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Roman . Vlad . Little Jacob . Faustin/Dimitri . Faustin . Dimitri . Brucie . Manny . Elizabeta . Playboy X . Dwayne . Francis . U. L. Paper Packie . Ray Boccino . Gerry . Derrick . Bernie Crane . Phil Bell . Jimmy Pegorino . Gambetti Family . Finale: Deal . Finale: Revenge

WARNING! Only read ahead if you select the Deal option to avoid spoilers.

1. If the Price is Right

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the U.L. Paper mission That Special Someone.


After your meeting with Phil, drive to the marker on your map. Once there, follow Phil up on the roof and into the skylight. Kill everyone that gets in your way, working your way down to the bottom floor. At the other end of the warehouse, go up the stairs and keep killing the gangsters. At some point, Phil needs you to cover him while you head into the office. The buyer tries to get away, follow him when he leaves in his truck. Get into the nearby car with Phil and follow the truck. Take out the truck and get the money. Drop your wanted level and drive Phil back to where you picked him up.


2. Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Finale: Deal mission If the Price is Right.


Drive to the church where Roman is getting married and just watch the cut-scenes.


3. A Revenger's Tragedy

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Finale: Deal mission Mr. & Mrs. Bellic.


Drive to Little Jacob and get in the car with him. Follow Pegorino's men. Eventually you will end up at the old casino. Little Jacob leaves you to go find a getaway vehicle. Take out all the gangsters outside the the casino any way you want, then head inside. Kill the gangsters in here as well, and when you reach the back of the room, a cut-scene with Dimitri and Pegorino will start. After the cut-scene, chase Dimitri up on the roof. He tries to get away in a helicopter. Jump in the boat and follow him. Soon, Little Jacob will show up with a helicopter. Position your boat below the helicopter when the yellow marker appears and jump aboard the helicopter. Now follow Dimitri and fire at his helicopter. After a chase you end up on Happiness Island where both your helicopters more or less crashes. Chase after Dimitri and kill him when you reach him. Watch the final cut-scene, and the game is complete.


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