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1. Entourage

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Jimmy Pegorino mission Payback.
Complete the Ray Boccino mission Weekend at Florian's.


After the cut-scene, drive to the marker on your map. When you get there, go into the middle car of the convoy and drive with the convoy. Once the convoy gets attacked, take out all the attackers and get into your car with Jefferson. Take out all the attackers or get away from them, then drive Jeffersson to City Hall to complete the mission.


2. Dining Out

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Gambetti Family mission Entourage.


After the cut-scene with Gravelli, get in a car and drive to Mr. Fuk's Rice box. Talk to the man at the desk in the restaurant. After the cut-scene you will be attacked. Work your way up to the second floor to find the manager. Intimidate him to tell you where Kim is located. Leave his office and go after Kim. Hunt him down and kill him to complete the mission.


3. Liquidize the Assets

Requirements to unlock:
Complete the Gambetti Family mission Dining Out.


Drive to the Russian warehouse where there are five vans you need to destroy. You can either climb the roof of the nearby house where you will find a sniper rifle and take out as many Russians as possible before you destroy the vans. Or you can just jump over the fence, kill a couple of Russians then destroy all the vans with an RPG. Once all vans are destroyed, the mission is complete and the rest of the Russians will stop attacking you.


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