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Member Since: Nov 14, 2005
Last Visit: Jun 10, 2017
Location: Other
Boards Postcount: 13822

User dstates joined Cheat Happens back in November of 2005 and always wanted to help out the community of users so he was made a moderator not long after. He served Cheat Happens as a moderator for over 10 years, helping countless other users learn their way around the site or helping with any issues that he could. He posted over 13,800 messages on our forum plus sent tons of private messages in order to help users in need of assistance.

dstates passed away on June 11, 2017 which came as a shock to the staff here at Cheat Happens and those friends that knew him. Our thoughts and prayers go with the family and friends, both in real life and online and his status here as a moderator will forever remain as a tribute to all of the good he did for our online community.

Goodbye friend, we hope you found the peace you were looking for.

Cheat Happens Staff

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