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1. Harboring a Grudge

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Elizabeta mission Have a Heart.
Complete the Francis McReary mission Call and Collect.


Packie needs your help to hijack a truck full of goods. Get into a car with Packie and drive to the docks. Follow Packie up on the roof. After the cut-scene you have to steal the truck, which is heavily guarded. Take out as many as you can from the roof, then get down to the ground and head for the truck. Get it and drive away, don't forget Packie. Packie wants you to take the truck to a garage. You will be attacked on your way there so get there as fast as possible. Drive into the garage to complete the mission.


2. Waste Not Want Knots

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Packie McReary mission Harboring a Grudge.


Get a four door car so you, packie and two of his men will fit. Drive to the marker on your map. When you get there, follow the guys over two fences and into the warehouse. Shoot your way through the building and get up on the second floor to get the money. Now even more attackers will show up. Get out through the back of the warehouse. Now get into a boat and head for the marker on your map to complete the mission.


3. Three Leaf Clover

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Packie McReary mission Waste Not Want Knots.


Get a nice suit before you start this mission. Also make sure you have a enough armor and ammo. After the initial cut-scene, get a four door car and wait until Packie and the other two guys gets in. Now drive to the bank. Once at the bank, another cut-scene will trigger. After that, head down into the vault and grab the money. You now have to fight your way out of the bank with a five star wanted level! Kill all the cops that are marked with a red dot on your map to make Packie and his brother move forward, away from the bank. Fight your way through back alleys and head down into the subway tunnels. After a while in the tunnels, you will reach a service hatch. You will now have a three star wanted level. Once you get up on the street, get into a car as fast as possible and drop your wanted level before you head back to Packie's mom's house.


4. Undertaker

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Francis McReary mission Blood Brothers.


Put a suit on and go to the funeral of the McReary brother you chose to kill. Once at the curch, Albanian gangsters will attack you from all directions. Kill all of the attackers and get in the Hearst. Now you have to drive to the cemetary while being attacked by more Albanians. Drive as carefully as possible to avoid the coffin falling out but fast enough to get away. The mission is complete once you reach the cemetary.


5. Ransom

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Gerry McReary mission ...I'll Take Her.


Packie needs proof of the kidnapping. Get to the hideout and intimidate Gracie to look up so you can take a picture of her with your phone. Send the picture to Packie then leave the building.


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