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1. Call and Collect

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Manny mission The Puerto Rican Connection.


Francis wants you to find out who is blackmailing him. Get in a car and drive to the marker on your map. Get out and call Francis to get further instructions. You will now have the blackmailers phonenumber in your phone. Call him and see if you can spot who is answering. Once you spot the blackmailer, kill him and get the storage device back to Francis.


2. Final Interview...

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission Call and Collect.


Francis wants you to get back evidence against him from a lawyer. You need to apply for a job at the firm to get close to the lawyer so get to an internet café and go to the legal firm's webpage. Apply for the job, then leave the internet café to complete the first part of this mission. You will get a call from the legal firm after a while, so while you wait go and buy a nice suit for the interview.


3. ...Final Interview

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission Final Interview...


The firm will call you and set up a meeting. You will get an alarm on your phone when the meeting is near. Wear you suit and head for the legal firm. Once there, follow the receptionist to the lawyer's office. After the cut-scene, aim your gun at the lawyer to intimidate him. Once he turns into a target, kill him. You will now get a two star wanted level and you have to fight your way out of the office. Drop your wanted level and head back to Francis to complete the mission.


4. Holland Nights

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission ...Final Interview.


Francis wants you to kill someone called Clarence. Get in a car and head for the marker on your map. Once there, find the stairs to the upper floor but do not have a gun out since this will trigger the gang members by the stairs. Once you are on the second floor they will start shooting at you. Work your way up to Clarance and kill everyone that gets in your way. If you walk close to the wall, the gang members on the ground can't hit you from below. Follow Clarence up to the roof. You can now choose to kill Clarence or spare his life. If you spare him, he will show up as a Random Character later on. Drop your wanted level to complete the mission.


5. Lure

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission Holland Nights.


Francis has yet another guy he wants you to kill. He is hiding in his apartment. Drive to the marker and get out of the car. Across from the building where the target is, you will find a red door next to a red awning. Walk into the door and up on the roof and get the sniper rifle. Now you have to lure the target to show himself through a window so you can shoot him. Zoom in on his phone and get his number so you can call him and get a clean shot. His number is 545-555-0122. Kill the target to complete the mission.


6. Blood Brothers

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission Lure.
Complete the Derrick McReary mission Tunnel of Death.
Complete the Gerry McReary mission I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle.


Francis wants you to kill his brother Derrick. After your meeting with Francis, drive to the meeting place. When you arrive, go around the house and climb the scaffolding to get access to the roof elevator platform. Once on the roof, step into the marker to get an overview of the meeting between the brothers. Now you have to choose which brother you want to kill. It really dosent matter for the story which one you kill.


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