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  Elden Ring Trainer
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    Gideon posted on Mar 18, 2022 1:24:41 PM - Report post
    originally posted by GroguTheWise

    I was wondering if this awesome CH community could help me out, I'm on the fence about buying this game, I have a decent PC, not worried about that, just wondering if it's worth getting. I generally play games like Fallout 4, Skyrim, No Man's Sky. I never got into Demon Souls or any other game like that, so would that be a bad thing?

    I do enjoy story heavy games, and this game in particular boasted a pretty huge author involved in its creation, so that's what's got my interest aside from having a vast open world to explore. (I haven't seen the whole map yet, how big is the game world really?)

    I did like the video put up on this site of the gameplay, however I will not be using the 1 hit kill cheat, it's so silly. Taking down a dragon with one sword swipe seems goofy. I want a little bit of a challenge, otherwise it's not rewarding. But to each their own, I guess. If there is anything you could tell me about why you like this game, I would really appreciate it.

    You can't say this game is "story heavy" by any means. There is lore there to be sure, but it is few and far in between you gameplay sessions. You get the occasional cut scene and dialog from NPCs every few hours or so depending on how you are progressing through content.

    I still think this is From Software's weakest point. I love the lore of their games but it takes spread sheets and scholars to compile and decipher it all to make it consumable. Elden Ring is the most coherent in its plot actually told in game through dialog or item text. So you will get the main gist of the story. But don't go into it thinking a book author penned a deep story for this game.

    I would love for them to include all the deep mysteries and hidden things (these help deepen the lore of the world, and reward those who love delving into those parts of the game), but also improve their main story quests and methods of telling and recapping those things. Especially in a game as massive as Elden Ring, there needs to be a journal that your character keeps that is at the least a summary of conversations you've had with NPCs. It would be a way for you to track not only the story being told, but your progress and where you are in the world. When you take a few day break and come back, there's always that moment of, "what was I doing, what was happening".

    Having said all that... none of it takes away from the achievement that is Elden Ring. It is an amazing open world ARPG with cool creatures, bosses, spells, weapons, armor, and build crafting. When you find hidden stuff it feels rewarding, when you get new weapons you want to see what they do and try them out, same with spells.

    The game can be punishing... but youre on a cheating web site... so if you are having problems you're one keybind away from easing the pain these games can bring. And you can decide what kind of experience you want.

    I pretty much have exclusively used it to get extra stones and some runes earlier on. I occasionally used the jump option to get somewhere i couldnt find the other route to and that has been enough. increasing the number of FP and HP pots earlier can help alot too.

    The game still presents a solid challenge especially late game. And like I said if thats still too much... infinite HP and FP exist.. so you can essentially play easy mode.

    Its a great game all and all, and its the first game in years that I've dumped so many hours into. I am sitting at 180+ hours now.

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    eshelon posted on Mar 18, 2022 11:33:04 PM - Report post
    The game is not developer led (scripted) story heavy. As is the case with Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. They are all, however, heavy with player imagination driving a little and a lot of stories. This is good at times and frustrating at others. As to which I'd want more of, developer led story or imagination driven? I'm still 100% on the fence of being undecided.

    I have to agree with Splincir and the many others among the Souls community in that, I'd like the developer to tell me a deeper or at least clearer style of story. Closure, I'd like closure on some subjects, if only to understand a given 'thing' better. In another sense however, there is comfort to be found in not always being told everything.

    Closure is, arguably, the biggest missing piece from these games. That said, the sights/ scenes you will see and the sound and music you'll hear (from all the 'Souls-like' games) create an atmosphere so thick that you'll certainly think, "Why can't 'x' developer make their games look and sound this epic?" It's easy to lose track of time in Elden Ring. Please remember to get up, stretch, move around, and drink water.

    The size, scope, and scale of the buildings, creatures, vistas, certain loot, caves, spells, even weapons are and have been on another level (Demon's Souls, original PS3 release version, sold me instantly on that aspect). From Software has not downsized their formula and one cannot play these games without truly appreciating the magnificent attention to detail. The filigree that went into so many pieces of armor, weapons, walls, hell even the tables, chairs, paintings, crests, insignias, etc. and some of it is all pieces to a story puzzle (when you figure that out, hold onto your butt, the rabbit hole is deep). Which makes sense, from a real-life perspective. Ex: one sees a lot of U.S.A. flags when traveling around the U.S.A., etc. and the design of the flag has history. There's a meaning behind how many stars and stripes, etc. Cohesive world building is showcased in Elden Ring.

