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1. Luck of the Irish

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Manny mission Street Sweeper.


Elizabeta wants you to protect Packie while he is making a deal. Drive to the marker on your map and get up on the roof. There you will find a sniper rifle. Walk into the yellow marker to start the deal cut-scene. Once the deal goes bad, take out all the gangsters. A message will say that Packie is in trouble. Find him and take out the ganster before he kills Packie. One of the gangsters will try to make a run for it in a van, shoot him through the front window before he gets away. More gangsters will show up, kill all of those too to complete the mission.


2. Blow Your Cover

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Elizabeta mission Luck of the Irish.


Get into a car with Playboy X and drive him to the location of the deal. Once there you will find out that the drug buyers are actually undercover cops. Never mind the two cops in the room with the broken wall and head directly out to the stairs instead. The fewer cops you kill and the faster you get out of there, the fewer stars you will get on your wanted level. Take out the two cops by the stairs and go upstairs. Work your way up on the roof and take out the cops there as well. Pick up any guns and health packs you'll find on the way. Go across the roof and down into the next building. Work your way down the stairs and get out into the streets. Get a car and wait for Playboy X to get in then drop your wanted level before you take Playboy X back to his apartment.


3. The Snow Storm

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Manny mission The Puerto Rican Connection.


Get into a car or a taxi and go to the marker on your map. Fight your way into the old hospital building any way you want and find the drugs. Once you pick up the drugs, a cut-scene will trigger and the place will be full of cops and you will get a three star wanted level. Get out of the house and find a car as fast as possible. Do not stop and fight longer than you have to. Drop your wanted level any way you can, easiest way is a Pay'n'Spray. Go meet with Jacob to complete the mission.


4. Have a Heart

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Elizabeta mission The Snow Storm.


After the cut-scene, get into the car and drive very carefully to the marker on the map. Do not run into any cop cars and pay the toll on the bridge to get to you destination safely. After the meeting with the doctor you will get a call from Elizabeta that completes the mission. If you want to you can destroy the car instead of driving it to the doctor. Blow it up or run it into the water. You will not however get payed for the mission if you do this.


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