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1. Concrete Jungle

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Roman mission Jamaican Heat.


Little Jacob needs a driver and some backup for a business deal. Drive to the marker on your map. Jacob gets out of the car and tells you to go round the back of the building in case his business partners tries to escape. After a short while, Jacob will call you on your phone. Three drug dealer will run out of the building. Take them out in whatever way you want. Once they are all dead, go pick up Jacob. He now wants you to drive him to the dealers place. Follow Jacob into the house and take out the dealers along the way. Once all of them are dead, get back out into the car and drive Jacob back to the café.


2. Shadow

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Little Jacob mission Concrete Jungle.
Complete the Faustin mission Do You Have Protection.


Jacob wants you to take out a drug dealer who is trying to take over his territory. Drive to the spot on your map to find the dealer. Follow him back to his place without him seeing you. Once he is inside, kill him and his friends to complete the mission.


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