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Make your own char.!!!
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    SuperSaiyan4 posted on Jun 20, 2008 4:03:57 PM - Report post
    I quit for a few years, but came back
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    billsterr posted on Aug 21, 2008 5:25:19 AM - Report post
    my dude is awsome (im making it up as a go along)


    race:1/2 normall sayain 1/2 legandary sayain

    moves:10 fist 5 knees fury,20x kameekamekaaaaa,energy feilds,duble 10x kamekamekaaaaa,asasin's many blades.
    transformations:legandary ss,ss2,legandary ss3,ss4,legandary ss5,completed legandary ss.

    story:what NO i will kill him not be partnors with him said nomenit you have no asasin pride said denimo WHAT nomenit uses duble 10x kameekameekaaaa on demino NOOOOOOO!! you carnt i am youre master NOT ANY MORE whaa whats happening to earth the power it is a ss4 i got to kill him no one can be more powerfull than me wait no ther in namek ive got to go ther said nomenit arghhh ive got to go legandary ss3 to have any chance no to namek i shall go wha..what it its you ka...kakarot you are finished with 20xkameekameekaaaaaaa nomenit that was weak WHAT you dodged it isnt it fast enough who cares monkey eat my energy feilds HAA you couldent block that one could you kakarot these is youre thought for killing my freinds said nomenit NO wait i didnt kill them youre dad did said goku wha any way thanks but youre finished with 10 fists 5 knees fury and one for luck 20xkameekameekaaa i fought ss4 was ultamate but not with you kakarot my father is on sentra he has gone beyond ss4 he knows im coming for him
    he better be ready now time to go beyond legandary ss3 AHHHHHHHHHHHH i can fell the power but im not ss4 yet one more try AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i..i did it now to kill my father
    kakarot left behind his space ship i outa be using this then 500x gravaty is weak thets turn it up to 5000x thers no way my old man can kill me now wha im here already well thats good i should have put the gravaty more higher if i knew it was going to be this quick hay dad hi son dad i just want to say 20x kameekameekaaaaaaaa eat that father what son that was weak wha he hardley felt it son well then eat this 25x kamekameekaaaa what dad you i under estarmated you but not any more nomenit kicked his dad in the head son you are so weak now eat this duble 20x kameekameekaaaaa d..dad you win im sa..sorry son wher is youre sayain pride now i will have to finish you no you will not AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what im legandary ss5 dad you have no chance want i bet son ive been practising that transformation before you was born now AHHHHHHH we are eaqual strenths but you are warned down so that means i can finish you son no it does not dad asasins many blades followed by 10x kamekamekaaaa father this is what you get for kiling my freinds i will use one little ki blast and youre dead but no i want to see if i can go to the complete transformation AHHHHHHHHHHHHH now i call this one complete legandary ss now dad eat this 30x kameekameekaaaaaaaaa im glade youre over with wha goku,s back if got to kill him *cough* it hurts some thing hurts it its my power *puke* if got to live NOOOOOOO!! nomenit died from to mutch power.


    sorry about the spellings and how do we vote
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