to planet namek to seek for the dragonball.he told the nameks that a friend of his was locked in the box and he cant open it so he kindly ask for them to help him.after a long didcussions of the nameks,they decided to help him.the was opened.the kai was freed.but is he still the suprme kai he was?after billions of yrs of imprisonment he changed.he's different but all he do after he was freed is go away.the wizard is very angry and followed him.annoyed of being followed,the former sup kai killed the wizard easily.he goes to the planet Yakitori to seek his love ones but seen no planet.he travel around asking for what happened to his planet.till he found out that it was destroyed and all who inhabitted there was killed by a meanacing saiyans.he vowed revenge to all the saiyans.he seeks the saiyans but found none.till on his search he found kibito shin who'ved seen what he was doin.and invited him to the secret world of kai.there they told him about the saiyans and he learned that the saiyan he'lookin for r all dead except for sum half saiyans who r good at heart.he felt terrible for himself,vowing revenge on a race that has changed.he left the secret world of the kai,old kai and kibito shin tried to stopped him but he still left.he goes to the spot where the planet yakitori was.he stayed there dreamin of his happy days.but the pain in his heart would not die.sumthing is happening to him.and the dark kai was born.not to care for anything but to destroy everything.his first target...the other world.he goes at the planet of grand kai where all tha king kais r having a tournament.the dark kai killed every1 in there but goku,gohan,goten,vegeta n trunks r at hfil maitainin order.they heard the voice of old kai telling them that all kais n evry1 in d tournament r dead.they want to face the dark kai but old kai sed that they r all no match for him and they need to hide an train.and they did along with the supeme kai and old kai,the kais offer the villains the chance to stay in heaven if they come and train with them.after few mothns of training the dark kai found them.they fought with everything they can but they r no match.1st freeza,cooler,king cold n their minions died.then cell gave evrything he can but no avail he was defeated but the saiyans saved him.gohan turn mystic,goten n trunks fused,so as goku and vegeta as ssj4.

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teslagod2003  posted on Jun 05, 2005 4:01:28 PM - Report post

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they fought the dark kai but they r not match,all 3 of them.cell n the want to help but realized theyr not a 10% near the power of the dark kai.so they stayeed back n watch the fight till the fusions wore off.gohan is very weak n stayed back along with cell n d kais.goten n trunks do d same.goku n vegeta were left.they keep fighting as ssj4 but no match at all.vegeta tried to think of sumtin to defeat they dark kai.he remembers all the fight they had in the past,he never faced any1 this powerful that the power has no limit at all.they got a chance to fuse again and they did as the dark kai laugh and let them fuse,knowin their fusion r no match.ssj4 gogeta gave everything he's got but not a single punch he can lay on the dark kai.till it wore wore off again.the dark kai keeps laughing.then suddenly vegeta flew over the kais and asked for the potara earings.the kais gave the earings.vegeta wears the 1 on his right ear,then he flew over to goku to give the earing but the ddark kai attacked them.so vegeta just hold on the other potara.as goku tried to gets near vegeta,the dark kai attacks them keeping goku way from the pota earings.vegeta cant throw the earings realizing the speed of d dark kai.then gotenks,gohan and cell flew out and hold the dark kai as tighly as they can.but the ark kai blasted out of their hold.but goku n vegeta already reached each other and wear the potara.they fused and vegetto was once again ready for action.dark kai attack vegetto fights back but still not enought.vegetto turns super vegetto.he is still no match.then vegetto gamble with himself and tried to trnsform into ssj4.it was tough but after few minutes he did.the dark kai just laugh at them n told them he beaten ssj4 gogeta,whats d iff of ssj4 vegetto.on his shock d old kai answred and said the the potara is perfect and its power has no limit at all.not beliving him,the dark kai attacks ssj4 vegetto.vegetto attacks back.the fight goes on but no1 is seems on the upper hand.theyr equal.many hours goes on.vegetto then flew over the kais and they others and say..."goodbye" with a smile.then he hold on the dark kai and use d instant transmition to go somewhere far from everything.the dark kai asks what r they doin.they simply responded by telling him that ssj4 vegetto will just charge up more.laughin for what he sed,he waited.but sumthin he didnt understand,y is there a huse smoke around them.ssj4 vegetto told him its too late,he cant go anywhere else the smoke will hold every1 around it.realizing his big mistake.attacks ssj4 vegetto but ssj4 veggto just dodge away then blew himself up,blowing both of them jnto the dust.
SS_4_Gogeta  posted on Jun 05, 2005 4:58:47 PM - Report post

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Thats a pretty cool character teslagod what does everybody think about mine?
darth-vader  posted on Jun 05, 2005 5:35:56 PM - Report post

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ok miane

name: spostof
race sayin

spostof was born on planet vegeta when frezia attackd the planet little survived spostof was hevaly damaged so he flew to the nearst planet stostof begged for help the people said only if they desytroyed the human race of sayins stostof agred and became half cyborge and half human they progaramed him to go ss5 and have ultamet speed and power when spostof left planet tuffle nhe would betray them little did he know that they put a device in him so they could tell if he would brtray them spostof trained for many years when he got ot earth he grated goku and vegata then they took controll of stostof he beacme ss5 and was about to kill goku and vegeta then before he could destriy them threy did the fusin they ebcame ss4 geogea they did the soul punusher spostof was hevaly damaged then gogeta did a 100xbigbang kamehameha wave spostof died but his body remained bulma magaged to fix him and spostof became a member of th ez sqaud

SuperKidBuu  posted on Jun 05, 2005 8:56:32 PM - Report post

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Name: Joey
Race: Saiyan/Android
Age: Now he is 11
Looks: About 4'6" Gotenks hair but all black.Trunks jacket except turquoise.Jeans and a Black Tank top.
Attacks: Flash Bomb Kamikaze Attk.- Shoots a million Energy bullets that create a blast shield.
Big Bang Implosion- Creates a ball of energy that surounds the enemy and blows up, doing damage to everything inside.
Ultra Storm Cannon- Creates a Electro ball and releases it in the form of a beam bast.
Flash Bang Storm Cannon (Ultimate)- Shoots a million blasts that create a ball of energy surrounded by a Big Bang fusioned into a Dark spirit bomb and released in the form of A Beam Blast Cannon. Transformations:Super Android Saiyan 1,2,3(more powerful than SS.)
Long ago, there was a great saiyan warrior named Dante. After being Ultimately destroyed by Frieza and his Army, he put his 5-year old son Joey into the last evacuation pod and sent him to earth.
Joey crash landed on earth and trained with the dinosaurs and was therefore raised by them. Around the time Goku beat the Red Ribbon army, Dr. Gero tried to take the dinosaurs, but Joey destroyed the Base, but was eventually captured by him and changed into an Android.
He was then released by 17 and 18 but to everyone's surprise, he destroyed 19 and Injured Gero. Trunks asked him to come and he followed Trunks to the Past and so on. Everything continued as normal and he also appeared in much later episodes and GT.

He is just like Goku and always wanting to do the right thing.
teslagod2003  posted on Jun 05, 2005 10:21:33 PM - Report post

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originally posted by SS_4_Gogeta

Thats a pretty cool character teslagod what does everybody think about mine?

id say ur character is ok.cool if actually possible but considerin d fact its impossible so i sed ok.

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