    The colossal, exceptionally drawn architectural structures are drop-dead gorgeous. The heights and balancing acts on ledges, ceiling or floor beams, those still give me super sweaty palms (remember alcohol wipes for the controller/ keyboard+mouse). Seriously. Nerve-wracking stuff. Detail, atmosphere, and imagination are top notch here, once again.

    Quest chain breaks. At certain times, doing 'x' thing out of order can completely kill a quest chain and one is left with trying again on a new game or NG+; loot carried over, story starts anew. It's a learning process. "Complete all quests 100% in one play-through!" guides will arrive though. Give it time, like the rest of us are, we're still learning and there's a lot to take in.

    These games will leave you feeling satisfied in overcoming grossly powerful adversities through practice, patience, and "jolly cooperation" (summoned NPC helpers and/ or players). If you don't want to deal with being invaded and player-killed by other players, you can play in offline mode. NPC and "ash summons" can be used at nearly every "boss" encounter, still, in offline mode.

    Combat. You don't just hack-and-slash away, as is the case with 90% of western developer studio games. Elden Ring is not a brain-gravy-button-mashing game. From Software games are more like the Ninja Gaiden's and Castlevania's of old, mixed with Street Fighter. With those old games, especially, one really had to pay attention to and study enemy movement patterns, all while learning the nuances of your own inputs and your avatar's animations. Only then could one know what input to use and when to do so.

    Street Fighter element of technical combat? Yes. Actions are very deliberate and like/ with Street Fighter games, once an action is being performed they can lock you into them as well as make your character move a little or a lot in any given direction (careful chucking those throwing knives from ledges). Once you understand the mechanics of combat and managing your stamina, you'll know when a heavy attack is favored over a light, a rolling attack over jump attack, or when to use your horse to beat brawn with speed or at least be par with speed. The game requires the players to study patterns, know the 'tells' of what attack is coming, and how to correctly respond. Once learned, the fights will become near trivial at times. Yes, really, trivial.

    Also, there are play-style builds a-plenty to be had and access to extremely powerful loot and spells one can acquire, even early game, that can trivialize much of the game's content. Furthermore, it's open world. You can cheese a lot of encounters or just simply go off and explore in order to gain more runes; currency used to buy goods as well as level up. The only thing holding player progression back is the amount of time that you want to invest into learning.

    The single biggest hurdle that a lot of people fail to get over is that these games require patience and practice. Many people simply do not have the time or do not want to take the time to learn how each enemy acts (to the numerous input options/ tools at our disposal). There are a tremendous amount of items to be had and used during any given fight.

    TL/DR: This is a game that rewards players for putting in the time. Practice, patience, leveling up, using summoned spirits and/ or NPC's and/ or summoning players can make or break any given fight. The sights and sounds of the world are amazing. The sheer strangeness one can encounter at any given place is a testament to just how powerful the human imagination is when allowed to breathe. Size, scope, and scale are top notch. Game was clearly not dictated by greed so much but, rather, freedom of expression to pioneer innovative experiences. From Software took a risk to break their own mold per se, instead of xeroxing what others (or themselves) did year after year. 12 million sales can't be wrong?
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    mrpayday posted on Mar 19, 2022 3:08:42 AM - Report post
    Thanks @Splincir and @eshelon, that was an interesting read and kind of a "review" form a different aspect of view.

    I am still in the fence buying this, because they still did not add ultrawide support which is a hilarious oversight in 2022.
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    Sealbreaker posted on Mar 19, 2022 7:47:53 AM - Report post
    I already signed up for a trainer-update due to an experience I made.
    It got declined, so I try to get help here. Maybe someone has any suggestion.

    Everything from this trainer is working fine - with one small exception.
    The Infinite Health is working, but not fully. Let me explain further:

    Whenever I user the Infinite Health-option, the health bar gets up - but leaving out about 5% or so of maximum HP.
    The Option fulfills mostly, what it is supposed to be - not getting killed. At least if you are not been hit by a one-hit-kill.
    It seems to be connected with Talismans, which increase Max HP.
    If the Max HP is increased, the Infinite Health option does not FULLY fill the HP bar to 100% - but only up to 95% or something like that.

    Thing is: there are Items that will only activate within 100% HP. If I only have 95% HP the effect does not activate.

    Can I avoid that from happening somehow?
    Any suggestions?

    Any Help or advice would be great!

