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Lets make this community better!
Unbreakable  posted on Jul 30, 2012 3:02:25 AM - Report post

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Alright, well, I'm Matt, or Unbreakable here on the boards.
I'm 19 and I joined in '07 to learn how to create and hack in pokemon to the NDS games, which I ended up being pretty good at.

I'm going into my second of three years of college, for Computer Systems Technology.
Since the summer started, I have had trouble sleeping (It's 6am as I write this.. haven't slept a wink all night).
I originally signed up for Computer Programming for college, and I didn't really like it so I switched courses, and now that I actually learned something about it, I don't mind it so much (don't like it enough to switch back though).
I live in a small little "village" which has a horrible bus schedule.
I mostly play Xbox 360, but I have a few games for PC (RPG's mostly).
I love reading, fiction/ fantasy novels mostly.
I am a huge metalhead. I rarely find people who actually share the same tastes as I do.
I love comedy. Daniel Tosh and Bo Burnham are my favorite comic's right now. I love their comedy styles.
If you've heard about what happened with Tosh (sort of) recently, I fully support him and what he said.
My personality clashes with a lot of people, so I haven't been as active as I would like to. There was also a while that I didn't log in because I wasn't really at a computer at all..

I suck at drawing, and story telling, and explaining things.
I have a pet Bearded Dragon, I named him Kraemer.
I love minecraft and Animal Crossing.

I'm from Canada. I don't think I mentioned that. Regardless, the flag is there.. Ontario, specifically.

H  posted on Jul 30, 2012 8:22:08 AM - Report post

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So I'm H, nothing much to the name. 19 years old. Studying Marin Engineering at Persian Gulf University (PGU).
I currently live in Shiraz, Iran. But i was born and raised in Genaveh.
I'm an addict when it comes to games, mostly online gaming. And mostly Gears of war.
I'm not much of a blogger in this website, but i try to be at least a blogger.
I loved CHU way more in the old days, when people were more active and we had way more fun here. But still i visit here now and days and hope to see CHU getting more active.
Lord Vader  posted on Jul 30, 2012 8:35:27 AM - Report post

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hi....i'm Saurabh. i'm 36 years old.
i have a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Economics.

at the risk of sounding self serving...i was born into money...i don't have a job.

what i do have is a lot of free time and a serious love for gaming and adventure sports.

i'm 6 ft 2...weigh about 220lbs.

my fav. TV shows...um...well that's a long list. here's some: Babylon 5, The West Wing, Numbers, Star Trek, Criminal Minds etc.

my time on the Internet is spent mostly on gaming sites and vid chats with friends and family..and maybe some emailing.

i was lurking at CH long before i became a member. in 2008 i finally took the plunge and haven't regretted a single day being here.

AdmiralP  posted on Jul 30, 2012 9:52:13 AM - Report post

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I'm The Admiral. My actual name is Kev. The handle comes from a Star Wars admiral that shares my same last name. One of my former bosses caught that and from then on nicknamed me "Admiral." I am a 36-year old prison guard. I have been working in corrections for thirteen years now. That means that I have been in prison for a third of my life! As I have tired of the career for various reasons (usually referred to as burnout) I am re-tooling my skills to become a network administrator.

I am a proud papa of three children ages 12, 4, and 2. They are great, but they for some odd reason keep me from gaming as much as I used too. My wife does not really play games, so I cannot add a link to her on the site

I cannot even recall what game I was looking for help on when I came to CH. All I know was that I bought a lifetime membership straight off the bat. It has been the best game related purchase I have ever made. I primarily play RPGs but also enjoy good action and strategy games. I dabble in FPS, but usually get my rear-end handed to me in online games. At present my game playing is primarily based on the PC. However, I also game on my PS3, WII, PS Vita, PS Portable, and GB 3DS. My son (the 4 year-old) is quickly following in my footsteps and plays on the WII and 3DS. I am certain it is only a matter of time before he is a CH member!

HonestGamer  posted on Jul 30, 2012 11:25:25 AM - Report post

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My real name is Archis. I am on my final year of my Bachelor's degrees in Commerce and Software Engineering. I also am learning the guitar which I seem to fail at.

I am an avid gamer who likes to play games for fun, and yes I do cheat a lot so call me a noob. Just started playing multiplayer where I live up to my alias.

I've been a moderator here for almost 2.5 years now and I enjoy contributing to CH this way. I do occasionally make game trainers which I enjoy making if time forbids me.

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Ladst3r  posted on Jul 30, 2012 12:15:50 PM - Report post

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And, four years later... EDIT! MUWHUHAHAHA!! (...is that how you spell out an evil laugh...?)

Oh god, I really hope this doesn't update the board. <_<

[Edited by Ladst3r, 2/6/2016 2:13:05 AM]

Darkish  posted on Sep 03, 2012 1:11:28 AM - Report post

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If you haven't introduced yourself...please do so!

Thank you to everyone who has posted here already! I read through every post so far and enjoyed learning more about you all!

dstates  posted on Sep 03, 2012 1:50:19 AM - Report post

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i usually don't self bios but its 2am and i am pretty bored.

i'm 21 years old, born and still reside in the US. i'm 6'1", 185 lbs. my interests include bmx, web design, gaming(mostly role playing games), game modding, graphic design and animation. i enjoy most movies/tv shows in the genres of comedy, action and si-fi/fantasy. my musical interests mostly lie in rock because i was raised on bands like black sabbath, led zeppelin, van halen and ac/dc...but i like most other genres aside from country and 'pop'.

i am in the US Army Reserves(joined in August 2011) and i will get deployed in early 2014 to Kuwait (if not earlier).

when i was 13 i stumbled across this site while looking for information on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(great game btw), and saw that there were many people on this site that need help with games that i knew alot about, so i desided to join, and from then on, i haven't gone for more than a few weeks without visiting this site(aside from when i was in basic training). i became an author about 3 months after joining and that's about the time i met most of my friends from this site...such as forty-two, darkish, zeth_durron, pieces, shibby, tmh, yosup, ho-oh, zorrodude, zackman(zack_attack)...and the list goes on...

i was made a moderator in march of 2011 and to be honest, the job is pretty boring compared to what it would have been when in my earlier years of membership. i think this is due to a reduced forum community across the internet, and also it seems like the majority of forum goers are much more mature than they were years ago. it has been quite a while since we've had any really problematic/annoying members that spam the crap out of everything...ahh the good ol days.

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