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1. No Love Lost

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Faustin/Dimitri mission Final Destination.


Faustin wants you to kill his daughter's biker boyfriend. Get into a car and drive to the marker on your map. When the boyfriend takes off on his bike, get on the bike parked there and go after him. After a chase, more of his bike friends join him. Try to take them out by shooting from the bike. Once you reach an area with a lot of trees, the bikers will get off their bikes and start shooting at you. Kill them all to complete the mission.


2. Rigged to Blow

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Roman mission Logging On.


You have to deliver a truck with a bomb to a garage and then blow it up. Go the the marker to pick up the truck. Now drive carefully to the garage. If you crash too many times the bomb will go off. Once you arrive, arm the bomb then get out of the truck and get to safety before the bomb goes off.

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