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1. Crime and Punishment

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Roman mission Uncle Vlad.


After a long cut-scene in Faustin's basement, you have to go and hijack a van full of TVs. You have to steal a police car to trick the van to pull over so you can hijack it. A police car will show up nearby which you can steal, or you can call 911 on your phone and select police, then hijack the car when he shows up. After talking to Roman on the phone, three markers will show up on your map. The TVs are in one of them so you have to track them down, pull them over and check them for the TVs to find the right one. Once you find it, steal it and take it to the lockup marked on your map.


2. Do You Have Protection?

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Faustin/Dimitri mission Crime and Punishment.


After the cut-scene, Dimitri wants you to scare a sex shop owner who has been making porn movies without paying protection money. Get in a car and drive Dimitri to the sex shop. Once there, follow Dimitri downstairs inside the sex shop. After a cut-scene, target Joseph to intimidate him. Then target the other guy, called Brett. Shoot Brett in the leg. Once Dimitri gets his money, go outside and get in the car. Drive Dimitri to a gun shop and buy some guns. Then drive Dimitri back to Faustin's house to complete the mission.


3. Final Destination

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Faustin/Dimitri mission Do You Have Protection?.


Dimitri wants you to kill a rat named Lenny. Drive to the location marked on your map and call Dimitri. Get up on the station platform to find Lenny and his friends. Kill all of them to complete the mission.


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