    I uploaded a Screenshot right at the second as I activated the option.
    Let me know if you need a Save or anything. I can serve you, what you need. Screens, Saves, whatever.
    And Thanks for the great Work!
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    Send a message to nachtjager
    nachtjager posted on Mar 19, 2022 8:22:51 AM - Report post
    do you have the blessing that fia gives? (the one that hugs you on roundtable) because her blessing will have you a decreased maximum hp, it will be gone after you use it and the effect comes off
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    TIER 7
    Sakatari posted on Mar 19, 2022 10:10:39 AM - Report post
    Hi, how does the editing of the resistance multiplier work? When i tried to change the values it just gave me a full bar of what i changed, ie i changed the vitality resist and all i got was a full bar of death blight.

    Can someone explain to me how that option works please.
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    eshelon posted on Mar 19, 2022 10:38:33 AM - Report post
    All the three cheat options are technically working in that, none of the values decrease with having taken health damage, casting spells, and taking actions (dodge, run, jump, attacking, throwing items, etc.)

    It seems in the case of certain items(?), max values are not being captured. Using restorative items and resting at a camp does not top-off/ refill/ restore the values either, they yet remain lowered.

    I'm also experiencing this, but I never knew it was a problem until moments ago, after (1) reading Sealbreaker's post, (2) reaching max character level, (3) subsequently acquiring a stat boosting item and using it, that allows values to boost beyond what max character level adds.

    To reiterate, the HP, FP, and Stamina cheat options all work, but just not at max possibles with certain items, it seems. Depending on what items are used, the colored bar graphs (and integer values on stats screen) can fluctuate; an integer value can remain unchanged while the bar graph of the associated color changes.

    I'm not sure reporting this as a problem/ broken feature is warranted, so I've opted to respond here. Does the trainer work? Yes. Does it/ will it always account for 'x' factors? No. Should it be made to do so? Not my call to say nor make, either way.

    Example values below were taken from a max character level (713) with no stat boosting items used except for Radahn's Great Rune (RGR). RGR boosts max HP, FP, and Stamina but, like many other Greater Runes, requires a consumable to be used, a Rune Arc. The Rune Arc is not the issue here, Sealbreaker, but rather, I believe it's the stat boosting item that is: Radahn's Great Rune.

    No trainer options activated. No stat boosting items used
    HP: 2100
    FP: 450
    Stamina: 170

    No trainer options activated, Radahn's Great Rune ability enabled:
    HP: 2415
    FP: 517
    Stamina: 195

    In addition to above Radahn's info, all three color related HP, FP, and stamina bar graphs (red, blue, and green, respectively) are at max. No blackened areas on the bar graphs. Blackening bar graphs would indicate that values are not at max. Again, no cheat options activated.

    Trainer options for infinite HP, FP, or stamina activated with Radahn's Great Rune ability enabled:
    HP: 2100
    FP: 450
    Stamina: 195

    We see HP and FP drop to just max level character levels. They are no longer taking RGR's ability to boost the three stats, except for stamina. Stamina's value only shows as locked at 195 on the stat screen. The actual, usable, amount of stamina has reverted back to raw max character level, meaning, 25 points less stamina is available.

    In addition to the stats screen showing integer values dropping (except for stamina's), all three bar graphs have immediately reverted back to their "max character level" length; prior to using the Rune Arc consumable item which activates Radahn's Great Rune. In short, all actual usable resources have reverted back to just "max values at max character level and no stat boosters used."

    There remains a blackened portion on each bar graph; visual notification that not all three values are at max. The stamina bar graph is... having a seizure? Looks like it is either trying to drop or it is trying to increase, but can't. I've tested to confirm it's just a visual (bars not being maxed and integer values being lower), but it's not just visual. Less HP, FP, and stamina usable resources is happening.

    Stamina's infinite feature is only locking max integer value on what is displayed at the character stat screen, interestingly enough. Which means that only the pointer(?) is being captured and locked, not the actual memory address for the data that is used to determine "actual usable amount" Idk if 'pointer' is the right word or if any of this helps or even makes sense.

    Going to monkey around with it and see if I can get it working so max values are saved, at least using Radahn's GR.
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    eshelon posted on Mar 19, 2022 10:52:41 AM - Report post

    I thought that might have been the issue Sealbreaker was having, but I noticed the trainer kept my health at full, even when I had Fia's debuff. What I mean is, my actual usable amount of HP was lowered, but the red bar graph wasn't showing any blackening on it at all.

    Stat boosters are the issue. The trainer does work though. I would say it's being picky, but there are items in the game that won't work unless certain HP conditions are met, etc.

    I can understand the need to want the trainer updated to support boosted values. Personally, I can live with it being subjectively 99% effective and working. It still does it's job. I just don't use certain items/ builds in light of that missing %.

    I didn't report the trainer as needing an update. That's just me though and who's to say it should/ shouldn't need an update in light of this discovery.

    [Edited by eshelon, 3/19/2022 10:53:24 AM]
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