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1. Smackdown

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Packie McReary mission Three Leaf Clover.
Complete the Gerry McReary mission Action Speaks Louder Than Words.


After the cut-scene, get a police car and look up Bucky Sligo. Once you've found him, go to the Burger Shot where he hangs out and park the police car out front. When Bucky sees the car he panics and runs back to his gang's house. Follow him to the house, head inside and kill him and all of his men. Drop your wanted level to complete the mission.


2. Babysitting

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Derrick McReary mission Smackdown.


Head down to the marker by the waterfront and get into the boat with Derrick. Find Kim's boat and escort him into the city. Once you get attacked, shoot the attacker's boats before they kill Kim. After a while, a helicopter will show up as well. Kim's boat will stop, make sure you take out the attacking boats before you shoot at the helicopter or Kim will easily be shot and you will fail the mission. Fire the RPG at the helicopter and kill the rest of the attackers if there are any left behind. Then escort Kim to the docks to complete the mission.


3. Tunnel of Death

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Derrick McReary mission Babysitting.


Go pick up the dump truck with the RPG. Then, after a phone call, drive to the Booth Tunnel. Park the truck so it covers both yellow markers. When the convoy arrives, kill all the cops and get into the Stockade and wait for Packie to get in as well. Then drop your wanted level and drive the truck to the marker. Change cars and drive to the new marker on the map. After the cut-scene, kill Aiden to complete the mission.


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