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1. Ruff Rider

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Playboy X mission Destruction for Beginners.


Dwayne wants you to find and kill his old girlfriend Cherise and her new biker boyfriend Jayvon. Drive to the marker on your map to trigger a cut-scene. Jayvon is taking off on his bike, leaving Cherise behind. Now you can select if you want to spare Cherise's life or kill her, if you spare her life she will become a Random Character. After your decision, get on the near bike and chase down Jayvon. Once you've killed him, pick up the money he drops. Get to the Cluckin' Bell to meet Dwayne and give him his money back.


2. Undress to Kill

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Dwayne Forge mission Ruff Rider.


Dwayne wants his old club back and he wants you to kill the three managers running it now. Drive to the club which is marked on your map. Walk into the club without holding any gun to avoid the guards to attack you. Once you get inside, walk up to the two guys talking straight ahead to get the location of the first manager. He is in a small office just by the entrance where you came in. Go in to him and kill him without using a gun. Use a knife, a bat or even your fists as long as it is silent. Now get back out into the club and walk down, past the strippers. The second manager is standing there but leave him for now. Walk to the back entrance to find the third one. A bouncer tells you to back off since the manager is trying out new strippers in the back. Go back into the club and quickly shoot the second manager before too many of the guards are alerted. Then get back to the third one and kill him before he runs away. If he gets away you have to hunt him in a car and kill him.


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