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1. Escuela of the Streets

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Roman mission Roman's Sorrow.


Get into a car with Manny and drive to the marker on your map. Follow the dealer without him noticing you. Once he is at the warehouse. You can get into the warehouse in a couple of different ways. You can shoot the lock at the front door and run inside. Or you can also break the window next to the door and go through the office. Or you can go round the back of the house, climb up to the roof of the building next to the warehouse, walk across the planks to the warehouse roof and jump through the open skylight. Once inside, kill all the drug dealers then head outside to meet up with Manny again.


2. Street Sweeper

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Manny mission Escuela of the Streets.


Manny wants you to take out a bunch of gang members. Get into a car and drive to the markers and start shooting. Some of them will try to get away in a car. Kill all the ones still on foot, then go after the car. Take out the car and kill all the gang members to complete the mission.


3. The Puerto Rican Connection

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Elizabeta mission Blow Your Cover.


Get into a car and drive to the marker on your map. After the cut-scene you have to follow the train. Make sure you dont hit any cop cars while doing it since it will be very hard to make it with a wanted level. If you get too far away from the train you will fail the mission. Once the three gangsters gets off the train, get out of your car and kill them to complete the mission.


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