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After you have completed the Truck Hustle mission for Phil Bell, The Fixer will call you on your phone tellling you to go to a payphone in Alderney. The payphone will be marked on your map. From now on you can call The Fixer to do a total of 9 different assassination jobs. The jobs will be offered in a random order. The Fixer will leave body armor and a weapon that fits the job behind the fence by the payphone.

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Phil Bell mission Truck Hustle.
Recieve a phone call from The Fixer.

1. Migration Control
Reward: n/a
Mission: Get to the marked spot on your map and you will find a helicopter preparing to take off. Take it out using the RPG. Make sure you target is dead, or you'll have to move in and kill him.

2. Industrial Action
Reward: n/a
Mission: You have to take out three targets in the refinery area. You can get up in a building near the targets and get close enough to take them out using your sniper rifle. One of the targets will drop a bag of money so make sure to pick that up after you are done.

3. Water Hazard
Reward: n/a
Mission: Your target is on a sail boat. You can easily take him out from the shore using a sniper rifle.

4. Dead End
Reward: n/a
Mission: Chase your target's car into a dead end and take them out one by one any way you feel like. A backup car will also show up so you have to take them out as well.

5. Bailing Out For Good
Reward: n/a
Mission: Get to the marked spot on your map. Your target is being moved by the police. Take him out using your sniper rifle before he gets in the cop car.

6. Derelict Building
Reward: n/a
Mission: Get to the location. You have to kill three targets which are hiding in a building. Make your way up into the building and take out any attackers on the way until you have killed all three targets.

7. Hook, Line and Sinker
Reward: n/a
Mission: Your target is located on a boat out in the water. There is a boat parked by the shore which you can use but if you get too close the target will drive off making it harder to kill him. You can kill him from the shore using a sniper rifle, or drive a little bit closer with the boat then kill him.

8. R.U.B. Down
Reward: n/a
Mission: Your targets are a gang of bikers in a park. Before you get too close, take out the bikes using either an RPG or a sniper rifle before they can drive off. Then kill the rest of the targets.

9. Taken Out
Reward: n/a
Mission: Your target is riding around in a Limo guarded by a couple of SUVs. Get ahead of the caravan and create a road block or just be ready with the RPG and take out the Limo.

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