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  Children of Morta Trainer
  • Send a message to K0DeX
    K0DeX posted on Feb 20, 2020 4:12:13 PM - Report post
    I've posted a ticket. I'll take that refund after all.

    Nobody expects miracles of you, and if they do, they can **** off, but making someone who supported you at full price years ago feel like their complaints aren't warranted and giving them no real way to get the points needed to request a trainer for their platform because you'd rather monetise your site in a new way is a bit f*cked up.

    And yes, Cal, you do need to work on how you talk to people. I understand that a no has to be a no sometimes, but sometimes it's composition rather than the words themselves that makes something seem more vitriolic than perhaps intended. Maybe next time though don't hide an apology behind the pretence of being on an insane work schedule you've chosen to undertake.

    It's good of you to acknowledge that, but do more than just acknowledge it, or your business will suffer as people will see what their money is going towards.

    When you tell me that you get spoken to like crap 50 times a day - don't project that on to the first person you come in to contact with on the forums. That's not the fault of that individual you just so happen to be blunt and sh*tty with.

    I think I speak for a lot of us lifetime subbers when I say that it feels as though we've got little to no sway on how trainers get produced/decided on, and that our only option to get something that would have otherwise been made is to pay for lifetime plus.

    When it comes to "entitlement", I'd like to refer you to what you yourselves called the membership.


    If it's "Lifetime until more work is involved", maybe consider not calling it lifetime.

    PM me details on how I get refunded. Feel free to pull up my records to see what I paid if need be.

    Arniejackie555 - I'm happy for you. I'm really, really happy for you. There are quite a few that aren't happy. And as for "cancelling" lifetime...? You paid for a lifetime subscription to something, and then suddenly you're receiving sh*tty treatment from staff because of something you had no control over, and have no real way to request the trainers you want. The decisions were all theirs. Please remember that.

    Cal - The problem is that as lifetime subscribers, we have no way of requesting the trainer versions we want. You've taken that power away from us completely, or we've just never been given it at all.

    I will most definitely not be the only one feeling this way, and when we're made to feel as though our contribution, however relevant *now*, amounts to nothing, you're going to get people like me asking for some sort of explanation or recompense.

    The system as it stands is broken. Lifetime users need to be given *almost* as much sway as lifetime plus subscribers, because as it stands, we feel powerless, and your posts just end up serving to make our contribution, regardless of your own (And remember it IS your choice to do this), feel like not only was it not enough, but that it's worth nothing.

    Sorry for "dirtying up" this thread. Feel free to delete my posts if it helps, but do please understand that this doesn't come from nowhere.

    I'm just sad that your only way of reconciling asking for a reasonable amount of sway is to say "Take your refund and go away".

    This "mentality" is shared. It's just that I seem to be one of VERY few that have had the nerve to say anything, and it's gotten me to the point where I am just going to take my refund and leave the site. I'll learn to code my own as I go. I'm already proficient in CE to some extent, so I'd rather resort to that than be part of a community spoken to like crap.

    Up until your mod/owner/admin responses started getting sh*tty, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for that.

    Take care, and best of luck with the site.
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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Feb 20, 2020 5:02:55 PM - Report post
    As expected this game has patched 3 more times in the last 24 hours.

    #thankful we don't have to update multiple copies of this game that is being treated like it's still in early access every patch.

    Regarding our system, we designed it to be a balance with works best for the time and resources we have at the site vs what is the most popular titles and best use of our time. It works very well, and even with this system we are stretched thin.

    Up until people start speaking to us in s**tty manners, we respond without being ugly. Unfortunately the reality in the consumer world is that you cannot please everyone all the time. Thanks for those who support the site, understand our system, and sent me very kind private messages the last 24 hours. We love you back.

    Also thanks to those who have posted nice remarks in the last 24 hours regarding our trainer updates for huge titles that require a lot of specialty work, like Forza 4 anti-debug, Monster Hunter World 4 scanners, Vermintide 2 kernel manipulations, Slay the Spire 4 compile in random memory and memory swapping. Not everyone can do these things, and not everyone can handle all that in 24 hours or less time, and I've been burning the midnight oil working 21 hour days several days recently.

    As for Children of Morta, nobody has requested a trainer update, so apparently it's still working through all these patches.


    [Edited by Caliber, 2/20/2020 5:04:10 PM]
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    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Feb 20, 2020 5:47:03 PM - Report post

    Your refund has been processed and account closed.

    For the record, Lifetime users have all the benefits they have always had. They can request and download any trainer at the site. Our Lifetime PLUS program is only for fringe benefits and extra features which are not required to download any extra trainers or content. We make that very clear. Those that do subscribe to our Lifetime AND Lifetime PLUS or any other membership we appreciate and it helps keep us afloat in this ever changing world of 20 game distributions, early access for YEARS, multiple patches per day and everything else that didn't exist years ago. We could have easily forced new charges for all these changes but we chose to make an OPTIONAL program instead.
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    Send a message to aussienomad
    aussienomad posted on Jun 06, 2020 4:50:17 AM - Report post
    Does anyone know if there is a trainer for the Windows Store version of the game?

    I usually avoid that place but this game is free for me there.


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    Send a message to Jaks
    Jaks posted on Jun 06, 2020 5:33:11 AM - Report post
    originally posted by aussienomad

    Does anyone know if there is a trainer for the Windows Store version of the game?

    I usually avoid that place but this game is free for me there.


    There is currently only a Steam version of the trainer for Children of Morta. Sometimes one version works for other distributions but there's no hard and fast way to know this other than just trying it out.

    [Edited by Jaks, 6/15/2020 5:18:57 AM]

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    Send a message to TheSecurus
    TheSecurus posted on Jun 30, 2020 6:42:08 AM - Report post
    Hi guys,

    I have a strange issue with I activate the trainer I can't use relics (Q with keyboard and R1 on ps controller).

    I've tried with disabling hotkeys also with just keyboard but what I ever I do the moment I activate the cheat table relics cant be activated.

    Couldn't test with 2 relics I'm not that far into the game😔
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