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1. The Master and the Molotov

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Faustin mission Rigged to Blow.


Drive to the marker on your map. You will see Faustin get into the club. Go inside to trigger a cut-scene. After the cut-scene you have to kill Faustin. Follow him when he runs and kill all of his men that shoots at you. Follow Faustin through the club. You will get attacked by a lot of his men, take them out as fast as possible and keep following Faustin up on the roof. Kill Faustin to complete the mission.


3. Russian Revolution

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Dimitri mission The Master and the Molotov.
Complete the Little Jacob mission Shadow.


A while after Dimitri calls you to set up a meeting, Little Jacob will call you offering to be backup at your meeting with Dimitri. Get into a car and go to the warehouse and meet up with Jacob. After the cut-scene, you will be attacked by a lot of Dimitri's and a russian called Bulgarin's men. Take out all of the men in the warehouse then head out through the door at the other end. Try to kill as few cops as possible to keep your wanted level down. Get into a the nearest cop car and get out of there. Loose your wanted level, then drive Jacob back to his café to complete the mission.

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