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1. Search and Delete

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Roman mission Logging On.
Complete the Faustin/Dimitri mission Rigged to Blow.


Steal a cop car and drop your wanted level. Access the police computer and find the guy Brucie is looking for. Once you get to his place, he will try to get away in his car. Chase him and smash his car enough for him to stop and get out, then kill him to complete the mission.


2. Easy As Can Be

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Brucie mission Search and Delete.


Brucie wants you to go pick up a car for him. Once you get into the car, three cars with gangsters will show up and start shooting at you. Take out the three cars any way you want and drop your wanted level if you have any, then drive the car to Brucie's garage to complete the mission.


3. Out of the Closet...

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Brucie mission Easy As Can Be.
Complete the Roman mission Roman's Sorrow.


Go to the internet café and follow the instructions for setting up a date with the target. Once that is done, go do something else for a while until he replies to your email.


4. ...Out of the Closet

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the first part of the Brucie mission Out of the Closet...


Once you get a reply to the email, send a positive answer to the email to set up the date. You will get a remainder on your phone two hours before the date. After a while on the actual date, you will get instructions to stand up and point a gun at your date. Kill him before he can leave the diner or chase him and gun him down to complete the mission.


5. No. 1

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the second part of the Brucie mission ...Out of the Closet.


Brucie wants you to enter a race. Get into a car and dsrive to Brucie's friend Stevie's car and get into that. Drive to the marker on your map to start the race. Once started, follow the checkpoints of the race. You have to finish in first place to complete the mission.

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