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1. Hating the Haters

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Ray Boccio mission Weekend at Florian's.


Bernie wants you to help with a hater that is stalking him. Follow him into the park when he goes jogging but keep your distance to avoid scaring the hater. When Bernie runs into a tunnel he gets attacked by the hater. Attack the hater and he'll run away. After a chase, he gets on a scooter. Get a scooter for youself and go after him. He will drive in a circle so you will end up by Bernie again. If you haven't killed the hater by now, have Bernie jump on the scooter and continue chasing the hater. When he is dead, drive Bernie to the marker to complete the mission.


2. Union Drive

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Bernie Crane mission Hating the Haters.


Pick up Bernie in a fast car and head for the destination marker. Once there, a cut-scene will trigger. After the cut-scene, chase the Russians through the town. Take out their car and kill them when they try to run. Drive Bernie back to his place to complete the mission.


3. Buoys Ahoy

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Bernie Crane mission Union Drive.


Bernie wants to take you out on a picnic on his boat. Drive the boat to the marker. A boat full of russian will attack you. Chase them and try to take out their boat. After a while they reach land and runs away. Get after them and kill all of them. Then get back to Bernie to complete the mission.


4. Bryce's Inferno

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Bernie Crane mission Buoys Ahoy.


Just get to the marker on your map to find a free Infernus in the parking lot. Get in the Infernus to complete the mission.

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